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Certified Fintech Expert (CFTE)™

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  • Explore the impact of technology on financial services

  • Discover the distinct subsectors and approaches for fintech innovation

  • Understand methods for initiating fintech transformation.

Course Overview

Technology is one of the key components in driving the world around us. As a result, you can notice a broad assortment of technologies, including APIs, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, creating new waves of change in financial services. 

A Certified Fintech Expert could understand how technology changes how financial services are delivered. In addition, certification in the domain of fintech can help ensure how the value proposition of financial services changes with the impact of technology. The Certified Fintech Professional certification would validate your skills and knowledge of the challenges and benefits of financial technology.  

The Fintech Certification on 101 Blockchains offers a proven tool for embracing the future of finance. It is a comprehensive and trustworthy learning resource for anyone interested in financial technology.   


What Do We Cover To Help You Become a Certified Fintech Expert?

  • Impact of Fintech solutions on payments and lending services.

  • Applications of fintech in InsurTech, NeoBanks, SuperApps and RegTech.

  • Working of digital money and reasons for central banks to issue digital currencies.

  • Risks, challenges, and regulations in the domain of financial services.

  • Role of technology and digital identity in financial services.

  • Business use cases of financial technology and their impact on improving customer experience.

  • Future trends in fintech and other use cases of embedded finance beyond payment services.

Certified Fintech Expert Certification Course Is For You Because

  • You serve roles in senior management or work as a financial professional and want to know how to identify and respond to changes due to fintech.

  • You are an innovation or fintech professional seeking ways to adopt creative and strategic approaches suitable for the fintech industry.

  • You are a business professional interested in gaining the necessary knowledge and expertise in tools for preparing your organization to welcome fintech disruption.

  • You are a financial regulator or supervisor interested in exploring the new regulatory precedents and financial service management practices.

  • You are a mid-level executive seeking ways to develop broader strategies to facilitate the transformation of financial services for driving success and growth.

"The global Fintech market is expected to grow gradually and reach a market value of approximately $324 billion by 2026." - Market Data Forecast

Course Curriculum

101 Blockchains


  • Senior management and financial services professionals

  • Innovation managers and fintech professionals

  • Business professionals and analysts

  • Financial regulators and supervisors

  • Executives seeking best practices for fintech transformation


The Certified Fintech Expert is the best fintech certification to help reduce the skill gap between generic resources for fintech education and professional certification for becoming a fintech expert. Our team at 101 Blockchains offers a definitive collection of practical tools to all our learners to support their professional development. The course offers a theoretical perspective on fintech training and helps you utilize practical insights on the fintech industry by using demo videos and interactive exercises.

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Certified Fintech Expert

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