Aspiring to start a career in Blockchain and get the benefits of long term promises that the Blockchain Technology holds? Here we bring a definitive path for you to become a Certified Expert in Blockchain! 

New technologies continue to revise the ways of conducting conventional transactions. Enterprises, as well as individual users, can utilize technology for simpler execution of transactions that could have been difficult in a conventional manner. The best example of the benefits of Blockchain Technology for enterprises is evident in the form of digital transformation.

Organizations could use digital technologies for modifying their traditional business operations, such as accounting and bookkeeping. The primary advantages for businesses in such cases include cost-effectiveness and optimal use of resources. One of the notable revolutionary technologies in recent times is the Blockchain Technology.

The following discussion aims to outline a detailed guide on the recommended career path in Blockchain technology. Readers could find a basic overview of a career in Blockchain technology along with the benefits of the same. In addition, the discussion would outline the various career options you could explore as a certified expert in Blockchain.

However, the most promising highlight of the discussion would be the information about the basic details of the Blockchain certified expert certification. Then, readers could find out an outline of best practices to start learning Blockchain technology and prepare for the expert certification exam.

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How to Become certified expert in blockchain

Growing Use of Blockchain Technology

The growing use of Blockchain technology has created substantial interest in the role of a certified expert in Blockchain. Blockchain technology has gained a formidable reputation following the introduction of virtual currency, Bitcoin, in 2009. Since then, Blockchain technology has garnered adequate recognition with continuously expanding areas of its application in today’s era.

Therefore, many individuals want to start a career in Blockchain, considering the long term promises that the Blockchain technology holds. So, there has been a substantial rise in the number of Blockchain certified expert jobs in recent times. However, many candidates don’t have an idea about where to start with their career in Blockchain.

certified enterprise blockchain professional

What is Blockchain Technology?

Before we move towards the ways to become a certified expert in Blockchain, it is important to reflect on Blockchain technology itself first. As discussed already, the first instance when Blockchain became explicitly visible to the world was in 2009 with the introduction of Bitcoin. Therefore, many people confuse Blockchain technology with Bitcoin.

On the contrary, Blockchain is actually a credible digital ledger or a distributed database, maintaining track of various transactions. In addition, Blockchain can be programmed for recording financial transactions as well as other valuable and sensitive information. To put it simply, Blockchain technology is actually an encoded, distributed database with the capability for recording data, just like computerized records of exchanges, contracts, and transactions.

Blockchain technology is presently a helpful alternative for the safe transfer of items such as contracts, property, and financial transactions. The interesting fact about Blockchain is that there is no need for any third-party intermediaries such as banks or government agencies. Therefore, Blockchain technology presents numerous promising advantages for the economic sector.

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Will the Blockchain Technology Stay?

Many readers might still have doubts regarding the feasibility of a career in Blockchain technology. The actual potential of Blockchain technology is one of the foremost doubts for anyone about to embark on a Blockchain expert career path. However, the distributed ledger database has completely changed the game with the applications of Blockchain Technology becoming increasingly prominent across different sectors.

Blockchain technology is promoting transparency in health and manufacturing organizations. In addition, it is also successful in the reduction of fraud for enterprise applications, especially financial systems. As the demand for a shared economy gains momentum, Blockchain innovation can effectively reduce the need for centralized control.

Furthermore, Blockchain also provides considerable simplicity in the processes for accessing information. Some of the notable features such as trust, privacy, reliability, and immutability also showcase the potential of Blockchain technology.

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Reasons to Choose a Career in Blockchain

So, Blockchain technology has a lot of features presenting credible advantages for enterprises. Is that enough for you to start thinking about becoming a certified Blockchain expert? You might wonder about the benefits you can gain from a career in Blockchain. Here are the important reasons for which you should not hesitate to devote your time and efforts to a career in Blockchain.

  • Promising Salary Estimates

The foremost factor that can drive your interest in Blockchain expert certification exam preparation is the promise of better pay. A career in Blockchain technology automatically entails a hefty salary package. The majority of salaries for Blockchain-related job roles ranges between $50,000 and $130,000. Furthermore, interns in the field of Blockchain technology could also get promising financial incentives that can foster their motivation for a career in Blockchain.

  • Better Employment Opportunities

With the tag of a ‘certified expert in Blockchain’, you wouldn’t face many difficulties in being hired by an enterprise. Since Blockchain is a relatively new technology, the skill gap is enormous. Enterprises are creating new employee job roles tailored to their requirements of Blockchain technology. Therefore, Blockchain specialists are most likely to be hired faster by enterprises in comparison to conventional roles.

  • Chance to Become a Part of a Global Tech Revolution

The sheer amount of opportunities with new technology like Blockchain is also another prominent reason to pursue a career in Blockchain. As time passes, Blockchain technology would go through many changes, and professionals working on Blockchain could develop globally recognized solutions. So, in the long run, a career path in Blockchain technology could also bring some unique achievements for candidates. Most important of all, the proposition of being a part of a global revolution is a plausible benefit no one wants to miss.

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  • Access to Exclusive Job Roles

The next important benefit of being a certified Blockchain expert is access to better job positions. Blockchain experts can start their careers with top executive spots in an organization that also imply additional benefits. You can gain better social status with the exclusive Blockchain job roles. Therefore, it would be unreasonable to let go of a career in Blockchain that can bring so many benefits for you.

  • Opportunity to Work in Enterprise Environments

One of the significant benefits in Blockchain certified expert jobs is the enterprise environment you will be working in. Qualified Blockchain experts can work with high-end professionals and get the explicit benefits of networking. You would work in a team environment for addressing certain strategic objectives for enterprises.

In addition, enterprises adopting high-end technologies could help in improving your hands-on experience. Over the long term, you would have reliable, professional contacts, adaptability to an enterprise environment, and hands-on experience in skills required for Blockchain experts. Therefore, the enterprise environment can provide adequate scope for your professional development in your Blockchain career.

  • Job Security

The final yet most formidable reason to become a certified expert in Blockchain is the sustainable nature of the technology. Blockchain is definitely here to stay, and its applications across various sectors, including government agencies, prove the same. Therefore, it is all just a matter of time before every enterprise would ditch the centralized models for Blockchain technology. So, you could have the best assurance for future-proof job security with a career in Blockchain technology.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert

Career Options in Blockchain

Now, it is important for all aspiring candidates to find out the various available career opportunities in Blockchain technology. Let us take a brief overview of each role for a detailed impression of your options in a Blockchain certified expert career path.

  • Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are basically programmers with skills for creating applications for Blockchain. The Blockchain developers with expertise in helping companies gain the most benefits from the Blockchain platform are in high demand. Individuals in this role need higher attention to detail. Generally, Blockchain developers have comprehensive hands-on experience in working with Python, JavaScript, and C++ programming languages.

  • Blockchain Solution Architect

The next important job role for a certified Blockchain expert is that of a Blockchain solution architect. The Blockchain solution architect is responsible for designing Blockchain solution components and then assigning and connecting the components together. Blockchain solution architects generally have to work in collaboration with developers, UX designers, IT operations, and network administrators involved in the development of optimized Blockchain solutions.

  • Blockchain Project Manager

The role of a Blockchain Project Manager is one of the most comprehensive among other Blockchain-related job roles. Blockchain Project Manager is responsible for connecting Blockchain projects with the experts capable of developing Blockchain solutions. The work of Blockchain project managers requires the skills of a conventional cloud project manager.

In addition, Blockchain project managers must have comprehensive knowledge of Blockchain technology. Furthermore, Blockchain project managers also require excellent communication abilities. Effective communication is a crucial requirement for Blockchain project managers for addressing non-technical workers, obtaining resources from higher authorities, and the introduction of new useful updates.

  • Blockchain UX Designer

As the adoption of Blockchain across various industries increases continuously, a certified expert in Blockchain could also opt for the role of a Blockchain UX Designer. The user interfaces for Blockchain technology is one of the prominent concerns for various industries adopting the technology.

The Blockchain UX designer or Blockchain designer has to create an engaging and trustworthy interface for regular users. The important skills required for the role of a Blockchain UX designer include attention to detail and creativity. In addition, Blockchain designers are also expected to be highly resilient and hardworking because they have to spend many hours working on effective designs.

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer

The role of quality assurance in any development environment is unquestionable. A quality assurance engineer is responsible for testing a project and verifying that all specifications match the desired quality. The responsibility of a Blockchain quality engineer is to ensure that all operations in the Blockchain development environment follow all quality standards. The duties of Blockchain quality engineers involve testing and automation of different frameworks for Blockchain.

Blockchain quality engineers have an additional focus on detail due to the sensitive nature of their responsibilities. As a matter of fact, the actions of a Blockchain quality engineer have a strong influence on other members of a project. In addition, Blockchain quality engineers must have good communication skills for the effective maintenance of productive work relationships.

  • Blockchain Consultant

One of the most demanded and highly respected roles in Blockchain is the Blockchain consultant. When you gain significant experience in your role, you can get ahead for the Blockchain consultant role. Businesses nowadays look for blockchain consultants to optimize their businesses using blockchain technology. As a Blockchain consultant, you can give valuable suggestions to the organizations on implementing blockchain technology.

Blockchain consultants stay updated with the latest trends of blockchain technology and thus help organizations with essential updates. Analyzing and updating existing Blockchain applications to make them better are the responsibilities of a Blockchain consultant. However, evaluating applications for the new technologies and documenting new solutions by maintaining the existing ones, are also the responsibilities of a Blockchain consultant.

  • Blockchain Legal Professional

The role of a Blockchain legal professional is also gaining notable recognition in recent times. As a certified Blockchain expert in the role of a Blockchain legal professional, you have to provide recommendations on the considerations you must take into account during investment in Blockchain technology. Enterprises are doubtful about the consequences of their actions and management of finances with the adoption of Blockchain technology.

In addition, organizations are also concerned about the management of their identity in the context of Blockchain technology. A Blockchain legal professional helps enterprises achieve thorough compliance with legal benchmarks for using Blockchain technology. Blockchain legal professionals have effective communication skills and promising command over international law. Furthermore, the applications of Blockchain technology across borders also require Blockchain legal professionals to have mastery over universal languages.

  • Other Blockchain-related Roles

Apart from the above specific roles for a certified expert in Blockchain, there are many other fundamental roles related to Blockchain. In order to utilize the capabilities of Blockchain for a career in a specific role, you have to understand its benefits, use cases, and key capabilities required for the role. Some of the additional Blockchain-related job roles include accountants, marketers, managers, public relations, analysts, crypto brokers, ICO advisors, and crypto journalists.

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Path to Become a Certified Expert in Blockchain

So, what is the proven route for establishing your career in Blockchain? The answer to this question is clearly evident in the Blockchain expert certification. The Blockchain Expert Certification (Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional) is a reliable instrument to prove your skills and understanding of Blockchain technology. In addition, the certification also showcases the ability of candidates to use their skills and knowledge for the implementation of Blockchain applications.

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional is a 4 weeks program with flexible learning where you need to spend only 3-4 hours per day. Once you get ready with the various domains of the CEBP certification exam, you will find interactive exercises with a bonus hands-on assignments. Once done with the learning phase of the course, it’s time to evaluate your Blockchain expertise with a set of questions i.e. take the official certification exam. After that, you become a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional i.e. Blockchain Certified Expert, and receive CEBP certification for your Blockchain skills.

Let’s have a look at the domains of the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification:

Domain 1: Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

The important topics in the first domain of CEBP Blockchain expert certification exam are as follows,

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Proof of Work
  • How the Chain of Blocks is Created
  • Public and Private Blockchains
  • Smart Contracts

Domain 2: Enterprise Blockchain Platforms 

The second domain of the CEBP Blockchain expert certification includes the following topics,

  • Ethereum Fundamentals
  • Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals 
  • Corda Fundamentals

Domain 3: Blockchain in Trade Finance

The next domain of the CEBP Blockchain expert certification deals with the following topics,

  • Crypto Assets and Cryptocurrencies
  • Ripple Fundamentals
  • Trade Finance on Blockchain

Domain 4: Blockchain Applications

A Blockchain certification exam without a focus on the blockchain applications can be practically unreasonable. The important topics covered in this domain are as follows,

  • Supply Chain Management on Blockchain – Fundamentals
  • Supply Chain Management on Blockchain – Use Cases
  • Blockchain Digital Transformation

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification exam also focuses on skills, technologies, and approaches for the creation of your own Blockchain solutions.

Domain 5: Use Cases

The CEBP certification exam would also cover the use cases of Blockchain technology in different industries. The notable use cases include the following, with blockchain for

  • Automobiles
  • Financial industry
  • Supply chain
  • Healthcare
  • Cybersecurity
  • Manufacturing

Candidates need to pay $397 for the complete CEBP program including a training course, interactive exercises, and additional hands-on assignments with an official certification exam for the evaluation of skills. Along with this, you also get the bonus material and personal guidance to get ahead in your blockchain career.

Furthermore, the certification exam would also enable you to implement your skills in Blockchain applications, thereby contributing to your professional readiness. Most important of all, you could also develop your own Blockchain enterprise with the knowledge acquired through your preparations for the exam.

Blockchain use cases explain the applications of Blockchain in different domains. To know more, check out our previous article that covers the Applications of Blockchain.

Tips to Become a Certified Expert in Blockchain

The details about the certified Blockchain expert certification exam and the advantages of a career in Blockchain technology must have motivated you to prepare for the certification exam right away. However, you need to know that you are starting from scratch in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Therefore, you would need to prepare the foundation for achieving eligibility to appear for the Blockchain expert certification exam. So, here are some of the helpful preparation tips that are crucial before following any preparation guide for the Blockchain certified expert exam.

  • Begin with the Fundamentals

Start your preparations with an overview of the basics of Blockchain technology. This step is highly critical, especially for beginners, because it is impractical for anybody to dive right into the technical aspects of Blockchain technology without any awareness of fundamentals.

Your primary objective, in this case, should be to learn about the fundamentals of Blockchain technology with its working and history. Candidates must take an in-depth look at the Blockchain glossary for understanding the proper definition of every term related to Blockchain.

  • Understand Different Blockchain Platforms

Candidates for the certified Blockchain expert certification exam should also develop a comprehensive understanding of the working of different Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Corda. All the Blockchain platforms don’t work in a single way, and it is highly important to figure out the common pattern.

This is a crucial requirement for all technical as well as non-technical Blockchain job roles. For example, Blockchain-related marketing or legal roles would require a formidable grasp over the Blockchain platform for presenting the solution to clients.

  • Develop Business Acumen

Business acumen is also a formidable requisite to prepare for the Blockchain expert certificate exam. Candidates need to develop a higher business perspective for using Blockchain technology to address issues in an enterprise environment.

A Blockchain expert would need a thorough overview of the interplay between different teams for maintaining effective coordination. This skill is an essential requirement for candidates appearing for the Blockchain expert certificate exam for addressing questions related to the use cases of Blockchain technology.

  • Know about Other Decentralized and Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain is one type of distributed ledger, and Blockchain expert certified exam preparation requires knowledge of decentralized and distributed ledgers. Therefore, you should try to look up other distributed ledgers and learn about them.

This step can help in identifying the strengths of other distribution platforms and use them to improve the Blockchain technology. In addition, you would get ideal insights for your Blockchain career path through a technical overview of decentralized and distributed ledgers.

  • Observe Enterprise Business Processes

Another promising step for your preparation for certified Blockchain expert certification is to learn about enterprise business processes. This step can help you in gaining fluency in hands-on use of Blockchain technology.

Knowledge of enterprise business processes such as distribution, logistics, procurement, and treasury operations can develop your business acumen. Since the certification exam requires a high-level business perspective of using Blockchain, knowledge, and experience in enterprise business processes can help you considerably.

To observe and understand the Enterprise business processes, it is recommended to go for the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification. Enroll now and start learning to get your hands on the CEBP certification.

  • Stay Simple and Focused

Among the many preparation steps for different Blockchain certified expert jobs, simplicity is often overlooked. Candidates should always aim at fabricating solutions without complexities. You need to understand that Blockchain technology is comparatively new for the average user, and simple features can drive better adoption.

Therefore, you must prepare for achieving simple solutions that can provide the maximum output. In addition, candidates must develop skills for using their business acumen to create solutions for addressing future obstacles for the company.

  • Participate in Blockchain Communities

The final yet most credible method to prepare for the certified Blockchain expert certification exam is Blockchain community participation. When you join different credible and renowned Blockchain communities such as forums, you gain access to industry expertise.

Many high-end professionals in these communities can help you overcome all doubts you encounter during your preparations. Furthermore, you can also work on the non-technical skills required for Blockchain expert professionals.

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Are You Ready to Become a Blockchain Expert?

So, now you should make the decision and start preparing for the certified Blockchain expert exam. The average salary of a Blockchain Expert is around $150,000 to $175,000 per year that may even cross the number of $200,000 with certification, skills, and experience. Yes, as you gain experience in different designations and roles, you can improve your chances of commanding better salaries. The promises with a career in Blockchain technology definitely seem favorable.

On the other hand, the efforts required for establishing a career in Blockchain could be very intensive. However, you could rely on trustworthy preparation guides and training courses for simplifying your preparation journey. In addition, you must also aim at continuous professional development in the Blockchain ecosystem for achieving the best career outcomes.

So, are you aspiring to become a certified expert in Blockchain? Advance your skills and get the blockchain certification to validate your skills. Enroll now into the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional program and get ahead!

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