The world is ready to welcome another year in a few days and we hope 2022 brings lots of promising news for everyone across the world. I extend my heartfelt wishes for you, your family, and your loved ones. Your trust and dedication have been the key elements for our continuous growth in the field of blockchain training and certification

2021 was all about recovering and rebuilding in the aftermath of a global pandemic. At the same time, digital transformation initiatives that established initial footing in the course of the pandemic gained momentum in 2021. Furthermore, we came across the explosion of terms such as DeFi and NFTs this year. 

101 Blockchains showcased exceptionally promising results in 2021 with the interception of an all-new interface, the announcement of professional membership, the introduction of new learning resources, hosting blockchain events, and sustaining a competitive advantage among blockchain training platforms. However, the most notable achievement for us in 2021 was the love of our valuable learners and enterprise teams who leveraged our learning resources to achieve their goals and showed high levels of satisfaction. 

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Highlights of 101 Blockchains Acheivments in 2021

As the year 2021 comes to an end, we would like to share some notable highlights from 101 Blockchains’ journey. Furthermore, we’d like to thank you for all of your love and support that helped us grow!

A Fresh New Face for 101 Blockchains 

101 Blockchains

The year 2021 has been a year of innovation for 101 Blockchains! We’ve brought a fresh new interface for 101 Blockchains and it has been a major highlight for us in 2021. Our primary aim for revamping our website was to improve the ease of using our interface for users. With a focus on this, now we have an improved website for you, where visitors can access everything easily. 

On the new interactive interface, learners can navigate through the website seamlessly to discover everything they need, starting from the free learning resources and up to our webinars. The new interface also symbolizes the new face of 101 Blockchains as a pioneer of blockchain education and training. 

Lots of Free Resources for Unconditional Learning

101 Blockchains free resources

The primary motivation of 101 Blockchains has always been to ensure the best blockchain-related training resources for all learners. We have continued maintaining our focus on helping our learners gain the most relevant and practical knowledge about blockchain. 101 Blockchains introduced many free resources in 2021 for everyone to access and learn about blockchain. 

That is why you can find a dedicated page for free blockchain resources on the official 101 Blockchains website. We have ensured that our learners get the most comprehensive assortment of free learning resources. You can find a free online course on blockchain fundamentals alongside a glossary of important blockchain-related terms. In addition, we have also included creative infographics in our collection of free learning resources. 

The most striking highlights among the new additions in free learning resources are the presentations and flashcards. Learners also have free access to the presentations and flashcards so they get the opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of blockchain concepts. On top of it, we have ensured that you get adequate insights into various blockchain-related topics with more than 45 different presentations. You can download the presentations and play them as regular videos to upgrade your knowledge. In addition, 180+ flashcards on 6 different topics also offer credible learning resources. 

Professional Membership and Increasing Learners’ Count

We registered some promising numbers in terms of the number of learners enrolled in 101 Blockchains. Enrolling more than 14,000 professionals by 2021 in our academy is one of the foremost milestones for us this year. The increased number of learners on 101 Blockchains is a clear indication of the trust of learners in our resources. 

101 Blockchains Professional Membership

We have officially launched our professional membership program in 2021 as another initiative that provides a better learning experience. The professional membership program provides unlimited access to all the learning resources and events on 101 Blockchains. The professional membership plan turned out to be a huge hit with many professionals worldwide joining and utilizing the program. We hope that the professional membership will encourage more professionals to view blockchain training as a key technological skill. 

More Courses and Masterclasses for Skills Enhancement

Just like every year, we have also expanded our product portfolio in 2021. However, the most interesting highlight of the new additions in our portfolio would be the Masterclasses. The Masterclasses have helped us bring some of the top names in the blockchain space on board with us. We have introduced 7 new Masterclasses for our learners with the help of industry experts in collaboration with renowned organizations such as FIBREE, cLabs, and Applied Blockchain. These new Masterclasses discuss innovative and trending concepts such as the following. 

Our vision for transforming blockchain education and training shaped up further in 2021 with the addition of new courses. We brought 10 new professional courses for our learners with 5 courses built specifically for technical professionals. 

 The other five courses have been tailored for business professionals. 

With a new and broader portfolio of learning resources, we can deliver a one-stop destination for every aspirant who wants to learn about blockchain. 

Our Efforts in the Blockchain Research Space

101 Blockchains marked promising strides in blockchain-related research in 2021. We have been dedicated to independent blockchain research from the initial stages of our journey. Over the course of time, our team at 101 Blockchains has invested a lot of effort in coming up with more independent research. The year 2021 was quite a prosperous one for us as we published 5 research reports. Professional members can access the research reports to uncover new insights on the existing and future state of the blockchain. 

Events and Webinars with Industry Experts

Although the world had started recovering from the wrath of the pandemic in 2021, virtual events were still the norm. We, at 101 Blockchains, capitalized well on this trend and created the foundation for some insightful learning resources. We conducted around 21 on-demand, think tank webinars with different industry experts. The webinars featured in-depth discussions on various emerging trends in the blockchain space as well as common themes. The best thing about the webinars is that they provide easy access to industry experts’ insights based on their broad experience. Professional members can easily access all the webinars and presentations through the on-demand library for webinars.

I am also excited to share with you that 101 Blockchains conducted one conference titled “Blockchain in Finance 2021”. The conference featured keynote speakers and industry experts with years of experience in financial industry use cases of blockchain. At the same time, the participation of entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the conference made it a well-rounded event. 

Our Learner’s Reviews Made 2021 a Year of Credibility 

While our achievements in 2021 have been strengthening our foundation, the recognition for our credibility has worked wonders in encouraging us. Our learners have actively expressed their positive opinions and feedback about our solutions on G2, a reliable platform for reviewing software solutions and services. We have been performing exceptionally well in all the G2 Reports released throughout the year. 101 Blockchains has scored many badges in the G2 Fall 2021 reports, G2 Summer 2021 reports, G2 Spring 2021 reports, and the G2 Winter 2022 reports.

G2 Report

We have successfully achieved the badge of “High Performer” in all the four G2 reports released in 2021. The interesting fact about the “High Performer” badge is the recognition of our ability to deliver customer satisfaction with a limited market presence. Thus, this badge is clear proof of how we have been serving our learners with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Another striking highlight for 101 Blockchains in the 2021 G2 Reports is the position of “Momentum Leader”. We have achieved and maintained the position in the technical skills development category. It is a favorable indicator of our capabilities to lead the pack in terms of technical skills development for everything related to blockchain. 

Above all the achievements in the G2 reports of 2021, the “Users Love Us” badge stood first. The badge represents the trust and love of our learners for the resources we offer. We have been earning the love of our users and there couldn’t be anything more we can wish for. The trust, commitment, and love of our learners towards us fuel the prospects for our growth in the future. 

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101 Blockchains has also stood strong in terms of credibility on Trustpilot, where we have maintained a good rating throughout 2021. With over 550+ reviews on Trustpilot, we scored the overall 4.9/5 rating, being an excellent service provider. 

Other Highlights for Us in 2021

With so many notable milestones in 2021, we have definitely succeeded in breaking new ground in blockchain education and research. Apart from the introduction of free learning resources, new masterclasses, professional courses, and events, we have also registered some impressive advancements on other fronts. 

Besides many other learning resources, 101 Blockchains blog is an easy-to-access resource for everyone to learn about the insights and foresights of blockchain and related technologies. Plus, we offer interview preparation guidance with over 50+ frequently-asked interview questions to help candidates prepare and excel in their interviews. 

Another highlight is, 101 Blockchains has successfully achieved more than 30k followers on our Linkedin page. Also, we have 3500+ professional members in our Blockchain Enterprise Community at Linkedin. The growing community presents an ideal basis for encouraging better professional networking and knowledge sharing for all learners and practitioners. 

We have expanded our teams in various domains throughout the year to provide you with a better, interactive learning experience. Our goal is to help our community in this pandemic by providing new work opportunities; will also continue this in 2022. As we’re growing, we understand our Corporate Social Responsibility and so we’re moving ahead to give something back to society. For this, we’ve been helping worthy aspirants with some great discounts and free offers on our learning resources, so they can learn and get ahead. Our Black Friday and Christmas Sale are also a part of it! 

What’s in Store for us in 2022?

The question is quite difficult to answer when we think of the possibilities as well as the challenges in 2022. We have included a professional membership plan and new Masterclasses alongside entering into collaboration with top companies in the industry. To widen our spectrum of learning resources, we have plans to enter the era of eBooks in 2022. Our teams have already started working on them and soon we’ll publish a few. We also have plans for providing our learners with updates on open jobs in the blockchain space. There is a lot more in the bag and we’ll reveal them one by one. 

However, the road towards developing a comprehensive platform for blockchain education and research is never easy. Our team of instructors, course creators, support staff, and thought leaders are working on innovative solutions to empower our learners. The journey till now has been successful with the support shown by our 101 Blockchains family in every initiative. Let us hope for more amazing achievements in the future. 

That is all for now! Once again, I wish you, your family, and your loved ones a Happy New Year. Hope the New Year will be the beginning of lots of promising opportunities for everyone!