Blockchain is the biggest technological find of the modern century, especially considering the ways in which it has found large-scale applications. Upon the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the whole world perceived cryptocurrencies with doubt and uncertainty. Today, tens of thousands of people want to find a blockchain career path for capitalizing on the career opportunities available for blockchain professionals. 

The continuous growth of blockchain as one of the revolutionary technologies in recent times has spurred a wide range of job roles. Enterprises are seeking experts with the right set of blockchain skills and knowledge for achieving their blockchain transformation objectives. The following discussion will help you discover some of the most popular paths for a blockchain career alongside an overview of supporting tools for pursuing your chosen career path.

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Importance of Blockchain Career

Blockchain has experienced slow and steady growth over the years since the 2017 ICO crypto boom. Up until 2015, people thought that the blockchain is only suitable for creating cryptocurrencies. However, Ethereum arrived and showed how you can use programmable smart contracts for creating desired applications. In addition, new and emerging blockchain career options arrived with a focus on aligning with the new technological advancements. For example, the latest blockchain job roles include a focus on DeFi and NFTs as well as other web3 solutions. Large-scale adoption of blockchain obviously implies the need for experts who know their way around blockchain technologies. Even if there is a huge demand for skilled candidates in the job market, the shortage of crucial skills is one prominent trouble for all enterprises. 

The importance of choosing a blockchain career path becomes clearly evident with the emphasis on the role of blockchain as an emerging technology. Blockchain is one of the most popular in-demand skills with employers in different categories such as startups, governments, tech firms, and big corporate enterprises. They are ready to invest a hefty amount of money in carrying their blockchain transformation initiatives forward.

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Top Blockchain Career Paths for You

Many people exploring the possibilities of a career in the blockchain would often encounter doubts regarding a suitable career path. How can you choose a career path in a technology which itself is just over a decade old? On the other hand, the intriguing aspect of a career in the blockchain is definitely one of the reasons to become a blockchain expert and seek suitable job roles. In addition, the diverse range of career opportunities available in the blockchain space delivers a promising assurance for career development. Career paths can serve as a vital tool for you to earn the necessary expertise required for in-demand blockchain-based job roles. Here are some of the notable career paths you must explore in 2022. 

1. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer is one of the most common career paths for an aspiring professional. The primary role of blockchain engineers focuses on creating applications from scratch according to the company’s specific technological aspects. Professionals aspiring for the role of blockchain engineers must have the necessary skill of willingness to learn. At the same time, they also work on embracing and adapting to new blockchain technologies and related concepts. 101 Blockchains offers distinct career paths for top blockchain career options with their Membership Plan. The Membership Plan offers access to the career path for blockchain engineers, with six different courses. 

You can hone your skills as a blockchain engineer with the 101 Blockchains career path and learn about the technical aspects of blockchain technology. It is important to wonder about the possible courses you would need for building your expertise as a blockchain engineer. Here is an outline of the courses you would have to complete for developing the necessary skills for blockchain engineers.

Blockchain Engineer Career Path

Most important of all, the average blockchain career salary you can expect as an engineer is around $70,859 annually.

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2. Blockchain Developer

The most popular blockchain career path right now obviously refers to that of blockchain developers. The introduction of smart contract programming on blockchain networks opened up many opportunities for developers. Blockchain developers are basically programmers working on creating applications by leveraging blockchain technology. Interestingly, a blockchain developer can command average annual salaries ranging up to $136,000, depending on their skills and experience. 

101 Blockchains also offers a dedicated career path for aspiring blockchain developers with their exclusive Membership Plan. You can explore five different courses for developing your skills and knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of blockchain developers. How can you capitalize on such lucrative blockchain career options with a career path of your choice? The simple answer is clearly evident in the essential topics you must cover for taking on the role of blockchain developers. Here is an outline of the different topics you need for building your knowledge and skills and blockchain-based development projects. 

Blockchain Developer Career Path

The lucrative blockchain career salary for developers alongside the breadth of expertise required for the roles of blockchain developers are prominent reasons to pursue the role of developers.

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3. Blockchain Consultant

Another business-oriented blockchain career opportunity you would like to explore in 2022 would refer you to the role of a blockchain consultant. The blockchain consultant job role is actually one of the highest-paid jobs in the blockchain space. The primary responsibilities of blockchain consultants revolve around developing strategies for the blockchain transformation of enterprises. 

Blockchain consultants are capable of identifying the needs and challenges of organizations in adopting blockchain-based solutions. As a result, they can serve vital insights for feasible solutions alongside the technical knowledge required for the same. In addition, the appeal of blockchain consultants is comparatively better in comparison to a blockchain engineer, consultant, or developer. Blockchain consultants are well adept at identifying, evaluating, and managing risks, thereby ensuring success for an organization’s blockchain transformation initiatives. 101 Blockchains also offers a distinct career path for aspiring blockchain consultants with their exclusive Membership Plan. The career path for blockchain consultants includes eight different courses focusing on the following areas.

Blockchain Consultant Career Path

Most important of all, blockchain consultants must have the skills for communicating with others in the blockchain team of the organization. With the possibilities for many lucrative blockchain career opportunities for consultants, they can shape the future of the blockchain landscape.

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4. Blockchain Expert

The final addition among the different blockchain career paths would point out at a blockchain expert role. Blockchain experts have the capability for honing their blockchain skills alongside developing their knowledge in almost every concept pertaining to the blockchain. The 101 Blockchains career path for blockchain experts proves that you can always seek improvement in blockchain learning. Here is an outline of the topics covered in the career path for blockchain experts.

Blockchain Expert Career Path

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Are You Ready for a Blockchain Career?

The final impression regarding the different blockchain career options for you in 2022 shows a win-win situation in every case. All the popular roles such as blockchain developers, consultants, experts and engineers have formidable credibility in the broader blockchain landscape. However, a reliable career path sets you on a straightforward direction towards your objectives for building a career in blockchain. In the long run, blockchain is going to be the mainstream choice of technology and you must be prepared for the wave of change. The blockchain career path of your choice helps you build the necessary skills and knowledge for your desired blockchain job role. However, you need something different for a competitive advantage in your career in the field of blockchain. 

Learn more about blockchain from the internet with blogs, articles and discussion forums. Prove your skills with blockchain certifications and training courses while networking with professionals. As you build your skills gradually over the course of various lessons, certifications and real-life projects, you can strengthen your position as a blockchain professional. Explore the possibilities for career development in blockchain with a reliable training and certification provider now.

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