This session will challenge C-Suite executives to move beyond the incremental ways that blockchain can improve performance metrics to explore the creative ways it can be applied to transform business itself, providing competitive advantage in an age of disruption.

  • Trust is the most empowering characteristic of blockchain. And the underlying characteristics of trust – security, transparency, authenticity and credibility – are the areas to explore for transformative business building.
  • Companies across industries are creatively applying blockchain through a variety of use cases
  • The Board has an important oversight role to play in elevating the opportunities and assessing risks presented by emerging technologies like blockchain

Webinar Discussion Points

  • Explore ways to transform business based on the underlying characteristics of blockchain
  • Dive in to some of the most innovative use cases across industries
  • Review critical questions the C-Suite and/or Board need to ask around emerging technologies

101 Blockchains hosts this webinar on “Blockchain in the C-Suite – Blockchain As A Competitive Advantage In The Age Of Disruption” presented by:

  • Laura Masse, Global Consulting Partner at Ogilvy Consulting / Certified Corporate Board Director
  • Brenda Kaser-Burger, CEO at Conscious Investing Group / Independent Board Director

This Webinar Is For You If  You Want To:

  • Understand how to think creatively about the foundational business benefits of blockchain technology
  • Learn how companies across industries are employing blockchain for a variety of purposes
  • Chart a course for effective C-Suite and Boardroom governance of the opportunities and risks associated with blockchain technology

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