Aspiring to become a Corda Expert? Let’s learn from the experts how you can get R3 Corda certification.

Currently, many enterprise companies are using Corda for their various blockchain projects. Along with other popular platforms, Corda has already established its position in the huge blockchain market.

Thus, many companies are now looking for Corda experts to help them in developing their solutions. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get the R3 Corda certification if you want to pursue a career in blockchain.

Today, we’ll follow through how 101 Blockchains CEBP certification can help you achieve this goal in this guide. So, let’s not waste any time and get right into it!

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Blockchain Is the Future

Before I move into how the CEBP course can help you become a Corda expert, I’ll explain how blockchain is the future of technology. We’ll also explain why Corda is a huge part of it as well.

If you are going to build a career in this industry, you must understand how blockchain will be the future. Also, it will help you better evaluate your decision to get the R3 Corda certification.

According to a 2020 survey, 55% of the enterprise organizations are making blockchain their top priority. So, it’s a massive opportunity to start your blockchain journey right now.

Also, suppose you are already working within an enterprise environment. In that case, it’s best to skill up using R3 Corda certification as Corda blockchain is one of the most demanded and popular platforms at the moment.

Blockchain is going to alter a lot of business strategies in the future. Let’s see what these are –

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Organization’s Governance Model

We will start to see a change in different organizational models as it will approach a more permissioned state in the future. Also, it will secure payments in a more effective manner as well. Not to mention, the public status will soon vanish.

  • Interconnected Networks

At the moment, the blockchain platforms are trying hard to achieve interoperability. As a result, experts can safely say that in the future, these platforms will achieve it. Thus, you will see a more interconnected network across multiple industries.

  • Coupling with Other Technologies

Blockchain is one of the future technologies, but it isn’t alone. There are other technologies that are really bringing changes to our world. For example, AI technology is one of them, and with blockchain, it can blossom even more and give rise to AI blockchain based solutions.

Also, blockchain being coupled with other technologies can help to create more advantages for blockchain itself.

  • Validation Tools Boom

Blockchain uses many tools to validate data on the chain. Therefore, it needs validation tools that can fetch information from the outside world and filter through wrong information correctly. Thus, to make blockchain more effective, the validation tools will see a huge upgradation along with massive implementation.

  • Digital Currencies in Central Banks

The most massive change will happen in the bank sector. In reality, all of them will lowly go for digital currencies instead of paper-based ones. More so, you will see a huge shift in their efficiencies as well. Also, all the paper-based documentation will shift to digital versions on the blockchain. Therefore, you will see more central bank digital currency projects in the long run.

This is why you should definitely pick blockchain as your career path right now. Also, if you are interested in Corda, it’s best to get the R3 Corda certification.

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Corda Expert Certification: Why Should You Become Corda Expert?

Well, you must be wondering why you should become a Corda blockchain expert in the first place. We mean, why should you get a Corda expert certification, right? Well, there are numerous reasons for you to achieve the R3 Corda certification.

R3 corda certification

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  • Increasing Need for Corda

The need for Corda is increasing rapidly at an exponential rate. To be frank, many industries are looking into Corda for their next big blockchain project. Therefore, there is also a rise in need for viable Corda tutorials. In reality, Corda first started out as a platform for specific financial sectors. However, it’s not limited to only the finance sector at the moment.

As a certified candidate, you can take advantage of this technology and enroll in a R3 Corda certification course. So, you won’t have to think about your future once you master Corda development skills.

  • Simplicity of Corda Infrastructure

The Corda infrastructure is undoubtedly simple to understand and handle. So, learning about it won’t be a hard task for you. But, don’t try to learn it on your own as in a way, it is a different technology that needs an expert perspective.

In reality, Corda wants to make this accessible for every industry out there. So, they made sure that the architectural complexity is kept at a minimum. Therefore, with the Corda R3 certification, you will learn about the simple infrastructure in no time.

Here’s a guide to top 10 Corda use cases that you can leverage in your blockchain development.

  • Skill Shortage in Corda Development

Well, in reality, there aren’t many Corda developers out there. Also, blockchain itself is a fairly new technology, on top of that, Corda is also fairly new. Therefore, many organizations are looking for proper talent who can help them make Corda base projects and increase their revenues. As the need for blockchain skills in this niche is growing, you should master it while you still can.

So, when you get the R3 Corda developer certification, you can go for these job offers and claim your position within the company. More so, your competition will be at a minimum.

  • Higher Salary

High-end companies are willing to pay a hefty sum for the perfect Corda developer. If you know what the ins and outs of Corda development, you can ask for a lucrative salary. In reality, you can expect blockchain developer salary ranging from $135,000 – $200,000 every year!

That’s a very generous salary, isn’t it? But without a R3 Corda certification course, it’s difficult to learn about it, let alone become a developer. So, if you want to have a handsome salary job, then Corda development can get you that.

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Corda Certification Benefits

There are certain benefits to taking R3 Corda certification course. Other than the obvious job prospects, there are other points to consider. So, let’s see what these benefits are –

  • Prove Your Skills as A Corda Expert

The Corda R3 certification will help you prove your skills to concerned authorities. For example, when you will go to a blockchain developer interview, you can showcase your certification and claim your worth.

Also, maybe you already have a knowledge base on this matter. But it needs polishing up. More so, using a course will help you better understand what the interviews will expect and how you can tackle any questions through at you.

In reality, expert courses will help you get a greater perspective on the blockchain network along with Corda. So, you will not only have blockchain digital transformation knowledge, but you will also have Corda based expertise and couple these two.

Thus, there are no other good means to become an expert other than taking the course.

  • Start A Lucrative Career as A Corda Expert

The best part about getting the R3 Corda developer certification is that you get to have a lucrative blockchain career position. Obviously, this is something many professional wants, and with a certification getting, it will become easier.

As you already know, the blockchain industry is ready to pour or invest loads of money into this sector. So, if you can prove your worth, you can easily get a top-notch job position in an enterprise environment.

Also, professionals who want to up their games should also use this certificate to showcase their skills or get promoted.

  • Get A Competitive Edge Over Others

If you get the chance to enrich your CV and get a competitive edge over other candidates, won’t you do it? In reality, a Corda R3 certification will help you enrich your CV and outrun other job hunters in the market.

Let’s face it, the job market is very competitive. Even if there are only a few Corda experts out there, certification will make you seem more capable of handling the tasks. Also, you may get a more consultancy or a leading position within the development team as well. So, we would recommend you to check out a certification course on R3 Corda right now!

  • Grasp the Core Concepts of Corda Architecture

What’s the best way to start your blockchain journey rather than learning about the core concepts? So, it’s your duty for a Corda developer that you are fully aware of what you are working with. In reality, the R3 Corda developer certification will cover all the basics you need to get started.

More so, these certification courses allow you to get in-depth knowledge on the topic. If you aren’t clear about the architecture or how it works, you will find it difficult to go deeper into the coding scheme. Also, it will help to strategize your blockchain projects for consultants or any other industry professional.

Certified enterprise blockchain architect

Which Platform to Use for Your Corda R3 Certification Process?

Well, as you can already see, the benefits of enrolling in a R3 Corda certification course are huge. More so, a certified corda expert cannot have an opportunity at the moment but can also expect future technological advantages.

Therefore, it’s only common sense that you will want to look for the best way to start your Corda journey. 101 Blockchains happens to be one of the top educations and research platforms in the blockchain realm.

In reality, it’s a well-known independent source that you can use for getting enterprise-grade information at ease. More so, to help you out, 101 Blockchain offers a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification.

This certification covers Corda as well. So, you can become certified professional along with added Corda certified too. Anyhow, the best part about this platform is that it offers productive tools and practical knowledge on the said topic. So, you will always stay updates no matter what.

101 Blockchains Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) Certification

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification course is perfect for any individual looking to become a Corda expert. Also, it’s not just any certification exam rather than comprehensive guidance to help you become a professional.

101 Blockchains always strives to offer prospective candidates the experience and knowledge they need to become experts. Anyhow, the certification is designed to help you get the R3 Corda developer certification.

As the course also covers other technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric and Enterprise Ethereum, you get to learn about the overall spectrum of blockchain.

Anyhow, as the course offers fresh content, it will keep you updated on the current design changes too. More so, the 101 Blockchains CEBP certification will make sure you are capable of understanding business goals and strategize effectively.

But do remember, this course is mainly for students who are willing to become a certified professional in the blockchain.

Anyhow, in this course, you will get to –

  • Understand the core concepts of R3 Corda and its overall ecosystem.
  • Develop expertise and experience with actionable tools and interactive quizzes.
  • Learn about the productive and realistic implementation of Corda based business models.

As you can see, all you have to do is register for the CEBP course, and you can get access to all the lucrative materials 101 Blockchains offer.

certified enterprise blockchain professional

Duration of The Course

In reality, the duration of the course is only 4 weeks. All the materials are divided into smaller segments, which will take only 3-4 hours every week. But the best part is that you won’t have to stick to a fixed timeline to learn about Corda.

Therefore, you can pause and resume the course whenever you have spare time from your part. So, it’s a flexible scheduling option for you, unlike other courses out in the markets.

The Lesson Structure

Module-1: Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology

This is the very first module of the CEBP certification course. It will start by explaining what blockchain technology is and how does blockchain work. Furthermore, it will slowly start to illustrate the different parts of a blockchain and what roles these elements play.

Anyhow, it will later cover the different types of blockchain technology, their characteristics, features, etc.

You will also learn about how to use them in different environments. Thus, this process will help you use a particular blockchain when you need it.

Next, this module will cover the different elements of blockchain, such as double spending, smart contracts, and consensus process for business models.

Module-2: Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

This is the next module in the CEBP certification course that you need for your corda certification process. Actually, this is the most important module for you as in this module, you will learn about the different blockchain platforms, including Corda blockchain.

Basically, this module will start with explaining Hyperledger Fabric fundamentals. It will explain how it works, the use cases, and many other elements of this platform.

The same goes for the Ethereum platform. After that, it will cover the Corda platform. In this module, you can learn about the fundamentals of Corda, how to use it, what the use cases, and how you can use it in your business, and many other crucial topics.

Curious about blockchain platforms? Here’s a guide on Enterprise Blockchain platforms that you can use to learn more about these.

Module-3: Blockchain in Trade Finance

In this next module, you will start with learning about the cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets. Yes, these are different, and they have their distinctive roles within a blockchain network. Therefore, if you want to make a trade finance blockchain project that uses tokens, you can take notes from this lesson.

Next comes the fundamental of the Ripple network. In reality, this platform is suitable for financial sectors and use cases. Thus, it’s in this module to emphasize on how blockchain handles the digital currency.

Furthermore, later on, you will learn about the effect on Trade Finance for integrating blockchain technology.

  • Crypto assets and cryptocurrencies
  • Ripple fundamentals
  • Trade finance on Blockchain

Make sure to go through all the lessons very carefully for your corda certification process.

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Module-4: Different Blockchain Applications

In your training sessions, you will next learn about the different blockchain applications. The module will start with explaining the fundamental of the supply chain process. It will also cover how blockchain is impacting different parts of the supply chain ecosystem.

After that, you will learn about the different use cases of the blockchain for supply chain management systems. Anyhow, the instructor will describe all the steps of an example live project just to help you better grasp the concept.

Anyhow, the module will close with a lesson dedicated to blockchain digital transformation.

  • Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
  • Use Cases of Blockchain In Supply Chain Management
  • Blockchain Digital Transformation

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Module-5: Real-World Blockchain Use Cases

For getting Corda certification, you will need to know about the use cases of blockchain. This is the final module of the certification course. In reality, this course will cover different practical blockchain use cases.

Almost all the use cases are suitable for the Corda platform as well. More so, you will also get to see real-world examples too. The primary goal is to help you understand how you can utilize this technology and come up with better strategies.

Why Use 101 Blockchains For Your Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification?

Well, there are various reasons to use 101 Blockchains for the enterprise professional certification. Let’s see what these are, shall we?

  • High-Quality Learning Content

101 Blockchains offers top quality learning content for your certification process. So, using this, you can easily grasp the core concepts of the Corda platform. More so, if you notice the module structure from before, you’ll see how comprehensive the lecture materials are.

Therefore, it’s quite easy to improve your skillsets and become certified along with it. The best part about this course is that it comes with in-depth information about blockchain and its counterparts.

  • Flexible and Interactive Learning Structure

For your Corda training, 101 Blockchains comes with a flexible and interactive learning structure. You can access the course for 1 year after you purchase it. All the materials are divided into smaller segments, which will take only 3-4 hours every week. But the best part is that you won’t have to stick to a fixed timeline to learn about Corda.

Therefore, you can pause and resume the course whenever you have spare time from your part. So, it’s a flexible scheduling option for you, unlike other courses out in the markets.

  • Lucrative Bonus Materials

The best feature of 101 Blockchains enterprise courses is that they all come with bonus materials. And CEBP is one of them that offers tons of bonus material just for you. In the bonus material, you will hands-on assignments, interactive questions, exercises, interviews with top-level executives, and so on.

As you can already see, it’s a great way to start your Corda training with 101 Blockchains.

Here’s a guide to why blockchain certifications are important for one’s blockchain career.

  • Comprehensive Personal Guidance

Your journey of obtaining Corda expert certification is easier with the personal guidance that 101 Blockchains offer. Yes, 101 Blockchains expert team is always ready to help out individuals in their learning process.

In reality, the weekly spreadsheets from 101 Blockchains will keep track of the progress of each student. So, you won’t have to worry about having any confusion or questions about a lesson topic.

Also, with the expert team’s support, you will easily blossom into a worthy expert for high profile jobs.

  • Premium Support

Who doesn’t like premium support? I mean, if you are enrolling in a premium course, it’s normal to ask for premium support as well. This is where 101 Blockchains will never fail to satisfy you. In reality, 101 Blockchains offers a responsive and knowledgeable support team just for your needs.

As a certification candidate, it’s evident that you will have concerns or questions about the exam processes. Well, not to worry, 101 Blockchains support team is here to save the day!

  • Proof of Your Expert Skills

This is the most important reason for choosing 101 Blockchains for your blockchain expert certification. In reality, if you don’t have proof of your skills in high-end interviews, this may affect your results a bit.

A certification is a great way to showcase your expertise, and with 101 Blockchains, you get that. Once you pass the exam, you will get a printable certification for your CV. Also, you’ll get LinkedIn accreditation that will help you enrich your LinkedIn profile and expand your networking range.

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Get Your R3 Corda Certification Right Now!

Corda is definitely one of the promising blockchain platforms out there. At present, many companies such as Bank of Canada, Monetary Authority of Singapore, ING, SWIFT, and many more are using this platform. More so, Corda is involved in many consortia at the moment leading the blockchain realm to a whole different level.

That’s why it’s a very strategic choice to get Corda training and become an expert on it. As you can see, the demands are high and with a bright future ahead. So, why not take the chance right now? For all novices this is the perfect opportunity to get certified with our upcoming Corda development course!

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!