The G2 Fall 2022 Reports are out, and it is a great occasion for all of us at 101 Blockchains to celebrate. We have achieved 15 badges, which is a huge milestone for us in our journey of offering blockchain education, research, and certifications. The G2 Fall 2022 reports have also rewarded us with not one but two “LEADER” badges for the first time. We have scored the “LEADER” badges in the online course provider category, proving our effectiveness as a blockchain training platform

101 Blockchains has maintained a steady and powerful stride in empowering every aspiring learner with the necessary resources to learn blockchain. Our learning resources and certifications have helped more than 40,000 professionals achieve a competitive advantage in their careers. The authentic feedback of our learners and the quality of our learning resources have led to our most remarkable performance in the G2 Fall reports. 

G2 reports continue offering us the motivation to move forward and help learners cope with new topics related to blockchain. It has garnered credibility as one of the reliable technology solution review platforms for the honest reviews of actual users. G2 has also offered crucial inputs regarding important metrics for our growth and performance over the recent years. 

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Big Highlights of the G2 Fall 2022 Reports 

The announcement of G2 Fall 2022 reports has instilled a fresh wave of confidence in our team at 101 Blockchains. For the first time, we achieved a total of 15 badges, the maximum we have ever registered in G2 reports. Above everything else, we have been able to land up with the “Users Love Us” badge in the G2 Fall 2022 reports. The results are a clear indication of our progress and the ability to garner the love of our learners. At the same time, our consistent performance in the G2 reports speaks for the commitment and dedication of everyone at 101 Blockchains to bring you the best blockchain learning resources. Apart from serving regular individual learners, we are also tapping into new target audiences such as small businesses.

We are also excited to share another huge achievement for us in the G2 Fall 2022 reports with you. 101 Blockchains has registered the “Leader” badge in the ‘online course providers’ category for the first time. On top of it, we have received another “Leader” badge for small businesses in the ‘online course providers’ category. Two “Leader” badges showcase how we have grown to become one of the top online course providers for blockchain.

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What Did We Achieve in G2 Fall 2022 Reports?

G2 Fall 2022 Reports

The foundations of 101 Blockchains started as a comprehensive platform for blockchain education and research. We have come a long way towards our vision of empowering the world with knowledge about blockchain and practical ways to use it. The small collection of training courses and certifications has expanded by huge margins in recent times. 101 Blockchains has focused on many new courses and blockchain certifications, keeping up with the existing advancements in the world of blockchain. With the latest G2 Fall reports, we can only build our strength further to provide new and better learning resources. 

The credibility of our services is visible via the help of G2. It has served as a trustworthy indicator of how we perform in training our learners. The best feature of G2 is the fact that it leverages actual, honest reviews from users to judge how the technology solution providers have performed in different categories. We have achieved good results due to the honest reviews of our learners, based on their actual experiences with our training courses. 101 Blockchains can never be grateful enough for the love and support shown by our valued learners.    

Let us take a look at our achievements in the G2 Fall 2022 reports –

Online Course Providers

G2 Fall 2022 Reports

The “Online Course Providers” category in the G2 Fall reports represents the evaluation of self-paced training course providers based on different factors. We have achieved a total of 7 badges in the ‘Online Course Providers’ category with the ‘High Performer’ badge in three different regions. 

  • Leader Fall 2022

The ‘Leader’ badge in the G2 Fall 2022 reports proves the formidable growth of 101 Blockchains as a training course provider. It showcases the proof of the trust of our learners and the ability to expand market presence while ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Leader Small Business Fall 2022

The ‘Leader’ badge for small businesses also proves our capabilities for obtaining credible reviews from a different target audience. It shows that small businesses also love us, and we have the scope for better market presence and customer satisfaction. 

  • Momentum Leader Fall 2022

The Momentum Leader badge is proof of how we have been maintaining a constant level of growth in different aspects, such as online presence and employee growth.

  • High Performer Enterprise Fall 2022

We have also achieved effective results in customer satisfaction for enterprise users with a limited market presence and earned the High Performer badge.

  • High Performer Europe Fall 2022

The High Performer badge for Europe shows our commitment to entering new markets. 

  • High Performer Asia Fall 2022

The High Performer Asia badge serves as a glimpse of our successful performance in new international markets. 

  • High Performer Asia Pacific Fall 2022

The High Performer Asia Pacific badge also encourages us to capitalize on the value advantages of our capability to deliver customer satisfaction in online training.

Technical Skills Development

G2 Fall 2022 Reports

The next important aspect under the purview of G2 reports refers to the “Technical Skills Development” category. The category deals with technology solution providers who offer technology training and skill development programs. We have achieved seven badges in the “Technical Skills Development” category also. 

  • Momentum Leader Fall 2022

The Momentum Leader badge in the technical category with G2 Fall 2022 reports encourages us to maintain our performance as a leader in technical skill development.

  • Best Support Fall 2022

We have also earned the Best Support badge again for ensuring the best quality of services for our learners. 

  • Best Relationship Fall 2022 

The Best Relationship badge in the G2 Fall 2022 reports also proves how learners rate our offerings. The badge showcases our performance in achieving the highest relationship ratings throughout history. 

  • High Performer Small Business Fall 2022

101 Blockchains has also proudly registered the High Performer badge for small businesses in the fall reports of G2. We have served small businesses while ensuring improved customer satisfaction within a limited market presence. 

  • High Performer Mid-Market Fall 2022

G2 has also acknowledged us for our success in serving our customers in the mid-market range. We are proud to be a High Performer in the mid-market segment for Fall 2022.

  • High Performer Enterprise Fall 2022

As a High Performer in the Enterprise segment, we now have more chances to expand our enterprise reach alongside boosting our credibility.

  • High Performer Fall 2022

We are happy to receive the High Performer badge in the “Technical Skills Development” category. It signifies our unwavering spirit of offering the best in blockchain education and training. 

Users Love Us

g2 user love us

The biggest highlight for us in the G2 Fall reports is the Users Love Us badge. G2 rewards the badge to solution providers who receive authentic feedback from users.

Therefore, it clearly shows that we continue to rule the priorities of our learners for blockchain training and certification.

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Where Are We Headed?

The achievements for 101 Blockchains in the G2 Fall 2022 reports have been impressive, especially with a staggering 15 badges. It is a remarkable achievement for 101 Blockchains and could serve a vital role in guiding us ahead with a boost of confidence. We can rely on the G2 reports to learn exactly what our customers think about us and how we are performing in the market. At the same time, we can also figure out the areas we need to improve and ensure continuous development.

To know more, take a moment to explore our library of blockchain training courses and certifications.