Web3, the most hyped term in the tech world right now and, apparently, the future of the internet, has got many people talking about it. Why? Well, the supposed transition into a new version of the internet has some significant implications for the way users would interact with the internet in the future. Estimates suggest that web3 may develop as an industry worth $67.4 billion by 2026. The hype around Web 3.0 has also created a formidable demand for web3 career prospects, especially with the rise of many web3 projects.

However, beginners are generally confused about the opportunities with a career in web3 and the best methods to capitalize on them. The following discussion will help you identify the best pointers for pursuing a career in web3.

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Should You Pursue Web3 Jobs?

One of the first things you must wonder about while seeking web3 jobs would refer to the definition of web3. How is it so relevant and important for tech professionals? Web3 focuses on delivering a decentralized and semantic version of the Internet where users have complete control over their data, assets, and experiences. At the same time, web3 also enables machines to understand humans better and improve communication between both. 

Most important of all, the appeal of the web3 market focuses particularly on the introduction of new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, IoT, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Web3 can help in achieving an internet with a definitive focus on privacy and security without the control of central authorities. The power of web3 is definitely something you can look up to for seeking jobs as a web3 professional. You don’t want to be left behind in terms of technical knowledge as the web you know today transforms into something bigger, better, and more interactive. 

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Trends for Web3 Jobs

The search for answers to “What are the opportunities in web3?” would serve as a guiding light for you in establishing your career in web3. Interestingly, the career opportunities in web3 are largely associated with the technologies that define the foundation of web3. Some of the most popular job roles in web3 include, 

As the domain of web3 continues expanding, you can expect many new roles for web3 professionals. Another important highlight you must look for before starting a career in Web 3.0 would refer to salary estimates. What is the salary you can expect as a web3 professional? Will the demand for web3 professionals help you find any favorable job roles? 

As a matter of fact, the demand for blockchain skills has been increasing in recent times. LinkedIn reported that web3-related job roles in the domain of crypto experienced a rise of 395% within a period of one year. Furthermore, the starting web3 salary is considerably higher in comparison to conventional tech roles.

The skill gap is one of the formidable factors responsible for driving such high salary estimates for web3 professionals. The average web3 developer salary would obviously surpass the salary of a conventional programmer. While traditional programmers can fetch almost $70,000 to $100,000 annually, web3 developers can command average annual salaries of up to $200,000. With the constantly increasing skill gap, the choice of pursuing a career in web3 seems the ideal one. 

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Pointers for Building Your Career in Web3

Web 3.0 is a new concept and could be confusing or intimidating for beginners. However, a closer look at the web3 market can show how it opens up many avenues for successful professional development. On the other hand, it is important to rely on the best practices to help you get through the common obstacles in web3 careers. Here are some of the proven tips to help you build a successful career in web3 from scratch.

Expert Tips to Start a Career in Web3

  • Identify the Important Skills Required in Web3

The first and most favorable suggestion for exploring career opportunities in the web3 future would reflect on the identification of skills. You must have a clear impression of the different skills you would need to pursue a full-fledged career in web3. The basic skills required from web3 professionals include smart contract development and front-end web development. 

In addition, you must also develop a comprehensive understanding of design and art. The other critical highlights in the important skills required for a web3 career would refer to content creation and communication management. When you have all these skills, you can approach any job opportunity in the domain of web3 with confidence.

  • Build Your Foundations on Web2

The reliable method for making your way up to web3 jobs would focus on strengthening your foundation. You must have basic knowledge of web2, which could help in ensuring a seamless transition to web3. The best practice for honing your knowledge of web2 development principles and standards would focus on a review of programming languages. Some of the popular programming languages you can try out for learning about web2 programming include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

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  • Understand the Critical Terms in Web3

The critical concepts in web3 are the next crucial priority for anyone interested in pursuing a career in web3. What are the specific topics you should focus on while preparing for web3 careers? The best way to understand web3 would be a comprehensive explanation of different terms that define the web3 landscape. You cannot think of a web3 market without blockchain or Ethereum technology. 

Therefore, your journey to starting a career in web3 would depend profoundly on your fluency in the basic concepts of web3. Some of the crucial terms you need to focus on before starting your career in web3 would refer to the blockchain, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized applications. In addition, you must also learn about decentralized finance or DeFi in detail and how it works. Another important web3 concept you need to cover the basics refers to decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs.

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  • Work on Blockchain, Crypto, and Smart Contract Skills

The basics of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts could help you only to a certain extent when it comes to web3 career opportunities. Employers would need web3 professionals with fluent command over the ins and outs of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You would need working knowledge of blockchain, crypto, and smart contracts rather than memorizing their definitions. 

Beginners in web3 must learn blockchain technology and its practical implications with examples of real-life use cases. In addition, you must also figure out the potential uses of cryptocurrencies and tokens beyond the utilities of virtual currency. On top of it, you must also work on your smart contracts skills to exercise a valid claim to web3 developer salary packages. Fluency in smart contract development can help you develop web3 solutions according to the desired use case for customers.

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  • Polish Your Programming Skills

The developments in the field of web3 obviously present a favorable impression of web3 future opportunities. On the other hand, you must be prepared for the jobs that come your way with a formidable command over programming languages. Programming expertise can help you find an easier way towards the web3 developer roles alongside developing capabilities for creating smart contracts

Apart from the skills in web2 programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, aspiring web3 professionals would need skills in other popular programming languages. For example, React, Vue, and Angular are a few examples of programming languages you must learn for web3 programming. 

Most important of all, your career in Web 3.0 would also depend on your knowledge of smart contracts and web3 programming languages. Aspiring web3 professionals must have fluency in Solidity, web3.js, and ethers.js as they are important for writing and interacting with smart contracts. 

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  • Showcase Your Professional Experience

The skills gap in the web3 market does not necessarily mean that employers would hire anyone with knowledge of web3. As a matter of fact, many aspiring web3 professionals like you would vouch for a particular web3 job role. Even if the competition might be less tough than traditional roles, you have to stand out from the competition. 

This is where you should think of the necessity of building a professional portfolio. Once you are familiar with the web3 programming languages, you can start working on projects. Interestingly, you can try out multiple project ideas, including intermediate and advanced projects. Beginners can also start working on the development of a professional portfolio by following instructional videos on YouTube.

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Final Words 

The answers to “What are the opportunities in web3?” and the pointers for building your career in web3 deliver an easy guide for landing jobs in web3. However, you must prepare for a career in web3 only after fulfilling the basic requirements for training. For example, the basics of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts alongside web2 programming strengthen the foundations for web3 professionals

You can rely on professional training courses for web3 professionals and achieve certifications in web3. All it takes is a small step and dedication to achieve favorable career outcomes in the field of web3. As the world prepares for web3 as the new form of the internet, you must prepare for web3 training courses and certifications.

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