101 Blockchains has emerged as one of the pioneers in the field of blockchain education and research in recent times. With a wide assortment of learning resources on blockchain technology, we have evolved as a reliable platform for blockchain training. Over the years, the appreciation of blockchain practitioners and our beloved learners has been fuelling our growth. 

Your continuous support has been driving us to introduce new resources to help you with blockchain learning. Recently, we have made it to the list of Fastest-Growing Products in the 2022 Best Software Awards by G2. We are immensely honored to have received such credible recognition from a platform like G2. 

“We feel appreciated as our beloved learners, a community of users, and blockchain professionals worldwide have helped us get a top spot in the Best Software List by G2. With 20+ professional blockchain courses and new masterclasses alongside blockchain certifications, we have successfully made blockchain education a top product”, said 101 Blockchains’ CEO Aviv Lichtigstein

He also added, “Recognizing 101 Blockchains as one of the Fastest Growing Products by G2 complements our other awards such as Momentum Leader, High Performer, and Users Love us in previous G2 Reports. We thank G2 and our supporters for helping us grow and drive our inspiration to introduce more innovative offerings.”

Let us share the details of our latest achievement with you in the following discussion. 

G2 Annual Best Software Awards 2022

G2 has announced its Best Software Awards for 2022 in different categories as follows,

  • Best Software Products
  • Highest Satisfaction Products
  • Fastest Growing Products
  • Enterprise Products
  • Mid-market Products
  • Small Business Products

101 Blockchains has scored the 16th spot in the “Fastest Growing Products” category of the G2 Best Software Awards 2022. The award is a prominent milestone in our constantly evolving journey to becoming the leading blockchain training platform worldwide. How does the recognition from G2 affect our credibility?

The Credibility of G2 Best Software List

G2 is a leading software marketplace with a staggering user base of over 60 million per annum. G2 is one of the most trustworthy online platforms for discovering and reviewing technology solutions that help individuals and businesses accomplish their true potential. The annual Best Software List by G2 offers a ranking of some of the best software solutions and companies on the basis of authentic and latest reviews of actual users. Therefore, a place in the G2 annual Best Software List completely depends on whether actual users find a particular technology solution helpful. 

Furthermore, notable companies such as Hubspot, Adobe, Salesforce, Zoom, and many others have collaborated with G2 to strengthen their reputation. G2 has been helping such companies in managing their software expenses alongside supporting their business growth. So, it is truly an achievement for us to have been featured in the Best Software List by G2. 

What Exactly We’ve Achieved?

The Annual Best Software List by G2 helps in guiding professionals in various product purchasing decisions. With credible and objective scoring algorithms, there is no possibility of any biased judgment and entries in the annual Best Software List. Companies that make it to the list are there because they earned higher levels of customer satisfaction alongside having an impressive market presence. 

We have made it to the list solely because of the approved and published reviews by our contented learners. The scoring algorithm of the G2 annual Best Software List requires a minimum of 50 reviews in the previous calendar year. Therefore, our achievement in the “Fastest Growing Products” category of this year’s G2 Best Software Awards clearly reflects on the scores we obtained from our users in 2021. 

We would also like to draw your attention to the specific scoring algorithm for the “Fastest Growing Products” category – the G2 Momentum Algorithm. The Momentum algorithm normalizes all variables according to category followed by the aggregation to generate a Momentum Score. Some of the important factors that affect the Momentum Score by G2 are,

  • Year-over-year change
  • Review growth
  • Web growth
  • Employee growth 
  • Social growth

In basic words, we have shown promising growth in terms of size as well as customer feedback. Furthermore, our achievement as the 16th best entry in the G2 Fastest Growing Products category of their annual Best Software List also indicates our tremendous growth within the industry. 

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The Way Ahead 

Well, we are truly happy to have received such an honor from G2 with the support of our learners and the community of blockchain professionals. The G2 Best Software Awards have offered us a massive source of inspiration to come up with new solutions for our users. We have been able to register promising growth in terms of social outreach, employee development, and review quality. 

At the same time, we have maintained a promising year-on-year growth level consistently. In the long run, this award will serve as a beacon of strength to come up with innovative learning resources. We, at 101 Blockchains, would like to thank you again for helping us achieve this feat at the G2 Annual Best Software Awards 2022.    

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