Digital trade has remained elusive but recent events have spurred enterprises to be more agile and adapt production processes. Practical considerations, like the need to accept digital signatures, and for fast finance to keep suppliers working, have increased the urgency of innovation.

This webinar will explore emerging use cases for trade finance and supply chain management, highlighting the fastest growing areas of investment in multi-party technologies like enterprise blockchain.  Platforms like Corda have moved ‘up the stack’ to provide more industry specific solutions. And as blockchain deployment becomes easier there are opportunities to truly digitalize trade documentation and quickly create new trade and supply chain applications.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on Digitally Native Trade and Supply Chains – Emerging Use Cases and Solutions, presented by:

  • Muneeb Shah, Head of Global Trade, Supply Chain and Energy, R3

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • Circumvent Trade-Based Money Laundering

  • Address track and trace compliance demands

  • Help onboard new suppliers and logistics partners in times of crisis faster and more efficiently

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