The wait for the G2 Summer 2022 Reports is over. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains strikes gold once again with 13 badges. Most important of all, we have earned the credential of “LEADER” for the first time among online course providers. We have earned distinct badges for our excellence in the online course provider and technical skill development categories. The badges are the proof of our commitment to serving value-based learning outcomes to all our learners. 

101 Blockchains has constantly been serving the training and certification needs of many aspiring blockchain professionals. We have been offering new and career-oriented training courses and certifications for a broad target audience, including professionals from different disciplines. Our learners have placed their trust in our learning resources, and it has helped us move ahead as a driving force in the domain of blockchain technology

G2 Reports have offered vital insights on the metrics for our performance and growth. It is also important to note that G2 uses authentic reviews of users as the benchmarks for evaluating the efficiency of technology and software solutions. Our continuous streak of performance in the G2 Reports serves as proof of our efficiency as a blockchain training and certification platform

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Important Highlights in G2 Summer 2022 Reports 

101 Blockchains has achieved a remarkable feat with 13 badges in recently announced G2 Summer 2022 Reports. Most important of all, we have successfully landed up with the G2 Users Love Us credential in the Summer 2022 Reports. The badge is an indicator of our commitment to offering blockchain knowledge to users as they want. In addition, it shows how we are able to help a broader base of clients with an emphasis on new markets. We are capable of offering value-based outcomes in the learning experiences with our courses and certification training programs. 

The most noticeable achievement for us in the G2 Summer 2022 Reports is the “LEADER” badge, a first for us. On top of it, we have achieved the “High Performer” badge in different categories within the online course provider and technical skills development sections. The G2 Summer 2022 Reports prove once again that 101 Blockchains is a leading force in driving blockchain education and certification

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Our Accomplishments in G2 Summer 2022 Reports 

101 Blockchains has emerged as a reliable platform for training and research on blockchain technology. It started as an independent research platform for blockchain professionals. Now, we have a massive collection of professional training courses and certifications on blockchain technology. We have introduced new courses and masterclasses with the support of subject matter experts and industry leaders. 

101 Blockchains has recently introduced new courses on DeFi, NFTs, and other innovative topics. Most important of all, we have expanded our list of certifications with new additions like the Certified NFT Professional and Certified Metaverse Professional certifications. The badges in the G2 Summer 2022 Reports would only drive us forward in offering new learning resources for our learners. 

G2 is an important part of our growth over these years as it has helped us realize our true potential. The platform uses authentic reviews from actual users to define the performance of technology solution providers. Our achievements in the G2 Summer 2022 Reports rely on the honest feedback of our valuable learners. 101 Blockchains extends gratitude to all learners for offering their time and support to fuel our motivation. 

Here is an outline of the badges we have achieved in different categories in the G2 Summer 2022 reports. 

G2 Summer 2022 Reports

Online Course Providers

The “Online Course Providers” category of G2 Summer Reports focuses on the platforms dealing with self-paced training courses. We have achieved six badges in this category, and here is a brief description of our achievements. 

Leader Summer 2022

G2 Summer 2022 Reports

The biggest achievement for 101 Blockchains in the G2 Summer 2022 Reports is the “Leader” badge in the Online Course Providers category.

It serves as proof of our growth in terms of market presence while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. 

Momentum Leader Summer 2022

The Momentum Leader badge of G2 is a testament to our consistency and growth.

Ranking of online course providers as Momentum Leader depends on different aspects such as web growth, growth of employees, reviews, and social reach.

High Performer Small Business Summer 2022 

101 Blockchains successfully delivered high customer satisfaction levels for small-scale businesses while having a limited market presence for the “High Performer” credential.

High Performer Enterprise Summer 2022

The High Performer Enterprise credential for us in the G2 Summer 2022 reports indicates our capability for serving enterprise clients with high satisfaction. 

High Performer Europe Summer 2022

101 Blockchains also registered the High Performer Europe badge in the G2 Summer 2022 reports as proof of our performance in serving new markets. 

High Performer Asia Pacific Summer 2022

The High Performer Asia Pacific badge is quantifiable proof of our entry into new markets like the new Asia Pacific market. 

Technical Skills Development

The G2 Summer Reports also focus on the “Technical Skills Development”. The category involves technology solution providers offering skill development and education programs for multiple technologies. 101 Blockchains has earned six badges in this category, such as,

Best Support Summer 2022

We have earned the Best Support badge in latest G2 Summer reports again for serving timely and relevant support to our learners consistently.  

High Performer Small Business Summer 2022

101 Blockchains also achieved the High Performer Small Business badge for serving small businesses effectively with high customer satisfaction.

High Performer Summer 2022

The performance of 101 Blockchains as a technology skill development platform has been strong in the recent G2 Summer reports. The reports show that we have scored good numbers in customer satisfaction with a lower market presence.

Momentum Leader Summer 2022

The Momentum Leader badge is a promising recognition for 101 Blockchains as it shows the love of our users. We have earned the badge because our users placed us in the top 25% of technical skill training providers.  

High Performer Mid-Market Summer 2022

We have been able to cater to technical skill development with the High Performer Mid-Market badge showing our entry into new markets.

High Performer Enterprise Summer 2022

The High-Performance Enterprise badge is also one of the significant credentials for proving our constantly expanding clientele. 

Users Love Us

The most important achievement for us in recent G2 Summer 2022 reports is the Users Love Us credential. It is a clear testimony to the fact that learners have expressed authentic reviews about our training courses and certifications on the platform.

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The Way Ahead

The collection of badges in the G2 Summer 2022 reports has offered us a boost to serve our learners better. We are working on introducing new courses and certification programs for all our learners. The authentic recognition from platforms like G2 for our efforts is a promising source of motivation for us to do better. As we can figure out what our learners want from us and what they think of us, it becomes easier to improve our courses and certifications. Visit 101 Blockchains to learn more about our different training courses and certifications.