Thanks to the appreciation of our learners, 101 Blockchains achieved new and exciting milestones. After becoming a High Performer in the G2 Spring 2021 Reports, we have achieved another milestone in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports. 101 Blockchains has received recognition as the “High Performer”, again. Most importantly, we have achieved the badge of a “Momentum Leader” in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports.

G2 Inc. is one of the most reliable platforms for obtaining authentic peer reviews for technology solution providers in software and service domains. As a matter of fact, G2 helps over 5.5 million people in making smarter decisions every month. 

101 Blockchains performed exceptionally well in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports with seven badges. In addition, we have received a special badge recognizing the appreciation of our users, called “Users Love Us”. So, the grand total of our new badges rounds up to 8 in three categories – Online Course Providers, Technical Skills Development, and General. 101 Blockchains has successfully marked its presence as a “High Performer” with five badges. Our next significant achievement with the G2 Summer 2021 Report is the badge for “Best Support”. In addition, 101 Blockchains has also achieved the “Momentum Leader badge” in the Momentum Grid Rank.

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101 Blockchains – Our Performance in G2 Summer 2021 Reports 

G2 Summer 2021 Reports

The commitment to deliver high-quality blockchain training and career guidance has been the driving force for our performance. We are always focused on delivering what’s best for our learners. Simultaneously, we have an eye on current market trends and learning preferences, and most importantly, we have the constant support of industry experts, professional mentors, instructors, and learners to thank. All of these reasons have helped us maintain a competitive advantage as an online course provider in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports.

G2 is a large and highly trusted software marketplace that helps users in comparing business software and solutions. The authentication process of users writing reviews on solutions providing companies helps with a credible assessment of different technology solution providers. G2 has become a prolific aspect of our growth in recent years in the online blockchain training domain. The past achievements in G2 reports have helped us improvise in various areas while expanding the scope of our performance. The genuineness of user reviews alongside the feedback on G2 also boosts our confidence in the authenticity of our credentials.

We, at 101 Blockchains, would take this moment to thank our beloved users for sharing their honest feedback and reviews. As a matter of fact, user feedback serves as a guiding light for our future initiatives and continuous improvement strategies. Therefore, the G2 Summer 2021 badges are just another milestone that shows us where to go next. They show us the path for serving our customers better. What have we achieved in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports? Let us take a look.

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Momentum Leader

G2 Summer 2021 Reports

We at 101 Blockchains have added a new feather in our cap this time with the “Momentum Leader” badge. The Momentum Grid ranking methodology takes different factors into account for evaluating solutions. Interestingly, products in the Leader category come in the top quarter of their respective category by users.

The methodology focuses on employee growth, web growth, review growth, and social growth. In addition, the year-on-year change has also been a promising factor for our ranking as a Momentum Leader in the Online Course Providers Category.

High Performer Summer

G2 Summer 2021 Reports

We have been able to get two badges for “High Performer” in the Grid Report for Online Course Providers and Technical Skills Development categories. We have been able to achieve the High Performer quadrant by offering high levels of customer satisfaction. Also, we offered a great quality of our learning materials with our comparatively limited market presence.

The assessment of online training course providers for the ‘High Performer’ badge in G2 Summer 2021 Reports focuses on various aspects. For example, an online course provider must offer self-paced, flexible online training materials for eligibility. Furthermore, a course provider must also follow a specific curriculum with relevant online courses, and ensure their proper organization into different modules, topics or lessons. However, the most meaningful aspect for us in ‘High Performer’ badges is the fact that we have served our customers better.

High Performer Small Business

G2 Summer 2021 Reports

We have also scored two badges as “High Performer” in the G2 Small Business Grid Report. We received these badges under Online Course Providers and Technical Skills Development categories. The outcomes of the Small Business Grid Report for Online Course Providers have been critical in supporting our aspirations to foster blockchain education.

A major share of our customers is in the small business category, and we are serving them with desired levels of satisfaction. 

High Performer Europe

G2 Summer 2021 Reports

101 Blockchains has also won the badge of “High Performer” in the G2 Europe Regional Grid Report for Online Course Providers Summer 2021.

The badge is a reliable indication of our capability to deliver our services in different markets worldwide. As we expand into new markets, the tag of High Performer in the regional market of Europe can deliver promising advantages for us.

Best Support Badge

G2 Summer 2021 Reports

The Grid Report for Online Course Providers Summer 2021 has also showcased our potential for delivering the highest quality of support. And thus, we were able to receive the “Best Support” Badge in the Technical Skills Development category.

We have performed well in different components of the Relationship Index used for the evaluation. In our domain, we have the highest rating for the quality of support which just encourages us to improve our services even more. 

Users Love Us

G2 Summer 2021 Reports

Above every other recognition, we are the happiest to receive the badge of “Users Love Us” again. Your recognition, participation, feedback, and support would drive our growth over the long term.

Most importantly, the authentic reviews of our users are the source of our competitive advantage and constant good performance in the G2 Reports.

We could achieve this only thanks to our learners; we’re grateful they took the time to submit their reviews. You can also read what our students say about us here.

Where Are We Headed from Here?

Our journey of achieving High Performer badges in G2 Reports by scoring well in the regional market and delivering high-quality support continues. The G2 Summer 2021 Reports have yet again provided recognition for our mettle in transforming the world of blockchain training and education. 

With a diverse offering of world-class blockchain courses and certification, we are targeting a restricted yet highly potential market. However, our users have shown their love for us and appreciated our initiatives in blockchain education. Performing better than our competitors definitely gives us the confidence to establish new grounds for improvement. Looking into the future, 101 Blockchains will continue to tap into the fundamental requirements of users and the market, and deliver customer satisfaction.