International trade in goods has seen little innovation since the invention of the container in the 50s. DLT (colloquially termed ‘blockchain’) is making the bold promise to help bring the trade industry into the digital age. Following on from our recent research publication with the International Chamber of Commerce, Trade Finance Global and the World Trade Organization, Deepesh Patel will be depicting the DLT in trade landscape as it looks today, and talking through some of the key challenges and risks that banks and corporates might face along the way.

This webinar will look at an overview of the main projects underway in trade, with a focus on trade finance, shipping, and the digitalisation of trade documents, assessing their stages of maturity. After years of hype around blockchain, the time has come for a reality check.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on Blockchain & DLT in trade – a reality check, presented by:

  • Deepesh Patel, Director, Partnerships & Marketing,  Trade Finance Global

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Holy Guacamole – how is the shipment of avocados related to rethinking and digitising the entire trade process?
  • The periodic table of DLT projects
  • What are the key challenges and risks in what the future of the industry holds, according to 200 banks, corporates, fintechs and trade practitioners?
  • Is COVID-19 causing rapid adoption of digitalisation – why should we approach this carefully?

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