Among all the elements of a business organization, supply chain management is experiencing the most disruptive changes from the uprise of blockchain technology. With the increasing number of enterprise blockchain projects and beneficial use cases, enterprises and business organizations are realizing the advantages of blockchain adoption in supply chain.

The certainty of the origin of product and the confidence of its quality represent the prerequisites for a full and profitable supply chain collaboration between trading partners. The current centralized server-client enterprise systems create data silos that remain confined and difficult to share, least by building expensive and hard to maintain point-to-point and host-to-host connections.

Companies, banks, logistics providers, certification agencies, customs offices, are shifting their attention to consider blockchain-based solutions not only to improve current processes but- most importantly- to transform and revolutionize them.

This research report analyses the current industry trends and business practices revolving around blockchain for both the physical and financial supply chain. Also, the report builds a bridge between these trends and practices with the opinions and anticipations of enterprise blockchain practitioners revolving around the enterprise blockchain trends in supply chain.

Download the exclusive research conducted by 101 Blockchains analysts in collaboration with RIDDLE & CODE and R3, to make upgrades to your existing supply chain management practices and become future-proof.

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