Web3 has emerged as a powerful technological trend, capable of driving improvements in terms of trillions worth of economic activity. The demand for web3 jobs has been escalating at a rapid pace, with big organizations joining the web3 trend. However, the task of establishing your career in web3 is a daunting one, especially with the steeper learning curve. Web3 encompasses multiple technologies, including blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, DeFi solutions, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Beginners are most likely to encounter confusion regarding the choice of training resources for building their web3 skills. However, promise of lucrative career opportunities, learning about futuristic technology, and the skills for contributing to the global economy in future are promising reasons to choose a career in web3. The following post helps you find the right information required for achieving your career objectives in web3.

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Why Should You Look for a Career in Web3?

Web3 has moved out of the pages of researchers and tech experts to mainstream media outlets. It is important to reflect on answers to ‘Is web3 a good career?’ to find valid reasons for investing your efforts in web3 training. A recent survey by KuCoin has revealed that around 79% of professionals working in web3 are satisfied with their roles in web3. In addition, the opportunity to contribute to global change is also another promising reason to learn web3. You can explore different avenues for innovation with web3 and contribute value to the global economy in future.

Another significant reason to follow a career path in web3 points to the growing adoption of web3 technologies. NFTs are a symbol of status on social media profile pictures, and celebrities are flaunting them with pride. Brands such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Samsung have been experimenting with web3 technologies.

The demand for jobs in web3 depends on the long-term vision of web3, which focuses on democratization of web experiences. You could create the next popular NFT project or a metaverse platform that helps businesses with seamless integration of workplace activities for remote work opportunities.

On top of it, the continuously growing demand for web3 career prospects has been fuelled by the rise in the number of web3 startups. The job listings for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3 jobs increased by massive margins ranging over 300% in a year. Professionals with web3 skills can also capitalize on the growing investments in web3 industry. The web3 industry garnered over $30 billion in venture capitalist funding in the first none months of 2022. Therefore, web3 companies would have more funding for creating a team of web3 experts and scaling up the team.

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Is Web3 the Right Career for You?

The list of crucial factors you must take into account before pursuing a career in web3 also focuses on the alignment of a web3 career path with your goals. You should find whether web3 can offer you the desired job roles with the versatility of career choices. The web3 job market offers technical as well as non-technical jobs, with some of the popular roles, such as blockchain developer, NFT artist, and smart contract engineer. At the same time, it is also important to notice the scope for non-technical roles, such as writing, marketing, management, business development, and other roles.

The most important factor for pursuing a career in web3 would obviously focus on the remuneration for web3 job roles. The average web3 jobs salary estimates vary from $122,000 to $200,000 each year. In addition, the salary for web3 professionals also differs according to the job role. For example, smart contract engineers and senior team leaders could earn better remuneration. Now, you have all the reasons to pursue a career path in web3.

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How Can a Web3 Career Path Help You?

You must have been wondering about the term ‘web3 career path’ and how it can help in achieving your career goals. It is also important to choose the ideal way to navigate your way to desired web3 job roles. The domain of web3 is massive, and experts should be familiar with multiple technologies to serve the objectives of their employers.

Therefore, you need a clear path that guides you through each stage of the journey to become a web3 expert. For example, you would start with the basic concepts and gradually dive deeper into the functionalities of different web3 technologies. Rather than wasting your time searching for training courses to build your web3 expertise, you should find all training resources in one place.

The advantages of a career path also emphasize the opportunities for an organized approach to learning about web3. You can prepare for web3 developer jobs with skills in NFT, metaverse, and DeFi technologies. Most important of all, the value benefits of a career path for web3 also help in preparing realistic preparation strategies. The career path helps you choose a straightforward approach toward a career in web3 with a timetable for web3 training. In the long run, the career path will help you with comprehensive skill development alongside reducing the time required for web3 training.

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Which Career Path is an Ideal Choice for Pursuing Web3 Jobs?

The question which must have struck everyone’s mind right now would revolve around the suitable career path. Which platform would you trust for developing your web3 skills? The answer would direct you toward the 101 Blockchains web3 career path, which has emerged as the top choice of aspiring web3 professionals. One of the foremost factors in support of 101 Blockchains is its reputation as a pioneer in blockchain and web3 training. It has introduced a massive library of web3 training courses to learn about the applications of blockchain technology.

Some of the other value advantages of the web3 career path by 101 Blockchains include training by subject matter experts and responsive support mechanisms. On the other hand, it has been working continuously on the introduction of new training courses about web3 concepts. Let us find out more details about the courses you can find in the 101 Blockchains career path for aspiring web3 professionals.

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What Will You Find in the 101 Blockchains Web3 Expert Career Path?

The career path for a web3 expert on 101 Blockchains includes seven courses on blockchain and web3-related topics. It includes a total of more than 275 lessons, with video lectures spanning a duration of almost 25 hours. Here is an outline of the descriptions for each course and how it can help you land the desired web3 job. 

  • NFT Fundamentals Course

The first entry in the career path is the NFT Fundamentals course. It is important to understand the answers to “How to get jobs in web3?” for different technologies. Non-fungible tokens work according to web3 principles, which focus on the decentralization of user experiences and digital assets. The course helps you with a detailed overview of NFTs, their history, and how you can create them. As a result, you can find the ideal opportunity for interacting with non-fungible tokens.

The NFT Fundamentals course also helps you explore the ecosystem of non-fungible token projects. In addition, you must reflect on the use cases of NFTs in collectibles, digital art, and the long-term vision for non-fungible tokens. On top of it, the course also provides insights into challenges for mass adoption of NFTs. The NFT Fundamentals course also provides a detailed description of NFT marketplaces and wallets you can use for trading.

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  • Introduction to DeFi Course

The Introduction to DeFi course is an exclusive training resource to help you learn about an important aspect of web3. Decentralized finance is the best example of tools that would fuel the demand for web3 jobs by huge margins. The Introduction to DeFi training course is a fundamental-level training course that helps you understand the basic concepts of DeFi. For example, it offers modules on the scope and objectives of decentralized finance.

The Introduction to DeFi training course also covers topics such as the applications of popular DeFi tools and products. It also provides an in-depth overview of the DeFi ecosystem alongside use cases of decentralized finance. In addition, you can also learn about the most critical risks for the future of decentralized finance. The course is an effective choice for becoming a DeFi expert and building your career in web3 without becoming a trader.

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  • Metaverse Fundamentals 

The Metaverse Fundamentals training course is a promising addition to the 101 Blockchains web3 career path with an introduction to metaverse technology. You could explore the basic concepts of one of the most prominent technologies in the web3 landscape.

The training course is an effective resource for becoming a metaverse expert with the key concepts. It is also important to notice how it dives deeper into the core concepts underlying the metaverse and the associated applications. You can also identify the possibilities for applications of metaverse and different examples of leading metaverse games and projects.

The major topics in the Metaverse Fundamentals training course focus on the applications of metaverse in virtual real estate and play-to-earn games. On top of it, the course also sheds light on the blend between DeFi and metaverse platforms with MetFi. Furthermore, the training course also gives you an opportunity to learn about the future of metaverse technology.

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  • The Complete Ethereum Technology Course 

The Complete Ethereum Technology Course is an effective training course to find jobs in web3 as a developer. You can use the course to develop an in-depth understanding of how Ethereum works. On top of it, you could also use the training course to learn about the process of deploying smart contracts. The learning objectives of The Complete Ethereum Technology Course also focus on developing a detailed understanding of the important steps in the future of Ethereum roadmap.

The Ethereum technology course serves as a crucial resource for aspiring web3 professionals, particularly for web3 developer jobs on Ethereum. You can learn about technical concepts in Ethereum, such as Ethereum addresses, accounts, smart contracts, and the applications of Solidity. The training course also offers insights into the applications of tokens in Ethereum, Ethereum roadmap, and Ethereum transactions. It also reflects on blocks, mining, consensus algorithm, transactions, and Ethereum dApps, which prepare you for web3 job roles.

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  • Polygon Fundamentals 

The Polygon Fundamentals training course is a vital addition to the career path of aspiring web3 professionals. It serves as a valuable resource to learn about an important scalability solution in the form of Polygon blockchain. The training course can offer you straightforward answers to “Is Web3 a good career?” with expertise in Polygon. It also gives you the ability to learn how to use Polygon blockchain for building web3 apps. The training course serves as detailed modules on components of Polygon architecture and its use cases. You can also use the course to develop an overview of the Polygon transaction workflow.

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  • Tokenization Fundamentals 

Another crucial aspect of the democratization of user experiences on web3 reflects on tokenization. Tokens would serve as the currency and an important component in driving the independent economies for web3. Therefore, the Tokenization Fundamentals course can prepare you for the web3 jobs salary packages you have dreamed of in web3. One of the interesting highlights of the course is the outline of popular tokenization projects and relevant regulatory standards.

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  • DeFi Intermediate Level Course

The final addition among the courses in the web3 career path by 101 Blockchains is the DeFi Intermediate Level course. You can use the course to learn more about the technology working behind DeFi and the significance of Ethereum for DeFi. On top of it, the decentralized finance intermediate-level course also helps you familiarize yourself with the security and legal concerns associated with DeFi.

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Bottom Line

The discussion about the 101 Blockchains web3 career path reveals that it includes training courses on all topics for web3. You can find a course on NFTs, the metaverse, DeFi, tokenization, and blockchain development in the career path. It serves as an organized approach to boost your journey of web3 skill development with the objective of achieving lucrative jobs. Start learning more about web3 and certify your web3 skills with a professional web3 certification program. Read more details about the web3 expert career path on 101 Blockchains now.

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!