G2 Winter Reports for 2023 are out now, and we have earned a total of 20 different badges, a great achievement, no doubt. It is the maximum amount of badges we have achieved to date. The G2 Winter 2023 Reports also includes new breaking record achievements for us as we have successfully grabbed two “LEADER” badges. In addition, we have garnered specific badges of excellence in the online course provider and technical skill development categories. The badges offer proof of our dedication to providing value-based learning outcomes to all learners.

101 Blockchains is continuously addressing the research, education, and certification requirements of various blockchain professionals and practitioners worldwide. We have developed new training courses and certifications that now support an even broader target audience. You can trust the G2 report to determine whether any platform is a credible option among online course providers. Over the years, G2 has been one of the first platforms that showcased our efficiency in blockchain training and certification. The badges we receive in G2 reports have been the critical indicators of growth we have achieved recently. Most importantly, we have maintained a good track record in G2 Reports for our effectiveness in tech and software solutions. 

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Essential Highlights of G2 Winter 2023 Reports

101 Blockchains has registered another noticeable achievement in the latest G2 Winter 2023 Reports with 20 badges. We have been able to earn the support and admiration of our learners with the Users Love Us badge in the Winter 2023 Reports. This badge serves as proof of appreciation for our offerings on 101 Blockchains. It has been a crucial highlight for our capabilities in delivering value-based learning experiences for every learner.

Another notable highlight in the G2 Report for Winter 2023 is the ‘Leader’ badge we got. In addition, we have also maintained the tag of ‘High Performer’ in the online course provider and technical skills development categories. Finally, the Winter 2023 Reports have proved that 101 Blockchains was and would be a formidable force in the blockchain certification and education arena. 

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Our Achievements in the G2 Winter 2023 Reports

101 Blockchains is the most trustworthy platform when it comes to research and training for blockchain technology and related concepts. As an independent research platform, it has become a one-stop destination for blockchain education. We have extended our training library with new courses, masterclasses, and webinars. In addition, the G2 Winter 2023 Reports have also accounted for the new certification training courses we have introduced recently. We have developed new certifications on NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 technologies with the contributions of industry experts and qualified instructors. 

The most important entries in our latest offerings refer to the skill and career learning paths. We have introduced skills and career paths to help learners pursue their desired learning goals effortlessly. The skill paths for DeFi, NFT, Hyperledger, tokenization, and IoT help learners explore new domains within the field of blockchain. The G2 Report gives us the best chance to monitor what our learners say about us. 101 Blockchains wants to thank everyone for offering their support and dedication towards our platform and fuelling our motivation. 

Here are the badges we have received in various categories of G2 Winter 2023 reports.

Online Course Providers

The category of online course providers in the G2 Winter 2023 Reports emphasizes the platforms which offer self-paced training courses. Therefore, we have registered our name as a top contender among online course providers with seven badges. 

  • Momentum Leader Winter 2023

The Momentum Leader badge offers proof of our consistent growth over the years. Some essential factors for identifying a Momentum Leader include web growth, social media growth, employee growth, and reviews.

  • High Performer Europe Winter 2023 

The High Performer tag for Europe in the recent G2 Report for Winter 2023 indicates that we have achieved high customer satisfaction with a small market presence. 

  • Leader Small Businesses Winter 2023

The Leader badge for small businesses is another testament to the growth in market presence alongside maintaining customer satisfaction.

  • Leader Winter 2023

The Leader badge for the online course provider category offers a credential for our overall performance in blockchain training courses.

  • High Performer Enterprise Winter 2023

The High Performer Enterprise badge indicates how we provide customer satisfaction to enterprise clients. In addition, it shows our proficiency in helping enterprise clients with blockchain training with a limited market presence.

Technical Skills Development 

The G2 Winter 2023 Report also emphasizes the ‘Technical Skills Development” category. It is an important category, including technology solution providers offering skill development and training programs for different technologies. We have earned six other badges in this category.

  • Best Support Winter 2023

The Best Support Winter 2023 badge offers an ideal indicator for providing responsive and punctual support for learners.

  • Best Relationship Winter 2023

The Best Relationship badge for Winter 2023 also indicates how effectively we have been catering to customer requests and complaints.

  • Momentum Leader Winter 2023

The Momentum Leader badge has offered significant recognition for 101 Blockchains with an effective indicator of the appreciation of our users. In addition, we have scored the badge with users ranking us among the top 25% of technical skill training providers.

  • High Performer Small Business Winter 2023

101 Blockchains has registered the High Performer Small Business badge in the G2 Winter 2023 Reports with better customer satisfaction for small businesses. 

  • High Performer Mid-market Winter 2023

The High Performer mid-market badge also indicates our effectiveness in delivering customer satisfaction while entering new markets.

  • High Performer Enterprise Winter 2023

The High-Performance Enterprise badge is one of the prominent tags for proving how we can serve enterprise clients and cover new markets.

  • High Performer Winter 2023

The High Performer badge for Winter 2023 in the latest G2 report is a popular credential for proving how we have been expanding our clientele based on our performance. 

Users Love Us

The exciting benefit of G2 Winter 2023 Reports is also evident in the Users Love Us credential. It offers a clear testimony of the authentic reviews regarding training courses and certifications on 101 Blockchains. 

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Our Goals for The Future

The different badges we have received in the G2 Winter 2023 Report have encouraged us to provide even better services to all of our learners. We are constantly working on introducing new training courses, masterclasses, and certification programs for our learners. With the support of authentic recognition from G2, we can find a better motivation for making our services more engaging. On top of it, the support of learners and their feedback has helped us improve the quality of training courses and certifications. Check out the details of new training courses and certifications on 101 Blockchains now.