While central governments are still in the midst of fighting the effects of the pandemic on public health, businesses are globally looking for ways to weave out from the inevitable economic depression while embarking on day-by-day activities for survival. Some enterprises are taking advantage of the situation to accelerate decision processes that transform the way they conduct business.

It is anticipated that 2022 will continue on the tracks so clearly (and dramatically) marked by the year 2020. 101 Blockchains research anticipates that the need for visibility, predictability, and collaboration will represent the foundations for corporate activities in the new year. Enterprise blockchains have demonstrated their robustness to become solid pillars of these new foundations.

101 Blockchains research analysts understand that 2020 has been an immensely self-reflecting year – the events that occurred will force everyone to bear the consequences for many years to come. This report summarizes the vision about the incoming future, without forgetting the practical aspect of how to turn those visions and expectations into feasible and operationally applicable guidelines.

This research explores the current industry trends and business practices revolving around enterprise blockchain technology. Also, this report analyzes the views of enterprise blockchain practitioners regarding future predictions about enterprise blockchain trends in 2022 regarding confidential computing.

Download the exclusive research conducted by 101 Blockchains analysts, in partnership with Oracle, to make upgrades to your business strategies by exploring the enterprise blockchains — 2022 predictions.  

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