Metaverse is the latest example of the wonders of technological innovation. People have been looking for the best metaverse platforms for trying out their hand at the new technology. The metaverse is a virtual world, encompassing everything digital in one shared universe. You must have discovered hints and traces of the metaverse in multiple science fiction novels and films. 

For example, Ready Player One and Tron showed us glimpses of virtual universes, where people from the real world can participate in different virtual experiences. Although you would find a lot of emphasis on gaming use cases in a metaverse platforms list now, the metaverse would expand in the future. 

On the other hand, existing metaverse platforms can show how metaverse can revolutionize the future of digital services and solutions. The following discussion helps you uncover the details about some of the most popular metaverse platforms everyone should try in 2022.

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Definition of Metaverse Platforms

The definitions of the metaverse have been articulated from different perspectives. The most common explanation for the metaverse is that it is an open and shared universe that allows people to participate as digital avatars. However, you need to look for answers to another important question before looking for metaverse platforms. 

What are the metaverse platforms? The metaverse platforms are basically virtual platforms that help developers in creating new virtual experiences by leveraging augmented reality, virtual reality, and many other technologies. You can think of metaverse platforms as the bridges between the physical and virtual worlds. 

Most Popular Metaverse Platforms 

The search for metaverse platforms in 2022 has been driven by the growing attention on the potential of metaverse. Big tech companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and NVidia are working on their own metaverse solutions. Where will the metaverse take us? You can find the answer in the following list of the most popular metaverse platforms.

1. Decentraland


One of the pioneers of metaverse technology, Decentraland, deserves attention among top metaverse platforms with exceptional potential. It is a popular platform for creating, trading, monetizing, and exploring a virtual world. The platform lets you explore your creative intuition in developing artworks, challenges, scenes, and many other virtual experiences. 

Interestingly, users can exercise complete ownership over the experiences they have created on the platform. The simple builder tool on Decentraland serves as a flexible instrument for familiarizing with the concept of the metaverse. The Decentraland website features various functionalities for different types of creators. You can use the sophisticated and popular tools for enhancing the virtual experiences on the metaverse with multimedia applications and social games. 

Decentraland also offers the opportunity to explore the metaverse experiences on virtual parcels of land of other users. As one of the largest metaverse platforms, Decentraland offers unique chances for learning as well as enjoying virtual experiences. Users can purchase and sell virtual pieces of land alongside assets such as names and avatars with the Decentraland Marketplace. On top of it, Decentraland also hosts global events to deliver the value advantages of the metaverse to every individual. Some of the top events by Decentraland include the Buffalo Metaverse Tour, Australian Open Metaverse, Drop, and many others. 

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2. Illuvium


The next addition in the list of metaverse platforms you should watch out for would refer to Illuvium. It is basically a complete decentralized RPG adventure game with the facility for collectibles. Developed on the Ethereum blockchain alongside the Immutable X L2 Network, Illuvium has become one of the popular metaverse platforms. 

The game requires players to explore massive and diverse landscapes for hunting and collecting magical creatures, known as Illuvial. Another interesting feature of the metaverse platform is the facility of a metaverse timeline. Players could enjoy the storytelling experience alongside the sophisticated design of the game. 

Most important of all, Illuvium has successfully tapped into the interests of players with the immersive gameplay experience. As a result, it is one of the best metaverse platforms to have attracted corporate players apart from gamers. Some of the notable companies which have shown interest in Illuvium include Immutable X, Influx,, Blockchain Game Alliance, and Lotus Capital, among others. The most striking highlight of Illuvium refers to the opportunity to avoid GAS fees for every transaction. Illuvium also leverages the features of Immutable X for maintaining secure custody of assets. 

3. Sandbox


The Sandbox is undoubtedly one of the mandatory additions among top 10 metaverse platforms on the grounds of popularity. It is a decentralized NFT gaming metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can use Sandbox for creating, selling, purchasing, and monetizing virtual reality NFTs. 

As a community-driven platform, it allows players and creators to monetize their digital assets and other gaming experiences on the blockchain network. Sandbox is a popular metaverse platform offering complete freedom for showcasing your knack for innovation. The metaverse platform offers the features for hosting parties and exhibitions or creating and customizing virtual parcels of land. 

Many people with concerns regarding “What are the metaverse platforms?” can find their answers in the whitepaper of Sandbox. The whitepaper is a comprehensive guide on all capabilities of the Sandbox and other crucial details. Sandbox users can control the governance of the platform through a decentralized autonomous organization

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4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Another popular entry among top metaverse platforms in the market right now would refer to Axie Infinity. As a matter of fact, Axie Infinity shows a better glimpse of what you can expect from the future of the metaverse. The gaming metaverse platform features flying robots, magical creatures, mutants, and flying beasts. 

The Axie Infinity metaverse includes many exciting creatures, referred to as the Axies. Players can pet the creatures and use them for different tasks in the game. For example, players could build, expand or defend their universe by using the creatures, also known as Axies. Players can also use the Axies in battles and wars with other universes in the game. 

Axie Infinity looks more like any other online multiplayer game with quests, which players have to complete to move to advanced levels. It is one of the best metaverse platforms with gaming applications as players have to use new tactics and strategies in conflicts against each other. The game leverages blockchain technology to help players in creating a unique and complex economy within the game’s universe. 

5. Cryptovoxels


The name of Cryptovoxels in the metaverse platforms list is an indication of how the metaverse is evolving. It is a popular metaverse platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, offering a virtual gaming world that supports VR experiences as well as usability on PCs. 

Cryptovoxels has also developed a unique reputation for organizing events for users on a regular basis. Users can leverage the platform for creating metaverse real estate and put their virtual properties on sale. Users can create empty land parcels for sale or prefabricated buildings such as art galleries and collaboration spaces, as well as streets and harbors. 

Apart from virtual land, Cryptovoxels also offers a massive marketplace for purchasing and selling digital collectibles such as NFTs. It is one of the top 10 metaverse platforms with seamless support for various types of NFTs, including wearables, gaming props, apparel, or artwork. 

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6. Bloktopia


The name of Bloktopia reflects a lot on the platform’s association with the metaverse. It is a metaverse platform featuring virtual real estate blocks, which are accessible for block-token holders. Bloktopia is one of the interactive entries in the list of metaverse platforms you should try out in 2022. The game features a virtual skyscraper with 21 different levels.

The levels serve as access points to a central information hub with different types of experiences in crypto-based assets. You must note that the basic principles of Bloktopia reflect on learning, earning, playing, and creation. As a result, it offers a wide range of opportunities for revenue generation with new virtual experiences. 

The Bloktopia metaverse offers the facility for accessing multiple income streams alongside many opportunities for learning. Bloktopia has garnered some exclusive partners and investors for driving its future growth. 

7. Metahero 


Metahero is a unique entry among the largest metaverse platforms with a different set of functionalities and value benefits. Developed by Wolf Digital World, Metahero serves as a gateway into the world of the metaverse. The metaverse platform features 3D scanning and modeling technology for facilitating an immersive world with gadgets and avatars. The technological advantages of Metahero can help in creating realistic 3D avatars alongside virtual items. 

Users can leverage the virtual items of the Metahero metaverse in different games, social media, online fashion, and VR experiences. Furthermore, the technology behind the Metahero can help in converting real collectibles and artwork into NFTs. Metahero can be one of the popular metaverse platforms in 2022 for the different partnerships. Most important of all, it has collaborated with Tencent as its marketing partner. 

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8. Star Atlas 

Star Atlas

The popularity of Star Atlas as one of the best metaverse platforms has gained traction in recent times. It is a blockchain game featuring a space-themed design. Designed as a multiplayer metaverse, it can open up the future of technology to everyone. The platform helps in buying, selling, and creating NFTs

Most important of all, the metaverse platform introduces the benefit of Solana blockchain for better transaction speed. In addition, you can also enjoy the benefit of limited transaction speed along with a native governance token. POLIS token holders can use their tokens to exercise their claim over decision-making. 

9. Roblox


The list of metaverse platforms you should try now is incomplete without Roblox. It is an online gaming platform that allows players to create games of their own. Now, it is a metaverse platform with diverse virtual experiences for all users, especially VR experiences. 

Recently, Roblox entered into a collaboration with the NFL to launch a metaverse game before the Super Bowl in 2022. With millions of users all over the world, Roblox has better chances of driving towards the future of metaverse. The vision of bringing all the experiences under a single roof is the most distinctive highlight of Roblox, apart from different VR experiences. 

10. Somnium Space

Somnium Space

The final addition among the top metaverse platforms you must try in 2022 is Somnium Space. It works on multiple devices, and users can access the Somnium Space metaverse through PC, web, VR as well as mobile interfaces. The primary foundation of Somnium Space includes Ethereum and Solana blockchain protocols, as well as its dedicated asset marketplace. 

However, users would have to install a MetaMask wallet or a decentralized application extension for using Somnium Space. On the other hand, the metaverse platforms are comparatively easier to use than others without the need for VR gadgets to enjoy all experiences of the metaverse. It features unique capabilities and a long-term vision for growth. Users can develop virtual experiences and assets for monetization alongside empowering avatars with AI capabilities. 

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Bottom Line

The most popular metaverse platforms outlined in this discussion showed a diverse range of potential. As people look for top 10 metaverse platforms, the curiosity regarding the potential of metaverse becomes predominant. As of now, the world is slowly opening up to the concept of the metaverse, and practical solutions can speed up adoption. 

The overview of use cases of the different metaverse platforms shows that metaverse is ideal for more than just gaming. Virtual real estate and monetization of digital assets is only the beginning, as you can expect many formidable improvements in the future. Learn more about the metaverse and grab the opportunity to become a part of the future.

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