Scalability is obviously one of the prominent concerns in the world of blockchain and crypto nowadays. Layer 2 scaling solutions such as Polygon have become quite popular in recent times. We are happy to announce the new Polygon Fundamentals Course launched to help our learners build their knowledge regarding scalability. 

While decentralization offers freedom from intermediaries, it comes with the cost of managing data and transactions across a massive network of nodes. Therefore, a training course on scalability solutions like the Polygon blockchain can serve definitive advantages for all aspiring blockchain professionals. Let us show you what you will gain in our recently launched Polygon fundamentals training course by Joe Holbrook. 

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The New Polygon Course Fundamentals Launched

The foremost highlight of the new Polygon course launched on 101 Blockchains is the coverage of basic details. You must learn about basic details pertaining to the course to find out what the course has to offer. Is it another training course on the fundamentals of the Polygon blockchain? What are the learning objectives of the course? 

As a beginner, you need to understand that the new Polygon blockchain course is indeed a fundamental level course, albeit with some other notable additions. Polygon is a popular layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum dApps, with the assurance of lower fees and faster transactions. Therefore, you would need something more than just the basics to use Polygon in practical use cases.

The new Polygon Fundamentals course offers you an exclusive opportunity to learn about Polygon, its architecture and working in detail. You can also use the course to expand your knowledge regarding polygon transactions and the best practices in Polygon development. 

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Who Should Enroll in the Polygon Fundamentals Course?

The new Polygon training course is an ideal learning resource for anyone interested in learning about Polygon and its functionalities. You can use the course as a gateway into the world of Polygon and understand how it delivers scaling capabilities. The outline of target audience for the course is one of the most crucial details which helps you identify whether the course is the right fit for you. You should try to discover whether the course offers something more than just to help you learn Polygon and its practical use cases. Here is an outline of the target audience groups who can benefit the most from the new Polygon Fundamentals course. 

  • Products and program managers are looking for better ways to improve the reach of their new solutions. 
  • Innovation managers and entrepreneurs are working on new and improved blockchain-based solutions. 
  • Advisors and business analysts are exploring the blockchain market for new opportunities and trends. 
  • Digital creators and artists are seeking efficient tools and technology for scaling up their work on dApps and NFT projects.
  • Individuals are interested in learning about the potential of Polygon and the possibilities for using it to improve scalability.

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Basic Information about the Course

The outline of the target audience for the Polygon Fundamentals course must have offered clarity about whether you should choose the course. Now, it is important to learn about the basic details of the course to identify what you can expect in the course content. Many learners must have doubts about how the new Polygon Fundamentals course launched recently can support their careers. The learning objectives of the course could showcase how it would help you improve your skills. Here are the important learning objectives of the new Polygon Fundamentals course. 

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Polygon and its working alongside the methods to start using Polygon.
  • In-depth knowledge regarding the use cases of Polygon alongside challenges and benefits with Polygon blockchain.
  • Building the necessary skills for development on the Polygon blockchain network. 

The recently launched Polygon blockchain course is a self-paced training course that features on-demand video lectures. You don’t have to abide by any specific deadline for completing the new training course on Polygon blockchain. The course features valuable insights on Polygon blockchain and its applications in different modules. Learners can also find a treasure of practical learning from the examples cited by instructors from their experience. At the same time, you can also make the most of demos and interactive exercises in the course to enhance your learning experience. 

The new Polygon Fundamentals course helps you learn Polygon from the viewpoint of an expert with different modules. Here are the distinct modules covered in the new Polygon Fundamentals course. 

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Reasons to Choose 101 Blockchains Polygon Fundamentals Course

The introduction of a new course on Polygon would call for skepticism regarding its value. Why should you enroll in the new Polygon course launched recently? The obvious answer would point to the opportunity to learn about Polygon blockchain. Here are some of the notable reasons for which the new Polygon basics course is a worthy investment for learners.

  • Specialization in Polygon

The foremost and most obvious reason for pursuing the new Polygon Fundamentals course would be your objectives for learning Polygon. You can use the Polygon training course to your advantage for moving beyond the basic definitions of Polygon. The course allows you to explore the world of Polygon blockchain apart from the basic concepts and its benefits and challenges. You can learn about its architecture and the mechanisms for transactions on the Polygon blockchain. Furthermore, the course also helps you build the necessary skills for Polygon development. 

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  • Convenient Learning Experience

The new Polygon Fundamentals course is also a favorable choice for learners who demand a flexible learning experience. You don’t have to compete against time to complete all topics in different modules of the course. The Polygon fundamentals course also features additional learning resources such as demos and interactive exercises for learners. With the facility of different modules, the course ensures that students can pay attention to important topics individually. Most important of all, the knowledge of experts behind the Polygon blockchain course serves as a huge plus point for learners. 

  • Responsive Support and Assistance

The most striking highlight of the Polygon Fundamentals course for learners is evident in the assurance of responsive support. Learners can rely on subject matter experts to find answers to their doubts regarding Polygon in different modules of the course. Most important of all, you don’t have to wait for days or weeks to find the appropriate answer to your doubts. The support team at 101 Blockchains gives you obvious advantage in your learning experience by solving your doubts within hours. 

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Bottom Line

The latest Polygon Fundamentals course is an exciting addition to the course collection on 101 Blockchains. The emphasis of Polygon blockchain on scalability showcases that it will be one of the most in-demand blockchain networks in the future. Previously known as MATIC, Polygon has solved one of the biggest problems for blockchain networks like Ethereum

The new Polygon Fundamentals course launched now will offer a valid instrument to help you familiarize with Polygon. Most important of all, you would not have to settle for the fundamentals of Polygon only. As a matter of fact, the course offers the knowledge required to become a Polygon expert. Learn more about the course details and take the first step for specialization in Polygon blockchain now.

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