101 Blockchains has achieved another milestone by becoming a CPD-accredited certification provider for blockchain and web3 certification programs. The independent blockchain education and research platform have qualified for “Continuing Professional Development accreditation” by complying with rigorous assessment criteria. The accreditation serves as proof of how 101 Blockchains aligns with the standards of “Continuing Professional Development”. Let us learn more about 101 Blockchains’ achievements as an accredited CPD certification provider.

Are you planning to become a certified professional with accredited certifications? It’s time to level up your career with 101 Blockchains CPD accredited certification programs.

Criteria for Evaluation of 101 Blockchains

The foremost question on your mind after hearing the news would be, “How do I get a CPD certificate?”. 101 Blockchains offers training courses and certifications to help professionals all over the world stay updated with blockchain technology. In addition, 101 Blockchains also offers many supporting resources for learners that are interested in blockchain technology and its use cases. The platform has earned CPD accreditation for designing certification programs that foster continuous professional development for aspiring professionals. Now, you can get a CPD certificate by qualifying for any 101 Blockchains certification as it is CPD accredited. What did 101 Blockchains do to achieve accreditation by CPD, and who evaluated the platform for accreditation? Let’s see.

The CPD Certification Service is the authority that is responsible for rewarding accreditation to training course providers like 101 Blockchains. It was created in 1996 and served accreditations for continuous professional development programs across different sectors. The authoritative agency defines CPD learning as a proactive and conscious effort. At the same time, it also emphasizes tailoring training programs that empower critical thinking and expertise. The CPD standards considered for accreditation of 101 Blockchains refer to the facility of clear learning objectives. The platform’s systematic and structured training courses also work in its favor when it comes to achieving accreditation. 

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

Advantages of CPD Accreditation for 101 Blockchains

The accreditation places 101 Blockchains in the network of CPD certificate providers. That means you will learn blockchain and related technologies from a top industry platform. 101 Blockchains accredited certification programs are the only industry-recognized and accredited credentials focused specifically on Blockchain and Web3 technologies. Simultaneously, the accredited providers also ensure that professionals maintain their skills with regular training and updates. Compliance with CPD standards ensures that 101 Blockchains’ certifications can serve exclusive benefits. 

For example, completing CPD-accredited certification programs establish tangible proof of your blockchain expertise. Learners can use their certifications to showcase evidence of continuous professional development in the blockchain sphere. As a result, 101 Blockchains can become the top choice for blockchain practitioners and organizations to access skill development routines.

Certified Web3 Professional (CW3P)

How Will 101 Blockchains Help You with CPD Accreditation?

The identity of 101 Blockchains as an accredited CPD service provider is the foremost advantage for learners. First, CPD ensures that you consistently follow high service standards while demonstrating a commitment to your profession or job role. On top of it, CPD-accredited certifications could also help you craft effective career development plans. With the help of CPD-certified programs, you can achieve your goals for career growth, such as accessing new job roles or developing your skills in a current role. 

Another significant advantage of accredited CPD programs on 101 Blockchains is self-motivation. The Continuing Professional Development or CPD journey of a professional involves a series of personal achievements alongside progress in learning. Furthermore, the flexibility of accessing different courses according to your learning style with CPD-accredited programs on 101 Blockchains also offers a promising boost for skill development. 

You will receive –

  • 10 hours of CPD credit after qualifying for each of the following certification programs –

Certified Web3 Professional (CW3P)™

Certified Metaverse Professional (CMP)™

Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP)™

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA)™

Certified Prompt Engineering Expert (CPEE)™

  • 13 hours of CPD credit after qualifying for each of the following certification programs –

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)™

Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE)™

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Will Organizations Benefit from CPD Accreditation of 101 Blockchains?

Since 101 Blockchains is a CPD provider now, organizations can use our training resources to facilitate the skill development of their staff. CPD serves as a reliable and organized tool for expanding the knowledge and skills of the workforce in new technologies. Most importantly, adopting CPD-accredited services will prove that the organization is committed to the employees’ professional development, therefore aiding in the business branding. At the same time, CPD training programs also empower organizations to serve their clients better. Continuous professional development programs will ensure consistency of quality in performance across different departments in the organization. 

One of the most significant advantages of choosing courses accredited by CPD certificate providers is the development of a learning culture. As a result, organizations can attract better talent and achieve favorable business efficiency and performance results. 

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Bottom Line

The CPD accreditation for 101 Blockchains translates into exciting news for every aspiring blockchain professional. Now, the platform offers CPD-accredited certifications that deliver relevant value advantages to professionals seeking career development. Blockchain practitioners and professionals can use the CPD-accredited resources by 101 Blockchains to hone their skills and stay updated with the latest market trends and best practices. 

Furthermore, organizations can use accreditation to determine professional development strategies tailored to your needs. CPD certification follows a rigorous set of standards that validates the integrity and quality of resources offered by 101 Blockchains. Learn more about 101 Blockchains and start your journey of continuous professional development in blockchain and other advanced technologies. 

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