Blockchain technology has come a long way for the banking sector. But now we face the next big challenge: how to make sure that the projects we’ve built are sustainable in the long run. For this to work, governance is key. Not only governance in the traditional sense, but governance in the technical sense. In this webinar, we’ll look at some ways that blockchain collaborations have changed how businesses interact and how technical governance is executed for a decentralized system.

Join R3 and B3 for a discussion on the differences when running governance on a private vs. public network for your projects.  Learn more about the critical technical and business governance decisions organization needs to make for their networks as well as the restrictions they could face.

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on “Building Governance and Network Collaboration” presented by:

  • Alisa DiCaprio, Head of Trade and Supply Chain, R3
  • Alexandre Barbosa, Head of Blockchain, Faster Payments, and CSD at [B]3

Webinar Discussion Topics:

  • The blockchain governance models for BNOs and BNGs
  • What happens when blockchain crosses jurisdictions
  • Key challenges organizations face with the current governance strategy

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