Seeking expert guidance to become a certified NFT professional? Here’s the comprehensive guide for you to help you become a certified NFT professional.

The meteoric growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in 2021 is not a mystery to anyone following recent developments in the crypto space. NFTs have been fetching unreal valuations, with some selling for millions of dollars. Now, that may not come as a surprise, especially after the $69 million NFT sales in February 2021. Non-fungible tokens have spurred a massive array of opportunities for digital artists, content creators, game developers, social media platforms, brands, and gamers. 

Therefore, the demand for a certified NFT professional would obviously gain momentum in the existing crypto job markets. Many companies are interested in entering the NFT space to explore the potential possibilities for benefits. As a result, employers are more likely to look for a certified NFT expert to help them in creating NFTs and marketing them to the right audience. 

While the notion of becoming a certified NFT expert is definitely appealing, many beginners don’t have the slightest idea about achieving the same. For example, some of you may have concerns regarding the prerequisites and basic methods for qualifying for NFT certifications. The following discussion serves as a complete guide for anyone aspiring to become a certified NFT professional with an outline of the best practices suggested by experts. You can find out the most effective path for obtaining certification as an NFT expert with simple and easy-to-follow steps.

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Why Should You Pursue an NFT Certification?

The global NFT market is growing primarily on the grounds of its functionalities. NFTs are non-interchangeable digital assets with a unique value, particularly for representing sole ownership of the token holders. The applications of NFTs have been growing in the gaming industry, particularly with a focus on using them for unlocking specific features. At the same time, NFTs have also enabled the seamless movement of virtual assets across different platforms. 

Most important of all, companies and investors worldwide are interested in NFTs primarily for the opportunities they present in the metaverse. A certified non-fungible token professional can also capitalize on the career opportunities in the metaverse. For example, certified NFT professionals can develop digital assets or customize land parcels for the metaverse. Therefore, the multiple opportunities for jobs in NFTs can be a credible reason for pursuing NFT certifications.

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Flexible Prospects for Employment

Any beginner seeking the ideal NFT course and certification would obviously ask about the possibilities for employment. What are the sectors where you can work as an NFT professional? With many industries adopting NFTs in different use cases, the demand for NFT experts would increase in companies across different sectors such as, 

Companies dealing with these aspects of the crypto sphere would need a certified NFT expert for building new projects. Now that you know that NFTs can help you land many promising job opportunities, you will be eager to discover the best methods for achieving the same. 

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Steps to Become a Certified NFT Professional

The advantages of pursuing a career in NFTs definitely give some solid reasons to become NFT expert and explore the job opportunities in multiple sectors. However, you need the best road to reach your destination of becoming a certified NFT professional with the guidance of experts. Here is an outline of the steps you need to take for achieving certifications as NFT professionals.

Build Your Fundamental Skills and Knowledge

More often than not, the first step to qualifying for any certification starts with an overview of the fundamentals. If you have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of NFTs, then you are more likely to make your way through the advanced learning outcomes with NFTs. Before you choose any NFT certification course, you must develop a solid impression of NFT basics. 

Learn more about the background of NFTs, their specific traits, and their work. You need to understand the features of NFTs which make them special, alongside learning about their use cases in the real world. Try diving deeper into interesting examples in the NFT space with the help of fundamental training courses on non-fungible tokens.

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Choose the Suitable Certification 

The next step for any individual who wants to become a certified NFT professional would focus on choosing a suitable certification. Since NFTs are new to the market and have gained traction in recent times, you are less likely to find many credible certifications. However, some providers like 101 Blockchains present a slight deviation from the norm. 

101 Blockchains offers an interesting NFT certification course tailored for anyone interested in the world of NFTs. The CNFTP certification on 101 Blockchains is an ideal choice for any individual who wants a proven credential for their NFT expertise. Non-fungible tokens are one of the most in-demand assets right now, and a certified expert could serve as a vital asset for enterprises. 

Should you pursue an NFT certification just because NFTs are in demand right now? No, there are many other significant reasons for which NFT certifications should be one of the foremost priorities for building your career right now.

Here are some of the notable reasons for which you should focus on choosing the right certification for NFT expertise –

  • Valid Proof of Knowledge and Expertise

The foremost value advantage of a credible NFT course and certification is the recognition for your skills in NFT. You can develop a stronger base of skills and knowledge pertaining to non-fungible tokens with your own efforts. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a certification to learn about NFTs and build your skills. However, a certification in NFT skills can help you set your identity as a credible NFT professional. Employers can see the certification as proof of your skills and knowledge of NFTs. 

  • Competitive Advantage

With valid proof of expertise as a certified NFT professional, you can also leverage the certification for competitive advantage. How? Certified candidates are the first priority for employers when it comes to NFT-related jobs. Therefore, a certified expert in NFT is more likely to earn a better salary than non-certified professionals. The certification offers a competitive advantage not only in terms of salary prospects but also in the general scheme of things. For example, certified professionals are sorted out first in the hiring processes for NFT jobs. 

  • Commitment to NFTs

Another prominent reason for choosing a certification to become a certified non-fungible token professional is the opportunity for showcasing your commitment to NFTs. The efforts required for qualifying for a technical certification exam are a clear indication of a candidate’s dedication to NFTs. 

In addition, the preparation journey of a candidate also helps them familiarize themselves with the requirements for long-term professional development. Employers would notice the certification as proof of the candidate’s dedication toward non-fungible tokens. 

Now that you know the reasons for choosing a reliable NFT course and certification program, it is important to find the best certification. What are the conditions for determining a good certification in NFT? 

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How Can I Find the Suitable NFT Certification?

When you are looking for an industry-recognized certification in NFTs, you can come across a few alternatives. For starters, NFTs have just gained the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide. On the other hand, the real-world applications of non-fungible tokens are still limited to certain sectors. Therefore, you need trustworthy certification providers such as 101 Blockchains for their Certified NFT Professional or CNFTP certification. A certification course is a promising tool for any individual who wants to develop their skills and knowledge in the blockchain

The CNFTP certification by 101 Blockchains focuses on the basics of NFTs and their relation with the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, the certification also reflects the scope and goals of NFTs. Most important of all, CNFTP certification also focuses on the methods and best practices for creating and trading NFTs

The striking highlight of the CNFTP certification is that it helps you become NFT expert with practical knowledge. Rather than dabbling with the fundamentals of NFTs alone, the certification course covers use cases and the benefits of NFTs. Furthermore, the certification also focuses on challenges and risks associated with NFTs. Above everything else, the certification deals with the practical side of using NFTs, such as creating your own NFT project. The certification course also dives into details regarding NFT trading. 

The comprehensive coverage of NFT fundamentals and ways to get started with NFT offer the right boost to any beginner’s career in NFT. You can find the advantage of a dedicated training course associated with the certification, which can aid in your preparation. As a result, you don’t have to search for any separate resources for training. At the same time, 101 Blockchains also offers expert support for helping learners in their preparation. 

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How Can I Prepare for an NFT Certification?

After brushing up on your NFT fundamentals and choosing a suitable certified blockchain expert credential program, you must start preparations. Without the right level of preparation, you can experience many hurdles in clearing a certification exam. Therefore, you need to follow some essential practices for guiding your preparations towards success.

  • Understand the Exam Objectives

The foremost task for any exam aspirant is to understand the objective of the exam. You need to take a look at the course content for a certified non-fungible token professional certification exam. The exam objectives can showcase what you are expected to achieve in the exam. Basically, you have to go through an outline of the different modules covered in the exam and the topics covered in them. As a result, you can have a better impression of the type of questions you can expect in the exam. 

  • Review the Basic Details of the Certification Exam

The overview of the exam objectives in an NFT certification course gives you a clear idea of your goals. Now, you must know the format of the exam and other details such as prerequisites. The exam format can help you create a mental image of how the exam environment would be. For example, the duration of the certification exam can show the restrictions you have for completing all questions.  

  • Prepare a Plan

Once you have reviewed all the exam details for a Certified NFT professional certification exam, you need to come up with a plan. Planning is essential for any individual preparing for a certification exam. Without a proper plan, you cannot find the right direction for approaching your preparations. Therefore, you need to create a schedule that allows you to prepare for a certification exam. 

For example, try breaking down your schedule into different days in a month, with each block dedicated to each module. As a result, you can follow a specific direction in your preparation for the NFT certification of your choice. Another important advantage of a planned schedule for your preparations is accountability. You must remain accountable to your preparation schedule for ensuring better chances of qualifying for the exam. 

  • Use All Available Resources

The next important recommendation for any candidate aspiring to become certified NFT professional would focus on using all available resources. You have to make the most of all types of learning materials available on NFTs for guiding your preparation journey.

Some of the additional learning resources other than training courses include case studies, news articles, and blogs. Furthermore, you can interact with different NFT communities online to discover the best insights for your preparation. With the internet at your disposal, you can easily access many learning materials for boosting your knowledge about NFTs. 

  • Practice for the Exam

Many people would wonder about the necessity of practical exercises in the domain of NFT. However, a certified NFT expert must have the necessary practical skills for implementing NFTs. Therefore, you need to practice your skills in using and creating NFTs for the certification exam of your choice. 

The ability to implement your NFT knowledge in real use cases determines your credibility as an NFT expert. In addition, the practice also paves the path for perfection as you can take different practice tests for the certification exam. Regular revisions of the concepts and consultation with experts can also boost your practice for the NFT certification of your choice.

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Ready to Become a Certified NFT Professional? 

The road to becoming a certified NFT professional is definitely a long and tough one. However, you can reach your goal of becoming an NFT expert by choosing the right certification and following the best practices for preparation. First of all, ensure that you have a strong command of the basics of non-fungible tokens before you start your preparations. 

Subsequently, you should also take note of the reasons to select the suitable NFT certification course for desired career benefits. Aspiring candidates have to follow the necessary best practices in preparing for the chosen certification. Interestingly, candidates don’t have to go through any complex procedures in preparing for the NFT certifications of their choice. 

On the contrary, candidates can follow a step-by-step approach with a clear overview of the exam details to prepare better for the exam. With reliable training and certification providers like 101 Blockchains, you can discover prolific opportunities in NFT training and certification. Start learning more about NFTs and build your career as an NFT professional with an industry-recognized credential in NFT now.

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