The continuously increasing search for resources to learn about blockchain technology is a vital sign. 101 Blockchains has emerged as a pioneer in the domain of blockchain research, training, and certification in recent times. Our efforts in providing the best-in-class educational resources to enterprise blockchain practitioners and aspirants all over the world have resulted in a broad assortment of blockchain-related courses and professional enterprise certifications. We are excited to bring you the new Ethereum technology course in our extended list of resources for learning about blockchain technology. The new course on Ethereum is a comprehensive resource to develop your foundation-level skills in using Ethereum. 

With the new Ethereum course, you’ll be able to learn Ethereum technology under the tutelage of industry expert, Dr. Markus Weinberger, is a renowned IoT professional with years of industry experience. Dr. Markus not only introduces you to Ethereum blockchain with this course, but also helps you learn the use of Ethereum with the help of practical insights. As the use of Ethereum for DeFi and NFTs gains mainstream attention, it is important to learn about Ethereum blockchain. Let us show you how our new course on Ethereum technology can benefit you.

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The Complete Ethereum Technology Course

Ethereum has shown promising growth in the year 2021 with the prolific improvements in the use of Ethereum blockchain for decentralized application development. Majority of DeFi solutions are developed on Ethereum blockchain for smart contract functionalities. As a matter of fact, Ethereum pinned a growth rate of more than 425% in 2021. In our new course, we introduce you to Ethereum technology basics alongside a detailed overview of its working. The continuously expanding use cases of Ethereum blockchain present an obvious reason for learning more about it. 

The new course on Ethereum is the most detailed account of Ethereum technology explained comprehensively. You can learn about the fundamentals of Ethereum technology as well as other important components in the working of Ethereum. The course provides a detailed overview of different topics such as Ethereum tools, transactions, and consensus algorithms. You can also get a clear overview of practical applications of Ethereum in development of dApps, such as DAOs. The new Ethereum technology course on 101 Blockchains also provides insights into the future roadmap for Ethereum. 

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Target Audience for the Ethereum Technology Course 

The next important highlight of our new course on Ethereum technology fundamentals and its practical implications is the target audience. A clear impression of the target audience for a training course helps you identify how the course can help you. With our new course on Ethereum technology, you don’t have to fulfill any prerequisites to register for the course. Any individual aspiring to learn about the Ethereum blockchain can enroll in our new course. Here is an outline of the target audience who can make the most of our new Ethereum blockchain course. 

  • People are aspiring to learn about the Ethereum blockchain technology and its different use cases beyond crypto transactions. 
  • Senior leadership and decision-makers seeking opportunities for using Ethereum to improve their business processes. 
  • Business development managers and R&D professionals are trying to find new ways to use Ethereum blockchain technology
  • Innovation managers and entrepreneurs who want to build their new business ideas on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Product and program managers focused on identification of new ideas and developing applications through the use of Ethereum. 

Basic Information about the Ethereum Technology Course

You should also know about the content covered in our new course to see how it can help you. The basic information about the course helps you understand what you can achieve with the topics in the course. First of all, let us show you the objectives of the new Ethereum course on 101 Blockchains. Our new course helps you learn Ethereum technology with a focus on the following goals.              

  • Developing a comprehensive impression of how Ethereum works.
  • Observing and experimenting with the process of smart contract deployment and token creation. 
  • Detailed understanding of the potential development steps in the future roadmap for Ethereum blockchain. 

Learners can clearly notice how our new course ventures beyond Ethereum technology basics for helping them learn all about Ethereum in one place. You will get engaging video lectures in the self-paced course, thereby offering a convenient learning experience. Learners can also make the most of additional resources such as practical demos, webinars, infographics, and interviews with industry experts. You can also have the advantage of learning about Ethereum in different modules without cluttering up all the topics together. 

What Will You Learn in the Ethereum Technology Course?

The new 101 Blockchains course on Ethereum brings you a detailed account of Ethereum technology explained in different modules. You can find the following topics in the different modules of our new Ethereum blockchain course.

  • Introductory insights to Ethereum
  • Ethereum tools
  • Ethereum test networks
  • Ethereum Addresses and Ethereum accounts
  • Smart contract basics and using Solidity
  • Ethereum tokens
  • Transactions in Ethereum
  • Blocks and mining
  • Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm
  • dApps and DAOs
  • Beacon Chain and Proof-of-Stake consensus
  • Future roadmap for Ethereum

Why Choose Our New Ethereum Course?

The commitment to deliver some of the best training resources for all our learners have fueled the quality of our resources. The world is recognizing the potential applications of Ethereum in driving the growth of DeFi and NFTs. You can also capitalize on the trends by learning about Ethereum in our new Ethereum technology course with promising advantages. Here are some of the valuable advantages of choosing our new course on Ethereum blockchain. 

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  • Quality Content

One of the foremost highlights you can find with our new Ethereum blockchain course is the comprehensive content. We have not only covered the Ethereum blockchain fundamentals but also other aspects you would need to use it. With our new course, you can find what Ethereum is and also how to implement it for different use cases. 

  • Supporting Resources

101 Blockchains gives exclusive access to many supporting resources for helping all learners. We don’t want our learners to feel that they have no other option to learn Ethereum than the course topics. On the contrary, our learners can access webinars and learn from industry experts with insightful discussions. Most important of all, the role of experienced instructors in our courses has continuously improved the quality of our courses. 

  • Expert Support at Your Disposal

While the comprehensive and organized course material can help you a lot in learning Ethereum, you may come across doubts. You don’t have to worry as our experts are ready to offer relevant responses to your queries. The support of experts is a vital aspect of your learning journey as you can find easy solutions to your problems in the course topics. 

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Enroll to Become an Ethereum Expert!

The new Ethereum technology course on 101 Blockchains is more than just an attempt to introduce you to Ethereum blockchain. With our new course, we are offering a comprehensive solution for learning everything about Ethereum blockchain. You can also think of it as a basic guide to getting started with Ethereum technology. 

At the same time, you can notice the benefits of our course such as expert support and quality training resources. Moreover, you get a course with modular distribution of topics, thereby helping you learn about Ethereum blockchain with ease. Explore the details of the new Ethereum blockchain course and enroll to become an expert of the Ethereum technology!