The reports of, Inc. Winter 2021 are out, and everyone is excited to find out what they have scored. Many companies look up to G2 Winter 2021 Reports revealed in the last part of the year. G2 reports have considerable credibility as they are known for reviewing the top-rated solutions in the domain of technology.

We are very excited to announce that 101 Blockchains was named a high performer in two Grid Reports i.e. Grid Report for Online Course Providers Winter 2021 and Grid Report for Technical Skills Development Winter 2021. We have already scored top badges in the G2 Summer 2020 reports, and the new results by G2 have boosted our confidence. The outcomes of the reports show the prominent strengths that have been helping our progress in serving our customers better.

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G2 Winter 2021 Reports and Our Success 

We, at 101 Blockchains, are thankful for our massive community of learners, experts, and practitioners that helped us achieve this amazing feat in the G2 Winter 2021 Reports. We have been able to earn 7 different new badges for 2021. Sounds motivating, isn’t it?

G2 has been a trustworthy companion in our journey of evolution as an online course provider in the domain of blockchain. The role of G2 reports in helping us improve our services to cater to the needs of our learners is indispensable. At the same time, the feedback of users can help us understand our strengths and areas of improvement.

Subsequently, we also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the learners and our clients for leaving their valuable testimonials about us on G2. The support of our clients has not only helped us win new 101 Blockchains G2 badges but also inspire us to achieve better customer success. Now, let us take a look at our achievements in the G2 Reports for winter 2021.

G2 Winter 2021 101 Blockchains Named as High Performer

  • High Performance in Winter 2021 X2

The Grid Reports for Online Course Providers Winter 2021 and Grid Report for Technical Skills Development Winter 2021 have also honored 101 Blockchains with the ‘High Performer’ badge. The ‘High Performer’ badge for Winter 2021 is a clear indication of our performance on different aspects of customer satisfaction ratings.

Furthermore, the reputation of 101 Blockchains G2 badges is equally supported by our score in the category of high performers. 101 Blockchains has scored comparatively higher score than other competitors.

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  • Top Performing Small-Business Online Course Provider

The next achievement was the ‘High Performer’ badge in the Small Business Grid Report for Online Course Providers Winter 2021. The Small-Business Grid for Online Course Providers in the G2 Winter 2021 reports ranks small-business products among online course providers.

The Grid reports rank providers based on market presence and customer satisfaction. 101 Blockchains has been successful in competing with many other players in the category of high performers to earn the badge.

  • Top Performing Small-Business Technical Skills Development

101 Blockchains named high performer in another category of G2 Reports for Winter 2021 for Small Business Technical Skills Development. G2 has aptly recognized the value of blockchain as an important technical skill requirement. Therefore, our comparatively new market presence with exceptional quality of customer satisfaction has brought us honor.

The support of our clients is crucial in expanding the services of 101 Blockchains. Also, their honest reviews have constantly improved the recognition of 101 Blockchains. As a result, 101 Blockchains can appeal to a wider audience based on their skills and competencies.

  • High Performer in Europe

101 Blockchains scored the ‘High Performer’ badge in Europe according to the Europe Regional Online Course Providers Winter 2021. The reason for which 101 Blockchains was named a high performer among online course providers in Europe, according to the G2 reports, is the comparatively higher customer satisfaction scores.

  • Ease of Doing Business With and Quality of Support

101 Blockchains has also been able to garner two other new G2 badges in the Winter 2021 Reports. The Relationship Index for Technical Skills Development Winter 2021 presented two G2 badges –

  • Easiest to Do Business With
  • Best Support

We have been able to reel in some hefty numbers in the Relationship Data scores rising above the expected average. This achievement was only possible thanks to the support of our clients. According to the Relationship Index, we scored above average in terms of relationship data or recommendation possibility. Furthermore, the Relationship Index also considers ease of doing business and quality of support for relationship score of 101 Blockchains.

Again, we have scored higher points compared to the average in terms of ease of doing business. The score of 101 Blockchains in terms of quality of support was full-on full, which is well above average. Therefore, an all-round performance played a crucial role in earning the ‘Ease of Doing Business With’ and ‘Quality of Support’ G2 badges.

  • Love of Our Customers

101 Blockchains has also earned another promising reward and added one more entry in the 101 Blockchains G2 badges. The additional reward is the ‘Users Love Us’ badge. It is a clear indicator of the appreciation of our clients for our offerings. G2 has rewarded us with the ‘Users Love Us’ badge after we collected around 20 reviews. Additionally, we also fulfilled the conditions of obtaining an average rating of 4 stars on all the ratings.

You can also check what our customers say about us here.

All-Round Performance in G2 Winter 2021 Reports

The results of the G2 Winter 2021 Reports present a promising forecast for 101 Blockchains. By now, we are sure that we can cater to the needs of our customers better than anyone else can. Most importantly, we have been able to distinguish our identity as one of the best providers of Blockchain certifications and courses.

At the same time, the G2 Reports also show our capability for maintaining strong support mechanisms for our clients. Apart from the strengths, the G2 reports also shed light on the weaknesses in our business model. So, now we aspire to work with informed decisions for our future initiatives based on the feedback from our users and add even more G2 badges in our bucket.