101 Blockchains
101 Blockchains

Real World Blockchain Use Cases – 46 Blockchain Applications


Blockchain has completely transformed the world around us. It started with Bitcoin in 2009 when Satoshi Nakatomi invented blockchain, and Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to use it.

You will be surprised if we see the current blockchain usage. There are currently hundreds of blockchain use cases that have an implementation in the real world. And, why not? It has disrupted almost every industry out there, from artificial intelligence to manufacturing.

Numbers are also in favor of blockchain. World Economic Forum has predicted that by 2025, 10% of the GDP will be affected or stored in the blockchain. That’s a lot for a new technology which is still not a decade old. Leaders, on the other hand, need to quickly shift their focus and ensure that their business can adapt to the blockchain transformations.

In this article, we will focus on the real-world Blockchain use cases and blockchain applications. All of the real world use cases that we will list have promises to meet. However, it is hard to tell which one will succeed or fail.

Real World Blockchain Applications Infographic

Real World Blockchain Applications InfographicWe have categorized the blockchain use cases into specific categories. At the time of writing, we have listed 46 blockchain applications or services as of July 2018. These blockchain examples are chosen according to their impact in their respective category. The list can also be seen as the most promising TOP blockchain real-world use cases. Let’s list the categories below.


  1. Content management/distribution: PeerNova, Brave.
  2. Data management: Factom, Essentia.one.
  3. Cybersecurity: GuardTime, Remme, Blockverify, PeerNova.
  4. Platform: Gem.
  5. Healthcare: SimplyVital Health, MedRec.
  6. Financial Services: Abra, Barclays, Aeternity.
  7. Manufacturing and industrial: Maersk, Provenance, SKUChain, LO3 Energy.
  8. Storage: STORJ.io
  9. Government: SouthKorea’s project, Govcoin, Democracy.earth, FollowMyVote.
  10. Retail: OpenBazaar, Loyyal.
  11. Blockchain platform: IBM Blockchain solutions, Decent.
  12. Transport and Tourism: Arcade City.
  13. Media: KodakOne, Ujomusic, Civil.
  14. RealEstate: Ubiquity, Propy.
  15. Land Registry: Public Registry.
  16. Identification: Uport.
  17. Insurance: AIG.
  18. Enterprise: Azure.
  19. Advertising: NYIAX.
  20. Authorship and ownership: Blinded, Stampery, Veisart, Po.et.
  21. Social Network: AKASHA, Yours.
  22. Diamonds: Debeers.

Let’s get started.

Blockchain Applications Category: Content Management/Distribution

1. Brave

Use Case: A need for a browser that can lower data charges by blocking trackers and ads. It protects users privacy by only sharing information that is needed, saving both time and effort.

Solution: Brave is a modern browser that offers secure, fast and private browser. It does it with the help of blockchain. To do so, it blocks all the ads with in-built ad-blocker. Privacy of the user has also maintained thanks to the tracker blocking. Also, due to the advertisements and trackers blocking, the brave browser operates faster than other popular browsers including Chrome and Mozilla. They are also in the process of monetizing ad blocking by using their utility tokens. They are also testing advertising using blockchain technology.

Status: Available

Website: https://brave.com/

Blog: https://brave.com/blog/

Category: Content management/distribution


Image Source: Brave

2. Paperchain

Use Case: The need for companies, music creators, news organization, etc. to have a proper decentralized marketplace where they can push their assets and monetize them bypassing the industry current long pay cycles.

Solution: Solution: Paperchain offers a decentralized marketplace where any media company can monetize their content and make it available to a global investment network using decentralized market. It solves the biggest industry problem of long pay cycles and helps both small and big players to take advantage of the liquidity. The critical features of Paperchain include providing a decentralized media investment network, inbuilt insights, and a robust financial infrastructure layer that can be used to created financial agreements by the third party.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.paperchain.io/

Blog: https://blog.paperchain.io/

Category: Content management/distribution


Image Source: Paperchain

Blockchain Applications Category: Data Management

3. Factom

Use Case: The need for protecting critical commercial, government and non-profit systems from data theft and also instilling honesty on all platforms and systems.

Solution: Factom is about trust, honesty, and immutability. They are securing world’s system with technology that can help protect systems and ensuring that the people are lifted out of poverty. By using blockchain, systems gain transparency, honesty, integrity, and security. Also, the need for a reliable framework that can make honesty a party of the larger landscape. In short, with Factom, it will be easier to build data products and take decisions based on it. The Factom software is also pluggable to an existing system, and there is no need to create or rebuilt systems from scratch.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.factom.com/

Blog: https://www.factom.com/blog

Category: Data Management


Image Source: Factom

4. Essentia.one

Use Case: The need for a data management framework that will help users to access and store data from anywhere in a secure manner.

Solution: Essesntia.one is a data management framework built on top of the blockchain, and provides a modular decentralized and interoperability. It comprises of two important components: Synergies and Essences. Essences own their data and are interlinked through multiple services whereas the synergies act as the connective tissue of operations such as connecting platforms, resources and so on. Developers can take advantage of this architecture and built on top of it, providing accessibility to anyone around the globe.

Status: In progress

Website: https://essentia.one/

Blog: https://medium.com/@matteozago

Category: Data Management


Image Source: Essentia

Blockchain Applications Category: Cybersecurity

5. GuardTime

Use Case: The need for a better more verifiable security proof that works on the blockchain and protects user’s data much better than traditional blockchain solution.

Solution: GuardTime is a cybersecurity blockchain project that aims to utilize their own Guartime’s KSI technology. The technology is designed specifically for the enterprise solutions. Also, the performance is untouched as well.

They built on top of what Bitcoin has to offer until now, i.e, transparency, immutability and security. In 2003, they gave the first formal security proof which builds a verifiable security proof across the network. Currently, they are collaborating with a lot of companies that takes advantage of their KSI technology.

Initially, they started with Estonian government and helped them secure Estonian citizens health records. Currently, they are collaborating with Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and even defense and Aerospace.

You can read more about their technology stack here.

Status: Available

Website: https://guardtime.com

Blog: https://guardtime.com/blog

Category: CyberSecurity


Image Source: GuardTime

6. Remme

Use Case: A hack proof authentication that protects user’s and company’s data from cyber attacks.

Solution: Remme is a cybersecurity blockchain project that aims to improve the current standards of security for both users and companies who are trying to protect their data from unauthorized usage. It is also built to handle the cyber attacks. To do so, it helps organizations with critical infrastructure, medtech, crypto exchanges and much more. Also, it takes away the human aspect completely by automating everything. Common attacks against which Remme protects include Brute Force, Phishing, Keylogging, Password reuse attacks and much more.

Status: Implementation of Pilot projects for Infopulse and others.

Website: https://remme.io/

Blog: https://medium.com/remme

Category: CyberSecurity


Image Source: Remme

7. Blockverify

Use Case: There is a need for having transparency to supply chains using blockchain that not only identifies counterfeits but also provides a global solution. Supply chains such as Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Diamonds and Luxury Items need transparency to work correctly.

Solution: Blockverify is a “Blockchain Based Anti-Counterfeit Solution.” Its function is to identify counterfeits and offers a non-duplicate environment. Also, it is entirely customizable for companies, and they can manage their supply chain while registering new products. There are many use cases of Blockverify. Some of the prominent use cases include electronics, pharmaceuticals, electronics and luxury items.

It works by labeling each product with a unique Block Verify tag. The supply is also verified both from the consumer and retail perspective. It also offers anti-corruptible and hence provides the integrity required to run the supply chains with 100% transparency.

Status: In progress.

Website: http://www.blockverify.io/

Blog: None

Category: CyberSecurity


Image Source: Blockverify

8. PeerNova

Use Case: The need for data integrity in the financial industry which both stakeholders and regulators need.

Solution: PeerNova improves how the financial world works by providing the best from both the Blockchain, BigData, and Cloud technologies. It aims to provide financial institutes a way to verify and secure their data. This also lets them address their audit, reconciliation, and compliance. The three main features of the PeerNova Blockchain technology offers to include immutability, redaction, and logic playback. This means that the data is secure, verifiable and can be retraced whenever needed.

Status: Engaged in multiple projects including Post-Trade Ledger, Lineage of Capital and Cuneiform technology.

Website: http://peernova.com/

Blog: None

Category: CyberSecurity


Image Source: Peer Nova

Blockchain Applications Category: Platform

9. Gem

Use Case: The need for an operating system that can identify silo’s problem and connect all the different silos into one saving time, effort, and cost for various business verticals such as health, media, banks and much more.

Solution: Gem is a blockchain operating system that links data related to an asset or a person together by creating global identifiers. This eliminates time consumption and the need for reconciliation. It also provides transparency, and offer better outcomes with reduced risks. In short, it is all about identifying global entities and then giving them a platform to exchange and communicate by sharing data. Not only that everything can be automated with workflows.

This simple solution can be used in many different verticals including Supply Chain,Healthcare, and much more.

Status: In progress with multiple partners including Philips and Xpansiv.


Blog: http://blog.gem.co/

Category: Platform


Image Source: GEM

Blockchain Applications Category: HealthCare

10. SimplyVital Health

Use Case: The need for a proper healthcare solution that can provide a platform for providers, customers and healthcare specialists.

Solution: SimplyVital Health is a blockchain solution that connects patients and providers under one roof. It is a health data management solution and also uses machine learning and algorithms forecasts for the best possible solution. The analytical insights are provided for patient experience. It also works equally for private providers, hospitals, and health systems. One of its major components is the Health Nexus. It is a HIPAA-compatible protocol that is accepted worldwide. A protocol that can be used to connect healthcare data and patient control.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.simplyvitalhealth.com/

Blog: None

Category: HealthCare


Image Source: SimplyVital

11. MedRec

Use Case: The need for patients to have their healthcare related data in a single place and should be accessible from anywhere.

Solution: MedRec is a blockchain platform that solves the problem of Electronic Health Records(EHRs) by providing a blockchain solution where patients data can be stored and accessed across different organizations, individuals, and healthcare specialists. This creates an ecosystem which works for the patients and provides them with the ability to have their medical reports at the fingertip. The use of blockchain also offers transparency and create a unique individual imprint. This leads to lower costs and easier health care support for the patient.

Status: In progress

Website: https://medrec.media.mit.edu/

Blog: None

Category: HealthCare


Image Source: Medrec

Blockchain Applications Category: Financial Services

12. Abra

Use Case: The need for a mobile app that can let anyone not only invest in cryptocurrency but also make them secure and store their assets without any worries.

Solution: Abra is a mobile cryptocurrency app that lets users store, invest and buy cryptocurrency. It is also secure and ensures that anyone can use it. At the time of writing, it supports 25 cryptocurrencies including popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, dash and so on. By using the app, anyone can trade or buy cryptos. It is also safe and provides mobility.
Status: Available

Website: https://www.abra.com/

Blog: https://www.abra.com/blog/

Category: Financial Services


Image Source: Abra

13. Barclays

Use Case: Banks using blockchain technology to improve internal banking process and also improve the user experience.

Solution: Barclays bank understands blockchain and its impact. And, that’s why they are building their systems to support blockchain. It will open new doors to users as they can interact with banking systems from anywhere they want. A blockchain-enabled environment will also mean that authentication can be done as fast as possible. Also, frauds can be removed entirely from the system thanks to the transparency and integrity provided by blockchain solution. They are also working to bring a trade revolution where everything is tracked to ensure transparency.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.barclayscorporate.com

Blog: None

Category: Financial Services

14. Aeternity

Use Case: A need for lightning fast, smart contracts that will enable organizations to scale globally with the advantage of the blockchain.

Solution: Aeternity is a scalable smart contract interface that helps any organization to work with real-world data. It is designed so that it can provide unparalleled and unmatched global scalability, unmatched efficiency and transparent governance. The innovation aspect comes from smart contracts as they are Turing complete. Not only that consensus is done through a new consensus algorithm that takes advantage of both Proof-of-Work(PoW) and Proof-of-Stake(PoS). There is yet another concept that makes Aeternity unique is State Channels. It enables smart contracts to execute off-chain. Oracles are used to connect smart contracts with real data and interact with them as truly first-class objects.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.aeternity.com/

Blog: https://blog.aeternity.com/

Category: Financial Services


Image Source: Aeternity

Blockchain Applications Category: Manufacturing and Industrial

15. Maersk

Use Case: Cargo movement that can be tracked effectively and efficiently.

Solution: Maersk is already an established transport company that handles cargos across the whole world. Now, they are slowly transiting to blockchain solution so that they can take advantage of the transparency, integrity, and security provided with it. By doing so, companies or transport ports will have better control over the goods. This also means that illegal transport will be completely stopped as data once stored cannot be changed.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.maerskline.com/

Blog: None

Category: Manufacturing and industrial


Image Source: Maeslk

16. Provenance

Use Case: A supply chain that provides trust and empowers both users and businesses.

Solution: Provenance is a blockchain platform that powers supply chain and enables businesses to build trust. It also helps shoppers to choose products. In short, it fuels the whole supply chain including retailers, producers, shoppers, and partners. It aims to provide a transparent environment where shoppers can find product origin, and other vital information before making a purchase. Retail can also take advantage of the change and ensure that customers get the full information before making a purchase.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.provenance.org/

Blog: https://www.provenance.org/case-studies

Category: Manufacturing and industrial


Image Source: Provenance

17. SKUChain

Use Case: A blockchain solution that can power whole enterprise supply chains and provide value to the industry where enterprises can work and grow together.

Solution: SKUChain wants to change how the enterprise supply chain works by empowering every participant and creating a global value chain. Each enterprise can have their access to the supply chain which they can use to unlock gains in multiple ways. In short, it is all about bringing enterprises together and creating a collaborative environment. This makes it easier for the enterprise to make decisions and bringing a better control over the supply chains.

Status: In progress

Website: http://www.skuchain.com/

Blog: None

Category: Manufacturing and industrial


Image Source: SKUCHAIN

18. LO3 Energy

Use Case: The need for a platform where users can manage the energy that they produce, and do marketplace operations including buying, selling, storing, etc. at both local and global level.

Solution: LO3 Energy is a blockchain platform that empowers users to control their energy consumption and manufacturing by providing them the ability to generate, store, buy, sell and energy at a local level. To do so, they are going to use Smart meter, Blockchain, API, and Grid. The smart meter is part of the LO3 Energy that takes care of the energy consumption and ensure that it communicates well with the network. The API and Grid are there to provide collaboration and connectivity with the legacy grid systems respectively. It brings in peer-to-peer energy exchange to everyone.

Status: In progress

Website: https://lo3energy.com/

Blog: https://lo3energy.com/news/

Category: Manufacturing and industrial


Image Source: LO3Energy

Blockchain Applications Category: Storage

19. STORJ.io

Use Case: The need for a distributed cloud storage where users can have access to their data in an encrypted format.

Solution: STORJ.io is a distributed cloud storage platform which focuses on giving control to the users by providing end-to-end encrypted storage. Only users can have access to their data, and blockchain payments power it. So, how does it work? It works by allowing users are renting space to the network. By doing so, a user can earn money by sharing HD space. It is also open-source and free, and anyone can help develop the solution.

Status: In early access

Website: https://storj.io/

Blog: https://medium.com/@storjproject

Category: Manufacturing and industrial


Image Source: Storj

Blockchain Applications Category: Government

20. Samsung SDS

Use Case: The need to improve transparency in government services including public safety, welfare and transportation.

Solution: Samsung SDS partnered with the South Korean government to create more transparent government services that can help improve three major component of the society including public safety, welfare, and transportation. It is currently in a nascent stage and is projected to be completed by 2020.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.samsungsds.com/us/en/index.html

Blog: None

Category: Government


Image Source: Samsung SDS

21. Govcoin

Use Case: A government powered coin that can help users manage savings, help them avoid payment delays and also give them instant access, improving the welfare system.

Solution: A London-based startup aims to solve the use of the traditional environment by allowing anyone to download an app and create virtual jam jars. By doing so, anyone can rent, buy services through a unified platform. It will also help people who need financial help and provide them benefit faster than ever. The solution has a welfare provision system built into it.

Status: In progress

Website: None

Blog: None

Category: Government

22. Democracy.earth

Use Case: The need for a democracy powered blockchain where anyone can cast their vote and build a building a sovereign democratic government protocol.

Solution: Meet Democracy Earth, a unique project that aims to build a sovereign democratic government protocol which is open source and builds on the idea of peer to peer networks. The protocol can be used in any organization which can take advantage of its benefits. There are many benefits of Democracy Earth including liquid democracy, data ownership, and borderless governance.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.democracy.earth/

Blog: http://words.democracy.earth/

Category: Government


Image Source: Democracy Earth

23. Followmyvote.com

Use Case: The need for an election voting platform that offers full transparency.

Solution: Follow My Vote is a peer-to-peer voting platform that utilizes blockchain and provides transparency to the whole election process. This will lead to election results that are 100% accurate as the data is transparent and can be traced back whenever needed. It is open source, cost-effective, convenient and 100% secure way of handling elections.

Status: In progress

Website: https://followmyvote.com/

Blog: None

Category: Government


Image Source: FollowMyVote

Blockchain Applications Category: Retail

24. OpenBazaar

Use Case: An online marketplace where there is no centralization and offers no restrictions or platform fees.

Solution: OpenBazaar is a free online marketplace that offers zero restrictions to their users without no platform fees, and at the same time earn cryptocurrency. The users can create their own store, sell their items and reach a new audience. The platforms use cryptocurrency as a medium of currency. This means that there is no need for banks or credit cards. The platform also offers full customization and peer-to-peer network. This is one of the best online marketplaces that is powered by blockchain.

Status: Available

Website: https://www.openbazaar.org/

Blog: https://www.openbazaar.org/blog/

Category: Retail


Image Source: OpenBazaar

25. Loyyal

Use Case: A technology platform that reward loyalty.

Solution: Loyyal is a universal reward and loyalty platform that uses modern technologies such as smart contracts and blockchain. By using this, multiple industries, brands and another form of organization can form a unique relationship with customers and create a loyalty and reward system.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.loyyal.com/

Blog: None

Category: Retail


Image Source: Loyall

Blockchain Applications Category: Blockchain platform

26. IBM Blockchain solutions

Use Case: The need for blockchain applications that work on an enterprise level.

Solution: IBM Blockchain solutions that utilize Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric to provide a value-producing network which is open-source and highly secure. It can be used with other blockchain ideas and help them operate with ease. These blockchain applications will also become much more comfortable to govern and develop. IBM’s cloud security also ensures that the whole blockchain is secure and protect it against insider attacks and malware.

Status: Available

Website: https://www.ibm.com/blockchain/solutions

Blog: None

Category: Blockchain platform


Image Source: IBM Blockchain

Blockchain Applications Category: Transport and Tourism

27. Arcade City

Use Case: The need for a network that can serve the local area with decentralized local drivers.

Solution: Arcade City is a blockchain guilds based system where drivers can make local associations and server a local community. It is built on cooperation and serving the best possible way. These way the best drivers earn the most and also help the other drivers learn from their experience and mistakes. Anyone can create a guild or create their own. The arcade token is used to monetize the transactions within the system.

Status: In progress

Website: https://arcade.city/

Blog: None

Category: Transport and Tourism


Image Source: Arcade City

Blockchain Applications Category: Media

28. KodakOne

Use Case: A licensing platform where media and creative work can be stored, secured and shared globally.

Solution: KodakOne is an image right management platform that runs on top of the blockchain and uses KODAKCoin cryptocurrency to fuel it. It enables creative builders to license their work securely and safely. The licensing fees are also low and lead to more income when hosted on the Kodak One platform. It completely transforms the image economy and also ensures that ownership is maintained through the lifecycle of the images. The KODAKCoin also create a licensing platform that protects the rights of the image creators and also provide them a marketplace.

Status: In progress

Website: https://kodakone.com/

Blog: None

Category: Media


Image Source: KodaKOne

29. Ujomusic

Use Case: The need for a rights and ownership platform where music creators can upload their music and retain complete rights for it.

Solution: Ujomusic is a blockchain platform that empowers music. It is created for music creators so that they can have complete rights on music that they create. The platform is also completely decentralized and transparent which means that they can see everything and also don’t have to rely on a centralized entity. It is also about automating smart royalty payments using cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

Status: Beta available

Website: https://ujomusic.com/

Blog: https://medium.com/@UjoMusic

Category: Media


Image Source: UjoMusic

30. Civil

Use Case: Journalists need a decentralized marketplace so that journalism can thrive without any central entity controlling it.

Solution: Civil is a blockchain project that is aimed towards journalists. It is a marketplace where journalism can sustain and flourish in the right direction. Many projects are running on Civil including The Colorado Sun, FAQ NYC, Popula and so on. The project aims to fix the loopholes in the current journalism practice and incentivize collaborative behavior than the competition.

Status: Available

Website: https://civil.co/

Blog: https://blog.joincivil.com/

Category: Media


Image Source: Civil

Blockchain Applications Category: Real Estate

31. Ubitquity

Use Case: The need for a transparent yet secure platform for real estate recordkeeping/

Solution: Uniquity is one of the best blockchain use cases of real estate industry. It is one of the first real estate platforms that provide Software-as-a-Service to organizations and help them securely store and track property. The SaaS application runs on top of the blockchain which means that it offers transparency, integrity, and security. The users also have full ownership of the data without any indulgence of the central authority.

Status: Available

Website: https://www.ubitquity.io/

Blog: None

Category: Real Estate


Image Source: Ubitquity

32. Propy

Use Case: Property transactions that are transparent, secure and traceable.

Solution: Meet Propy, the perfect blockchain use case for property transactions. By using Propy, anyone can buy and sell the property and enjoy the benefits of transparency and security by using blockchain. This way both the seller and buyers are secure as it is next to impossible to fraud using Propy. It also works cross-borders and provides a nifty way to do a property search.

Status: Available

Website: https://propy.com/

Blog: https://blog.propy.com/

Category: Real Estate


Image Source: Propy

Blockchain Applications Category: Land Registry

33. Public Registry

Use Case: The need for a decentralized platform where properties and digital asset can be stored with complete user control.

Solution: Public Registry is one of the unique blockchain applications by which citizens can register their property and store it as a digital asset. It will be backed up by the cryptographic proof and is published on Bitcoin-powered blockchain. Public Registry project aims to build a platform that is secure for data safety and also provides transparency and auditable process.

Status: In progress

Website: https://exonum.com/napr

Blog: https://exonum.com/blog/

Category: Land Registry


Image Source: Public Registry

Blockchain Applications Category: Identification

34. Uport

Use Case: The need for a decentralized identity system that works on the web.

Solution: Uport is building an open identity system with blockchain where individuals can take complete ownership of their identity. Any individual can store his/her identity into blockchain. Currently, it runs on Ethereum blockchain which means it also takes advantage of smart contracts. Users can do perform many actions on the blockchain including request and send credentials, secure keys, data and also sign transactions. It comprises of messaging and identity protocol which works with the decentralized web.

Status: Available

Website: https://www.uport.me/

Blog: None

Category: Identification


Image Source: Uport

Blockchain Applications Category: Insurance

35. AIG

Use Case: The need for “smart” insurance policy that takes advantage of blockchain which can be utilized by companies.

Solution: Both IBM and AIG have completed a pilot program where they can build a multi-national policy using smart contracts. It is created for Standard Chartered Bank PLC. This will enable faster policy creation without the need to be near each other, facilitating cross-border policy creation and execution.

Status: In progress

Website: None

Blog: None

Category: Insurance

Blockchain Applications Category: Enterprise

36. Azure

Use Case: Companies need more secure, scalable and transparent cloud blockchain application development tools and framework.

Solution: Azure provides their Azure blockchain workbench which enables any business or company to build their own blockchain applications. It solves issues related to different verticals and also can be used to automate most of the tasks thanks to the smart contracts. Blockchain empowers any business according to its need.

Status: Available

Website: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/solutions/blockchain/

Blog: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/blog/

Category: Enterprise


Image Source: Azure

Blockchain Applications Category: Advertising


Use Case: The need for advertising marketplace powered by blockchain where advertisers can control what they buy, sell and advertise.

Solution: NYIAX is a blockchain powered marketplace that lets advertisers trade advertising contracts through the use of its patented Financial Matching Engine. It can be used to buy, sale and rent advertising contacts by using futures/forward methodology. The whole marketplace is trusted and transparent and provides better ROI for advertisers by reducing cost during the deal lifecycle. It has benefits for both publishers and advertisers.

Status: In progress

Website: https://www.nyiax.com/

Blog: None

Category: Advertising


Image Source: nyiax

Blockchain Applications Category: Authorship and Ownership

38. Binded

Use Case: Copyrighting images is hard, and it takes a lot of effort to handle copyright issues as well.

Solution: BInded is a copyright platform where photographers can protect their images without paying any sort of fees. The tools are provided to the photographers and they can do the whole copyrighting process themselves. Images can be uploaded into the online blockchain or vault and can be stored there. Work monitoring can also be done. Furthermore, the blockchain generates a copyright certificate and ensure that you have the proof if a copyright infringement takes place.

Status: Available

Website: https://binded.com/

Blog: https://blog.binded.com/

Category: Authorship and ownership


Image Source: Binded

39. Stampery

Use Case: A need for data certification platform that ensures integrity, existence, and attribution for data, processes or communications.

Solution: Stampery is a blockchain data certification platform that leverages blockchain technology and ensures integrity, existence, and attribution of a different form of data and processes. It provides the ultimate security and accountability. Stampery can be used to create verifiable records of anything on the blockchain.er

Status: Available

Website: https://stampery.com/

Blog: https://blog.stampery.com/

Category: Authorship and ownership


Image Source: Stampery

40. Veisart

Use Case: A way to certify and verify artworks and collectibles

Solution: Veisart is an authorship and ownership blockchain application. It lets users bind their work into digital provenance records where they get digital certificates. It is completely secured by cryptography where anyone can create their records and gain ownership of their work. Each record is encrypted and time stamped and can be verified by anyone.

Status: Available

Website: https://www.verisart.com/

Blog: None

Category: Authorship and ownership


Image Source: Verisart

41. Po.et

Use Case: Content creators, consumers and publishers go through the problems in current marketplace where content theft, licensing issues are common.

Solution: Po.et is a blockchain use case that solves the problem of publishers, consumers and content creators. Each of the work is immutable when uploaded to the blockchain. They are also timestamped so that they can be verified whenever needed. The content creator only needs to register their creative work to the network and enjoy the benefits of the decentralized network where data is immutable and hence secure.

Status: Available

Website: https://www.po.et/

Blog: https://blog.po.et/

Category: Authorship and ownership


Image Source: POET

Blockchain Applications Category: Social Network


Use Case: The need for a decentralized social media network that offers privacy, right to information and protects fundamental human rights.

Solution: AKASHA is a decentralized social media network that protects user’s freedom of expression by providing privacy, access to information and is built on top of Ethereum. It does it with the help of code and ensuring that privacy is maintained in every possible way. It fulfills the human connectivity in its purest form.

Status: Available

Website: https://akasha.world/

Blog: None

Category: Social network


Image Source: Akasha

43. Yours

Use Case: A decentralized network where content creators are paid for their content.

Solution: Yours is a social network where the members can post content and get paid in Bitcoin Cash. It is for people who love to share their knowledge and ideas and still want to get paid for it.

Status: Available

Website: https://www.yours.org/

Blog: None

Category: Social network


Image Source: Yours

Blockchain Applications Category: Blockchain Platform

44. Decent

Use Case: The need for an ecosystem which can help developers built decentralized applications.

Solution: Decent is an advanced blockchain application which lets anyone build blockchain decentralized apps. It provides all the technologies and tools that are required to develop decentralized apps. It is best suited for entertainment and digital media and is completely customizable from the core. By using Decent, organizations can build a more secure and transparent future.

Status: In progress

Website: https://decent.ch/

Blog: https://medium.com/@decentplatform

Category: Blockchain platform


Image Source: Decent

Blockchain Applications Category: Diamonds

45. De Beers

Use Case: Tracking diamonds using supply chain powered by blockchain.

Solution: De Beers is a world’s biggest diamond producer which uses blockchain to track and verify diamonds on the supply chain. This leads to the authenticity of the diamonds once they leave the diamond mines. It also protects conflicts and ensures that everything is verifiable from the get-go.

Status: Implemented

Website: https://www.debeers.co.uk/

Blog: None

Category: Diamonds


Image Source: Debbers

Blockchain Applications Category: Mobile Payments

46. Ripple

Use Case: The need to improve payment systems both at the user level and enterprise level.

Solution: Ripple is an enterprise level blockchain solution that empowers both users and banks by providing features such as global payments, the speed of transfer, certainty, real-time tracking, and so on. It uses RippleNet which they build on the features provided by blockchain in general. Ripple is proliferating with over 100+ customers and many projects where it is still being implemented commercially.

Status: Available.

Website: https://ripple.com/

Blog: None

Category: Mobile payments

Image Source: Ripple


This leads us to the end of the Blockchain real-world use cases. We covered almost every possible blockchain example that we could find. Blockchain technology is here to stay and it will change how we perceive our surroundings and utilize it to build a better world. So, which project listed here is your favorite? Comment below and let us know.

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  1. Good overview on the blockchain industry. Definitely an interesting space to watch, especially since there are more user cases than the financial industry. Examples of blockchain technology applications include: digital identity, healthcare, HR, voting systems and the list could go on.

  2. What about environmental uses? The Carbon Credit Markets look like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency did in 2011-2013. Minimal to no media or press. It’s ripe for tokenization.

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