The continuous efforts of 101 Blockchains in serving learners with the best quality learning resources have been fuelled by continuous recognition. We are happy to announce that the G2 Spring 2023 Reports are available now, and we have secured another groundbreaking milestone. The reports have awarded us 23 badges in two special categories, Online Course Providers and Technical Skills Development. We show our G2 badges with pride as they are proof of our dedication to offering high-quality blockchain training resources. 

As a pioneer in blockchain training and certification, 101 Blockchains has always strived to deliver the best blockchain certification and training programs for professionals wishing to dive deep into advanced technologies. Apart from helping students familiarize themselves with the existing concepts, we also introduced courses and learning materials on new trends and real-world topics. The trust of our learners in all of our training courses and certifications has encouraged us to move many steps ahead. 

The G2 Report outcomes have always been our continuous trusted improvement and growth benchmarks. We can rely on the credibility of G2 as their reports are based only on genuine reviews provided by users. G2 collects reviews of users on different technologies and software solutions and uses neutral algorithms for comparing service providers in a specific category. We can proudly say 101 Blockchains has always been a notable performer in G2 reports, ever since 2018. 

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Notable Highlights of the G2 Spring 2023 Reports 

The achievements of 101 Blockchains in encouraging blockchain education, research, and certification have helped us achieve such high-performance levels. With the commitment to serve high-end blockchain training and certification, 101 Blockchains scored big in the G2 Spring 2023 Reports with 23 badges. The badge count of 23 is the highest we ever achieved in the G2 Reports. It is an exciting achievement for the 101 Blockchains team. We are also elated to have received the Users Love Us badge again for the G2 Spring 2023 reports. The Users Love Us badge is the ultimate proof of our capabilities in offering value-based results with all the training courses and certification programs we offer.

Another promising achievement of 101 Blockchains in this G2 Spring 2023 report points to the 9 badges in the online course providers category. Furthermore, we have scored 13 badges in the technical skills development category. Thanks to the Spring 2023 reports by G2, we once again establish proof of our capabilities to fuel blockchain education and training for professionals all around the world. 

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Our Achievements in the G2 Spring 2023 Reports

Blockchain technology is an innovative and revolutionary technology and a promising opportunity for professionals and corporations to transition into the future. Our efforts at 101 Blockchains have always been directed toward helping aspiring learners familiarize themselves with important blockchain concepts. Since our beginning, we have worked hard to provide learning resources that help every learner achieve their career goals. Over time, we have expanded our training library with many new training courses and masterclasses

101 Blockchains has everything required to perform well in a G2 Report, starting from the ability to cater to customer requirements to the ability to lead change. As an independent training and research platform focused on blockchain technology, 101 Blockchains has courses and masterclasses to help you familiarize yourself with innovative topics. For example, the masterclass on zero-knowledge proofs allows learners to familiarize themselves with the innovative security tool. We have also received accreditation for five of our most popular blockchain certifications from the CPD Certification Service. 

The G2 Badges only serve as fuel for boosting our journey ahead and encourage us to come up with more effective and innovative learning resources. 101 Blockchains extends gratitude to G2 for driving our growth in the right direction by helping us know our strengths and weaknesses. With the help of authentic user reviews, G2 ensures that we receive badges according to what our customers think of us. We also thank every user who invested valuable time in submitting their feedback and motivating us to move forward. The honest feedback of our learners gives us a genuine impression of our capabilities without any filters. 

Here are some badges we received in the two evaluation categories for the G2 Spring 2023 Report –

Online Course ProvidersG2 Spring 2023 Reports

The Online Course Providers category is an important addition to G2 Spring Reports, considering the platforms offering self-paced training courses. We have achieved a total of nine badges in this category. Let us show you the details of our achievements in this category. 

  • Best Relationship Spring 2023

We have scored a credible result in G2 Spring 2023 Reports with the Best Relationship badge for maintaining a good relationship index.

  • Momentum Leader Spring 2023

We had most of our courses in the top 25% of the offerings by online course providers and earned the momentum leader badge.

  • Leader Small Business Spring 2023

We have gained a strong presence in the small business segment with a broader market presence and better customer satisfaction.

  • High Performer Europe Spring 2023

Our capabilities for serving customers in Europe with a limited market presence have earned us the High Performer badge for the European market.

  • Leader Spring 2023

We are the overall Leader among online course providers for showcasing steady improvements in customer satisfaction alongside broadening our market presence.

  • High Performer Enterprise Spring 2023

We became the High Performer for enterprise clients with our ability to serve higher customer satisfaction scores.

  • High Performer Mid-Market Spring 2023

We have earned the High Performer tag for serving mid-market customers with high customer satisfaction. 

  • High Performer Asia-Pacific Spring 2023

Our performance in the G2 Report for Spring 2023 also honors us with a high performer badge for entering new markets in Asia-Pacific regions. 

  • High Performer Asia Spring 2023

We are excited to have received the badge of High Performer for the Asian market as recognition for our expansion efforts.

Technical Skills Development 

G2 Spring 2023 Reports

The G2 Spring 2023 Report has also evaluated the capabilities of 101 Blockchains on the grounds of ‘Technical Skills Development.’ In this category, you can find leading technology solution providers who provide skill development and education facilities for different technologies. We have outperformed all our previous G2 Report records with 13 badges in the Technical Skill Development category. Here is an outline of the badges we have earned in this category.

  • Best Support Small-Business Spring 2023

We have scored the Best Support badge for small businesses in the G2 Spring 2023 Reports, which proves our ability to serve responsive and relevant support to our learners.

  • Best Relationship Small-Business Spring 2023

101 Blockchains also led the Relationship Index with the highest relationship rating, implying our ability to build connections with small businesses.

  • Best Relationship Spring 2023

We became one of the top performers in the G2 Report for Spring 2023 by developing a trustworthy relationship with all of our clients.

  • Best Support Spring 2023

We also scored a badge for our overall efficiency in delivering the highest support quality among technical skill development platforms.  

  • Leader Small Business Europe Spring 2023

101 Blockchains continues to be a leader in providing higher customer satisfaction scores to our European small business clients.

  • Momentum Leader Spring 2023

We also lead the Momentum Grid for Spring 2023, with our courses in the top 25% of the products.  

  • High Performer Small-Business Spring 2023

We are a high performer for small businesses in Spring 2023 with a low market presence and high customer satisfaction.

  • High Performer Small-Business Asia Pacific Spring 2023

We have earned the High Performer badge for serving small businesses in the Asia Pacific region with high customer satisfaction.

  • Best Support Enterprise Spring 2023

The Best Support badge for enterprise clients in G2 Spring 2023 reports validates the efficiency of our support mechanism.

  • High Performer Asia Pacific Spring 2023

The High Performer badge in the Asia Pacific market indicates our ability to serve different markets with high customer satisfaction.

  • High Performer Spring 2023

We also secured the overall High Performer badge for Spring 2023, owing to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • High Performer Enterprise Spring 2023

The G2 Spring 2023 badges also honored us with the tag of high Performer for enterprise customers in Spring 2023.   

  • High Performer Asia Spring 2023

Our capabilities as a High Performer have been recognized in the G2 Report for the Asian market.   

Users Love Us

The ‘Users Love Us‘ badge is a heartwarming credential for 101 Blockchains in the G2 reports.It is a promising indicator of the authentic satisfaction of our users from our courses and certifications. 

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The Road to the Future

With the record-breaking badges in G2 Spring 2023 Reports, 101 Blockchains has set another milestone. We have been working hard to develop the best training resources about blockchain and other technologies. Our primary goal has always been guiding you to success as a certified professional. You can find new courses and certifications on 101 Blockchains and learn about new technologies that change the world. Our courses cover Web3, NFTs, metaverse, DeFi, and many other innovative technologies. Learn more about our courses and certifications now.