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Maybe you are a newcomer in the blockchain industry or perhaps a pro blockchain expert, just by working as a 101 Blockchains ambassador, you can share your thoughts and ideas and contribute to this growing ecosystem.

You will be equipped with the vast knowledge of blockchain, and so, you will be able to influence the technological growth in your city and community. With your newfound core values, you can influence the next generation of blockchain enthusiasts and lead the way to change.

Using your online presence and enthusiasm, you will help the blockchain community to reach the pinnacle of success and backup newer projects in this industry.

Become a 101 Blockchains Ambassador

We want people who recognize the potential of Blockchain Technology and who also share the same values. We are looking for:

  • Passionate about using blockchain technology
  • Global and regional Blockchain experts, influencers, and innovative strategic thinkers
  • Interested in the following criteria:
    • Craft articles, guides and blog posts
    • Host events and meetups
    • Speech and presentation
    • Social Media & Community Management.
    • Design Infographics
    • Create Animated Videos

Want to contribute in any other way? You are very welcome, apply now.

Benefits of Being a 101 Blockchains Ambassador

  • Recognition on 101blockchains Website & Social Channels
  • Receive an exclusive look and access to 101 Blockchains activities
  • Access to the 101 Blockchains squad
  • Work in a team with other ambassadors to help spread the news about 101 Blockchains on social media
  • Host events and meetups and support social networking campaigns within your community
  • Get some 101 Blockchains goodies and much more.

Each one of you who is a Blockchain supporter and wants to help our project keep growing along with helping others is welcome to participate and apply to be a 101 Blockchains Ambassador Today!

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