Most likely everyone interested in blockchain has read several news about incredibly profitable initiatives based on NFTs and is maybe now wondering how to be part of the game.

This webinar will provide the necessary elements that help blockchain practitioners to appreciate the possibilities offered by blockchain as the infrastructure that runs NFTs, while staying away from speculative adventures and hype-inflated opportunities. The session will develop across themes such as NFTs history, growth and trends, NFTs use cases across industries, and current limits of NFT applications.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on “Demystifying Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)” presented by:

  • John Ho, Head, Legal, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • The expected benefits and- most importantly- the challenges connected to NFTs
  • How to approach NFTs from a regulatory standpoint
  • The future- and pragmatic- applications of NFTs, especially from an enterprise business perspective

It is important to state that 101 Blockchains does not encourage you to invest in NFTs. This presentation is by no means a solicitation to invest your money in NFTs.

It is only a market analysis of a disruptive event occurring in the blockchain space.

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