In last quarter’s Winter 2020 Reports, 101 Blockchains Named High Performer in G2 Fall 2020 Report. We’re excited to announce that 101 Blockchains is again a high performer in G2 Spring 2021 reports with 6 new badges.

Online course providers are one of the most easily accessible sources of education and professional training in modern times. However, it is difficult to round up on the right choice when you have so many alternatives at your disposal. G2 Inc. has recently released its G2 Spring 2021 Reports for online course providers. With a focus on a wide range of criteria for evaluating online course providers, G2 reports offer substantial credibility regarding the performance of various solutions in different target markets. 

101 Blockchains has scored big, once again, in G2 reports by earning four badges in G2 Spring 2021 Reports. We are more than happy as we bring this news to you as your support helped us earn top badges in the G2 Winter 2021 Reports. We have been able to achieve the badge of High Performer in three different categories, Grid Report for Online Course Providers Spring 2021, Small Business Grid Report for Online Course Providers Spring 2021, and Europe Regional Grid Report for Online Course Providers Spring 2021. In addition, we are also excited to have earned the badge for Best Support in the G2 Spring 2021 Reports. 

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101 Blockchains in G2 Spring 2021 Reports 

Our constantly-growing achievements in the G2 Reports everywhere are a clear example of our unending dedication to serve our learners. At 101 Blockchains, we strive to provide the most relevant and productive solutions to our learners. Subsequently, the support of learners, professionals, and blockchain industry experts has also propelled us to the top ranks among online course providers. 

G2 has a comprehensive and precisely tailored assessment scheme for presenting its Grid Reports. G2 Inc. has been a credible agent in supporting our growth as an online course provider in the blockchain world. We have been able to leverage G2 reports to our advantage for identifying the potential areas of improvement. Moreover, the reports of G2 offer credible insights on the basis of reviews and feedback by users. 

We would also like to thank all our revered members and learners for offering their honest reviews and testimonials about 101 Blockchains on G2. The continuous guidance and support of our clients help us perform well according to their expectations and achieve wonders. So, we are not only earning badges from the G2 reports but also investing more in serving you better. Now, let us reflect a bit on the details of our accomplishments in the G2 Spring 2021 Reports. 

High Performer Spring

G2 Report

The Grid Report for Online Course Providers Spring 2021 brought an exceptional piece of good news for us. 101 Blockchains found a place among ‘High Performing’ courses and earned the badge of High Performer Spring. The Grid Report Spring 2021 takes online course providers into consideration on the basis of various factors. 

First of all, the online course provider should provide self-paced online course materials. In addition, the course provider should also ensure a proper curriculum with its online courses by organizing them into topics, lessons, or modules. Online course providers who are capable of scoring high in terms of customer satisfaction ratings earn the ‘High Performer’ badge. 

High Performer Small Business

G2 Report

We have also achieved the ‘High Performer’ badge in the G2 Small Business Grid Report for Online Course Providers Spring 2021. The Small Business Grid Report for Online Course Providers evaluates the online course providers targeting small businesses. We have been able to score good numbers for customer satisfaction in a target market focused on small businesses. 

Furthermore, the G2 Grid Report for Online Course Providers Spring 2021 also suggests that most of our customers are small businesses. Therefore, our success in reaching out to small businesses with desired levels of customer satisfaction adequately validates our recognition with the ‘High Performer Small Business’ badge.

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Best Support 

G2 Report

The G2 Grid Report for Online Course Providers Spring 2021 also outlined the score of individual entries for support quality. 101 Blockchains scored a great score in terms of quality of support in the G2 Spring 2021 reports. We have maintained an unwavering focus on all aspects of customer support. Therefore, we can ensure that our clients are able to use our solutions in the best possible way. 

Apart from the emphasis on niche specializations in blockchain, our customer support team delivers profoundly targeted solutions to clients. The recognition of our efforts in strengthening customer support would continue to boost our initiatives in delivering the best customer experience.

High Performer Europe

We have also made our mark in the European market as a ‘High Performer’ among online course providers. 101 Blockchains has been able to reach a good score in terms of customer satisfaction in the G2 European Regional Grid Report for Online Course Providers Spring 2021.

The ‘High Performer Europe’ badge is a formidable booster for us at 101 Blockchains to verify the value we can deliver across multiple markets worldwide. 

The continuous expansion of 101 Blockchains into new markets would also ride profoundly on the improved likelihood of a recommendation. We have been focused on providing simple and easy-to-use solutions for blockchain training and education. At the same time, our clients have constantly helped us with honest feedback to support our improvement. 

You can also check what our customers say about us here.

The Road Ahead for Us

We, at 101 Blockchains, are wholeheartedly grateful to our learners, clients, and experts for their efforts in promoting our growth as a top provider of Blockchain certifications and courses. The G2 Spring 2021 Reports place another notable milestone in our long journey that would slowly reach newer markets. While we are ecstatic about our achievements in the G2 Spring 2021 Reports, it is also important to establish clear roadmaps for our future.

The reports also showcase our performance in comparison to other online course providers, thereby creating new prospects for improvement. The next course of action at 101 Blockchains would focus on entering new regional markets and broadening our target base with your support!