The support of our learners has been a crucial element in driving our determination to create innovative, relevant learning resources. The latest G2 Fall 2021 Reports are out! This time, we smashed our former record of 8 badges with 11 new badges. 101 Blockchains has received the love of users once again while being termed as a high performer and momentum leader. All the badges we have received in the latest G2 report represent our success story. They show gleaming examples of how we have transformed online education and training for blockchain

G2 Inc. has been a trustworthy platform for detailed and reliable peer reviews of various technology solutions providers in the domains of service and software technology. G2 offers the ideal insights required for helping millions of people in making smarter decisions each month. 

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Highlights of Our Achievements

G2 Fall 2021 Reports

101 Blockchains has been able to show what it is capable of in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports with 11 badges. As usual, we have been able to grab the ‘Users Love Us’ badge for the exceptional customer satisfaction we have offered. We have earned ten other badges in two distinct categories for online course providers and technical skills development. 101 Blockchains has been able to prove its mettle once again with ‘High Performer’ badges in different categories. Furthermore, we also have another promising achievement in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports with the ‘Momentum Leader’ badge to our credit once again. 

How We Fared in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports?

G2 Reports are an open reflection of how our customers feel about us. 101 Blockchains has been fuelled by the commitment to revolutionized blockchain education and training. Our team has constantly strived to create the best learning resources and help our learners make the most of them. We have been able to anticipate the career trends in blockchain alongside the interests of learners for optimizing our learning resources accordingly. 

In recent months, we have worked on the introduction of many new courses and special masterclass sessions with several free resources for our learners. Along the way, we have received the support of an exceptional team of professionals. We have industry experts, qualified instructors, experienced mentors, and a well-trained support team. On top of it all, our learners are also contributing to the growth of the 101 Blockchains community. Our performance in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports depends a lot on all these factors. 

G2 is one of the most trusted sources for people and enterprises for suggestions on effectiveness of technology solutions. The platform includes reviews from authentic users of different solutions, thereby helping in the reliable evaluation of different solution providers. We have been making progress in the field of online blockchain training by capitalizing on the support of honest reviews by G2. We are assured of receiving genuine reviews from our learners on G2. Our past record in G2 Reports has helped us improve on our strengths and resolve our flaws effortlessly. 

Our team at 101 Blockchains is more than grateful to every one of you for making us successful in G2 Fall 2021 Reports. We are thankful for offering your honest reviews and feedback on G2. The feedback of our users is an important element for us to find possible directions for our future plans. The badges we have earned in G2 Fall 2021 Reports set another prolific milestone in our long journey. Let us have a look at the badges we have earned in different categories in the recently released G2 Fall 2021 Reports.

Check 101 Blockchains Performance in:

Online Course Providers

The G2 Fall 2021 Reports for Online Course Providers focus on service providers offering self-paced online course content and evaluate the skills of learners through skill assessments. We were able to earn six different badges in the Online Course Providers category.

Momentum Leader Fall 2021

momentum leader We are successful in earning the ‘Momentum Leader’ badge once again, this time for Fall 2021. The Momentum Grid ranking focuses on various factors for evaluating different solutions. The factors include employee growth, social growth, web growth, and review growth. We have shown promising results in these factors as an online course provider for earning the ‘Momentum Leader’ badge. 

High Performer Small Business

High Performer Small Business

We have also earned the High Performer Small Business Fall 2021 for our capabilities to ensure customer satisfaction, especially with a smaller market presence. 

High Performer Fall 2021

High Performer Fall 2021

The High Performer Fall 2021 badge for us in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports clearly indicates our consistency.

We have been earning the high performer badge across different seasons without any doubt, speaking a lot of our learners’ love for us.

High Performer Enterprise

High Performer Enterprise

Another interesting addition to the achievements of 101 Blockchains in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports is the High Performer Enterprise Fall 2021 badge. The High Performer Enterprise badge indicates our capabilities to address the needs of enterprise clients with higher customer satisfaction and limited market presence. 

High Performer Europe & Asia Pacific

High Performer Europe & Asia Pacific Our regional performance is also one of the highlights of our achievements in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports. We have been able to earn the High Performer Europe Fall 2021 badges for two different regions. One of the badges shows our dominance as a high performer in the European market. The other badge highlights our efficiency as a high performer in comparison to the online course providers in the Asia Pacific region. 

Technical Skills Development

The G2 Fall 2021 Reports also emphasize another category for rewarding badges to solution providers. We have been able to earn four distinct badges in the technical skills development category.

Momentum Leader

momentum leader

We also reign as the Momentum Leader for Fall 2021 in technical skills development with the preferences of our learners.

The badge shows that we are in the top 25% of the category of technical skill development.

High Performer Small Business

High Performer Small Business

Our capabilities for encouraging effective technical skills development for small businesses have also earned us the tag of ‘High Performer Small Business Fall 2021’.

We are able to offer higher customer satisfaction with low market presence scores.

High Performer Fall 2021

High Performer Fall 2021

101 Blockchains has another badge as a ‘High Performer Fall 2021’ in the technical skills development category.

The badge indicates our overall effectiveness in driving learner satisfaction with a limited market presence. 

Best Support Fall 2021

Best Support Fall 2021

The most valuable credential for 101 Blockchains in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports is the badge of Best Support Fall 2021.

The badge shows our commitment to deliver high-quality support in the category of technical skills development. 

Users Love Us

g2 user love us Just like every year, we have been able to earn the ‘Users Love Us’ badge in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports.

The badge shows that users love our services and solutions with favorable feedback on our solutions. G2 Reports consider the ‘Users Love Us’ badge as additional rewards for solution providers earning favorable authentic reviews from users.

The Path Ahead

The 11 badges we earned in the G2 Fall 2021 Reports are proof of our dedication to blockchain training. As an online course provider, we have been successful in grabbing headlines with G2 reports in every season. With the new G2 Fall 2021 Reports, we can successfully assert our potential for serving as an online blockchain training provider. We have been tailoring our courses and certifications to offer the best possible value to all learners. 

However, the recognition of users and their feedback has served as the fuel for our growth. Knowing that we are delivering exactly what the users want helps a lot in improving our confidence. In the long run, such type of recognition can encourage us to introduce further improvements in our services, so stay tuned for the recent updates from us!