If you want to learn more about DeFi and the technology behind it, we have got a surprise for you. We are happy to announce our new Decentralized Finance course launched recently. Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is more than just an interesting take on the decentralization of financial services. DeFi has been gradually growing into a massive ecosystem of connected products and services that could challenge traditional financial services. 

With the new DeFi course by Taha Sajid (Principal Technology Consultant), we have moved up from the basics to intermediate-level training. As the number of DeFi users continues to grow further with new applications in the domain, the interest in DeFi careers has been growing by considerable margins. Let us introduce you to some of the exclusive highlights of our new intermediate-level training course on DeFi. 

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New Decentralized Finance Intermediate Level Course Launched 

The staggering growth of DeFi applications has been one of the prominent highlights in the world of blockchain, crypto, and decentralization. With almost $40 billion worth of TVL (Total Value Locked) in all DeFi protocols, it is reasonable to believe that DeFi has the potential to define the future of finance. 

On top of it, the world has more than 80 million crypto wallet users, thereby indicating a massive base of prospective DeFi users. Amidst the rise of favorable trends for DeFi, our new DeFi course launched for intermediate-level learners can offer promising advantages in learning. With the new course, we move one step above the basics of DeFi, covered in the Introduction to DeFi course

The new DeFi training course emphasizes practical implications with respect to use cases alongside planning and architecture of DeFi solutions. In addition, it focuses particularly on visualizing the potential benefits of DeFi for the public beyond the limits of blockchain and fintech applications. 

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Target Audience for DeFi Intermediate Level Course

The introduction to our new intermediate-level training course on DeFi would also emphasize the target audience for the course. If you want to find the best DeFi course, then you must know whether the course is an ideal fit for your skills and learning needs. Do you really need the intermediate-level course on DeFi? The clarity regarding your requirements and expected benefits from the course could help you decide the answer. Here is an outline of the target audience groups suited for our new DeFi intermediate-level training course

  • Any DeFi professional who wants to become DeFi expert through skill development and to capitalize on emerging opportunities in DeFi markets.
  • Fintech enthusiasts can also take up the course to explore the variety of valuable benefits one could extract from DeFi solutions. 
  • Blockchain professionals are interested in experiments with DeFi to access better opportunities in career development. 
  • Centralized finance and banking professionals could also learn DeFi and its practical implications for transforming existing financial services and offerings. 

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Basic Information about DeFi Intermediate Level Course

The basic information about a course is the essential factor for determining how it would help learners. Our new decentralized finance course launched recently is an ideal fit for intermediate-level learners. Once you have covered the fundamentals of DeFi, you can approach the topics in this new course. However, the basic information could shed more light on what you can expect in the course. Here is an outline of the learning goals of the DeFi intermediate-level training course. 

  • Exploring use cases of DeFi alongside solution planning and architecture.
  • Conceptualization of DeFi benefits within the public domain, apart from blockchain and fintech applications.
  • In-depth learning about DeFi protocols and the adoption of best practices for security and legal guidelines. 

The course has been tailored with a modular approach to help learners cover all topics while maintaining meaningful connections between them. The new DeFi training course focuses on the following important topics.

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How Can the DeFi Intermediate-Level Course Help You?

The DeFi course launched now on 101 Blockchains offers many credible benefits to learners. A clear overview of the benefits can show how the course can contribute to any value-based outcomes for career development routines. Here is an outline of the notable benefits you can explore with our new DeFi course.

  • Specialization in DeFi

The new Decentralized Finance DeFi course is one of the proven tools for expanding your DeFi knowledge beyond the fundamentals. It offers a flexible instrument for building skills and knowledge that would help learners deal with practical uses of DeFi. Learners can not only understand the different use cases and the associated requirements but also identify the security and legal risks for DeFi implementations. 

  • Practical Learning Advantage

The comprehensive array of topics covered in the new DeFi intermediate-level course helps you learn DeFi with a practical perspective. You can dive deeper into the technology, processes and meaning behind different steps in designing and implementing DeFi projects. Real examples and practical demonstrations could help you figure out how DeFi projects work in the real world. 

  • Expert Support

The common highlight in all courses by 101 Blockchains would emphasize the facility of expert support for all learners. You can reach out to us with your doubts about the DeFi intermediate-level course and find relevant answers within hours. Learners can experience a completely seamless journey of familiarizing themselves with the practical applications of DeFi with assurance of responsive support channels.

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Get Ready for Expanding Your DeFi Skills and Knowledge

The details of our new DeFi training course show how you can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive learning resource on practical uses of DeFi. You can use the training course to hone your DeFi expertise with an emphasis on real applications. Learners can explore the possibilities for applying DeFi in use cases other than blockchain and fintech. Most important of all, the best practices for implementing DeFi projects can improve the credibility of learners as DeFi professionals. Begin your journey of becoming a DeFi expert with the best training resources available at your disposal.

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