Aspiring to validate your Metaverse skills with a recognized certification? Here’s the step by step guide on how to become Certified Metaverse Professional.

The metaverse is the next big technology trend after blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a prominent frontrunner for expanding the web3 landscape, metaverse sets the possibilities for a new 3D version of the internet. In simple words, the metaverse will help us browse the internet as if it is a different virtual world of its own. Think of shopping for clothes in a 3D representation of your favorite online clothing store. 

The potential of the metaverse has been driving huge demand for a Certified Metaverse Professional in enterprises seeking opportunities to capitalize on the metaverse. What are the possible alternatives for a metaverse professional right now? Is metaverse a suitable area for investing your efforts in career development? Any beginner would face these questions before pursuing any metaverse certification or training course. The following discussion helps you find answers to your doubts about professional certifications in metaverse technology.

certified metaverse professional

What is the Metaverse?

Before moving towards the discussion about choosing a metaverse certification course, it is important to reflect on a brief overview of the metaverse itself. The metaverse is basically an open and shared three-dimensional virtual environment where users can interact with different digital spaces and users through digital avatars. Some of the most prominent highlights of the metaverse include the experiences provided to users alongside the facility of an independent creator economy. At the same time, other value advantages of interoperability and availability also back up the prospects for developing the metaverse. 

On the other hand, some critics also point to the comparatively nascent stages of developments in the metaverse. Without any doubt, the metaverse is still in the initial stages of development. However, it is still a treasure trove of jobs as many companies explore their chances with the metaverse. For example, VR and AR technology innovation and development can open up many jobs in the metaverse. 

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Jobs Available in the Metaverse

One of the first things you need before finding out the best practices to become metaverse expert is an understanding of jobs available in the market. You can notice clearly that the rise of metaverse has spurred many job opportunities for supporting the growth. However, it is important to know the types of metaverse-related jobs available right now for developing a clear impression of your metaverse career goals. In addition, the information about metaverse jobs can also encourage an individual to choose the best metaverse course and certification for their career. Here are some of the notable jobs you can expect with a certification as a metaverse professional. 

  • Blockchain Engineer

The requirement of decentralization in the metaverse calls up many promising opportunities for a certified metaverse expert with a specialization in blockchain engineer. Blockchain engineers can take on the role of designing and developing blockchain solutions for the metaverse. 

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  • Metaverse Planner

The next emerging job role related to the metaverse is the metaverse planner. Metaverse planners take care of developing the growth infrastructure tailored to metaverse businesses. They address the requirements of identifying market opportunities and developing business roadmaps. 

  • Metaverse Software Engineer

Another notable job suited for candidates who want to become certified metaverse professional is that of a metaverse software engineer. The work of metaverse software engineers focuses primarily on research and development for new software applications and operating systems. In addition, they also work on improving existing solutions through analysis and overview of the areas suitable for modification. 

Similarly, you can explore many other job opportunities with a metaverse certification of your choice. Some of the other popular metaverse-related job roles include, 

  • Metaverse safety manager
  • Metaverse data scientists
  • Ecosystem developer
  • NFT strategist
  • Metaverse research scientist
  • Metaverse cloud expert

As of now, the three prominent sectors closely related to metaverse applications include fashion, real estate, and gaming. With the multiple options for pursuing your career as a certified metaverse expert, you would definitely consider choosing a popular certification in metaverse. Does the availability of multiple metaverse jobs offer a good reason to pursue metaverse certifications?

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Reasons to Choose a Metaverse Certification 

If you want to choose a metaverse course and certification, you must know how it will help you. As a matter of fact, anyone looking for a popular certification in metaverse technology would seek more reasons than just the jobs available for metaverse experts. Here are some of the promising benefits of a credible metaverse certification for developing your career.

  • Proof of Skills in a New Technology

Metaverse certifications are a proven choice for validating your skills and knowledge regarding the metaverse and different technologies associated with it. Enterprises would find the certification as clear proof of a candidate’s technical skills that can support their business objectives. In simple words, you can show that you are a vital asset for any organization as a certified expert in metaverse technologies. 

  • Competitive Edge

As you have multiple job options in the metaverse labor market, you are more likely to encounter a lot of competition. In such cases, a Certified Metaverse Professional credential can serve as a promising improvement in your competitive edge for various positions. You can discover that the certification entitles you to an advantage over non-certified candidates for different metaverse-related jobs. A certified candidate is more likely to have the skills a business needs for its metaverse-based projects. 

  • Commitment to the Metaverse

The most significant reason for choosing a certification to become metaverse expert is evident in the effort required for qualifying for certification. You have to prepare for multiple certification exam objectives dealing with various aspects of the metaverse and related technologies. 

Most important of all, the time and efforts you invest in preparing for metaverse certifications reflect on your dedication to learning about metaverse technology. The metaverse is new, and your efforts in a certification show how much you trust the future prospects for the metaverse

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Steps to Become a Certified Metaverse Professional

The metaverse has obviously opened up many job opportunities for aspiring candidates. You can explore a wide range of metaverse-related job roles in different sectors such as gaming, real estate, and fashion. However, many beginners don’t have the slightest idea about the ideal path to become certified metaverse professional with the assurance of success. Here are some of the best practices you should follow in your career path as a metaverse expert. 

  • Build Your Foundation

The first thing you must-have for building your career in the metaverse is a solid foundation. You can develop the foundation only with a comprehensive understanding of metaverse basics. You should learn about the basic traits of the metaverse and the technologies underlying the different components of the metaverse. The more you understand the metaverse fundamentals, the more you understand how to use them. In addition, the basics of metaverse help in preparing the ideal set of skills required for metaverse certification preparation. 

  • Choose the Right Certification

The most crucial step in your journey to become metaverse expert would focus on choosing the right certification. The right certification can make all the difference in your career. With a credible and industry-recognized certification, you can exercise a better claim over job opportunities in the metaverse. 

One of the most promising choices in metaverse certifications for you right now is the Certified Metaverse Professional certification by 101 Blockchains. The certification is a unique initiative by 101 Blockchains for helping aspiring candidates capitalize on the benefits associated with metaverse. The CMP certification on 101 Blockchains deals with a comprehensive understanding of the metaverse alongside the challenges and benefits associated with it. 

Most important of all, the certification course can also help you develop your practical knowledge about using the metaverse. One of the foremost highlights of the metaverse course and certification by 101 Blockchains is the modular arrangement of different concepts for learning about the metaverse. 

You can learn about the basics of blockchain, NFTs and metaverse before diving into technical aspects of the metaverse. At the same time, the CMP certification training course also covers the association between metaverse and web3. As a result, you can also learn of the future prospects associated with the metaverse

The CMP certification training course brings the insights of industry experts to learners with self-paced on-demand video lectures. As a result, you can learn your way gradually through the different concepts associated with the metaverse without any limitations. On top of it, the assurance of support from subject matter experts in your learning journey with the Certified Metaverse Professional certification.

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  • Prepare a Study Plan

You cannot qualify for the certification of your choice without any preparations. Therefore, you need to go through the training course materials in detail and prepare a study plan according to the course topics. Create your schedule for studying by going through each module of the certification training course. 

The difficulty of different modules in the metaverse certification can help you determine how much time you should be allocated to each module. As a result, you can estimate the time required to develop the skills and knowledge for qualifying for the certification exam. Most important of all, you must maintain accountability to the study plan for ensuring the best results from your preparation. 

  • Use Additional Resources

The next important step in your preparations for becoming a certified metaverse expert depends a lot on your efforts. You can settle for the certification training course as the final resort for your efforts in preparing for metaverse certifications. On the other hand, you can go a step ahead and choose additional learning resources to support your skill development.

For example, you must stay updated with the latest trends and innovative developments in the metaverse. At the same time, you should seek insights from interviews with industry experts as well as conferences and webinars on the metaverse. Beginners can explore a lot about the metaverse on their own with articles and blogs on various aspects of the metaverse.

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Will the Metaverse Certification Guarantee You the Best Jobs?

The answer to this question might be a little disappointing. Metaverse certifications don’t guarantee the best jobs for you. On the contrary, they show that you are the best candidate for a metaverse-related job role. Enterprises working on metaverse projects can evaluate the proficiency of a candidate for addressing their business goals through certifications. However, you can increase your chances of finding a job as a Certified Metaverse Professional by following the best practices of professional networking. 

Bottom Line

The final overview regarding the pursuit of becoming a metaverse professional suggests some positive highlights for career development. Metaverse is a completely new concept, and the skill gap is quite high for the jobs available in the market. Therefore, a certified expert has more chances of landing lucrative job prospects or business opportunities in the metaverse

If you become a certified metaverse professional, you are not only increasing your chances of landing jobs but also with business opportunities. You can create and trade your own NFTs or serve in crucial roles for popular NFT collections. Start preparing for your career in the metaverse now.

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