The life sciences industry is uniquely complex in how pharmaceutical drugs move from manufacturers to serving patients. Beyond the supply chain, there are regulatory requirements, complicated pricing and contracting relationships, and an infinite number of exceptions to every industry standard for how trading partners do business together. These challenges present a massive opportunity for blockchain technology, however, the technology is only one component of what goes into commercially deployed enterprise solutions.

The MediLedger Network is currently the leading blockchain-based network in the Life Sciences Industry. Two different solutions have already launched on MediLedger, focused on use cases between trading partners in revenue management and supply chain, all powered by blockchain. In this webinar, we will discuss the role of blockchain within the MediLedger Network and how the solutions built on top of MediLedger are generating measurable value for enterprise Life Sciences companies.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on “Blockchain based solutions in Life Sciences” presented by:

  • Susanne Somerville, CEO, Chronicled

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  •  Learn about the value that is driving Life Sciences companies to adopt blockchain-based solutions on MediLedger.
  • Learn about blockchain’s role in commercially deployed enterprise solutions.
  • Learn about other technologies needed, in addition to blockchain, for commercially deployed enterprise solutions.

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