Confidential Computing continues to gain traction as it is critical for protecting cloud data, and it is fundamentally helping establish and expand the “circle of trust” in cloud computing.

In this talk, Richard Brown, CTO of enterprise blockchain firm R3, will give an introduction and technical overview of the emerging world of Confidential Computing.  He’ll argue that two new opportunities are emerging: the ability to protect your cloud applications even from the cloud vendor AND the ability to provide new services to your own customers that assure the security of their data. Richard will introduce the forthcoming R3 ‘Conclave’ confidential computing platform and use it to explain the concepts.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on “Confidential Computing: It Promises to be the “Big Thing” of 2021 – But What Is It?” presented by:

  • Richard G. Brown, Chief Technology Officer, R3

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Analyze data from multiple parties in a protected algorithm, and verify how data is used.
  • Protect customer data from misuse and provide assurance that the data remains protected when collected, shared and analyzed.
  • Access previously inaccessible customer data to deliver new insights and AI without compromising on confidentiality.

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