Blockchain is rising to the top faster than any other tech at present. Our typical marketplace standards will soon disrupt and would be replaced with decentralized models. In reality, many enterprises are now looking for a way to secure their place in the marketplace. Thus, the search for blockchain skills still prevails.

The issue is that even though there’s a high demand in blockchain skills, there isn’t an adequate amount of people with the required skills yet. However, for a mass blockchain adoption, industries need to hire the right team right now without wasting any more time.

Thus, it can be a great opportunity for you to rise up to this occasion and secure yourself a fancy career in these enterprises. So, if you are still new to this scene, then definitely check out this guide. Today, I’ll be letting you just which blockchain skills and habits you need to become a blockchain talent.

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So, let’s start!

What Blockchain Skills Do You Need To Develop?

The demand for blockchain skills is rising at a rapid rate. That’s why you should check out our top blockchain technology skills list to figure out what the enterprises need right now. Let’s see what they are –

  • Possess Business and Tech Acumen

Let’s start off with one of the most wanted blockchain technology skills right now. In reality, the basic skills mainly focus on blockchain technology architecture more than the business perspective. However, enterprises need to have a business-led architecture as well. You need to understand how the business outcome would be when you are in an enterprise blockchain environment.

More so, you should also know how to build connections and explore different data flows within the trading partners or customers and products. Therefore, rationalizing the business architecture staring form the core to the ecosystem or value chain should be your first priority.

The best way to do it is to figure out the perfect balance between technology and business outcomes. Furthermore, you should only use the tech in certain parts when it does make sense, not just because other companies are doing it.

As a professional, you also need to know about the difference between protocols, networks, technologies, APIs, and many more.

In reality, it will let you know how you should design the blockchain solutions and how it would impact the enterprises as well. Therefore, many companies now want blockchain developers with business acumen skills.

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  • Have Technical Knowledge on Interoperability

Interoperability is going to be the next big thing in the blockchain world. At present, blockchain technology is still growing, but it lacks a certain kick to it – no workable interoperability. Without proper interoperability, many platforms can’t communicate with each other and become more of a siloed solution.

For example, an insurance company offering a solution based on certain blockchain standards can’t directly access or work with another blockchain environment that uses another set of standards. So, when you try to interconnect these different platforms, they leave security loopholes.

That’s why this is one of the blockchain skills in demand.

Thus, you need to have technical knowledge of interoperability. This is one of the blockchain skills that would definitely help you out get a solid career in this niche.

More so, keep your mind in open source platforms as they mainly use common standards. Other than this, enterprises need to reduce latency problems, and it will start driving more business once they do. So, try to go into the core of interoperability and get your blockchain technology skills up and running.

  • Understand Decentralized and Distributed Ledgers

As one of the blockchain technology skills, distributed ledger expertise is a must if you are a developer. There are many blockchain frameworks out there that offer different outcomes. Being an expert in at least the popular ones would surely land you a career in the enterprises.

More so, many enterprises are already looking for developers that have extended knowledge of how to develop a distributed ledger. In many cases, you may have to create your very own blockchain framework all by yourself.

So, start to learn more about the core APIs, protocols, network system within the system. More so, learn about how to develop smart contracts or add more features without any security loopholes.

Once you become an expert, you should expect a handsome amount of salary when you work in enterprises.

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  • Develop Cross-discipline Broad Skills

Nowadays, many of the blockchain companies are looking for a person with cross-discipline broad skills. So, if you think only having the knowledge of how to develop blockchain is all you need, then think again.

In reality, it’s always appreciated that a blockchain practitioner should have other skills such as critical thinking, DevOps, being agile, design thinking, self-management, adaptability, analyzing skills, and many more.

Furthermore, these skills, along with blockchain technology skills, would help you broaden your viewpoint and see the solution form a different angle.

I mean, this is how innovations start in the first place. Only having technology or business experience isn’t enough anymore. Demand for blockchain skills more than these is also on the rise. Thus, experience in end to end life cycle for developing, designing, testing, or deploying will also come with its merits.

That’s why you should definitely work on your cross-discipline board skills as well, along with blockchain skills.

  • Deeply Understand of Different Blockchain Platforms

When the enterprises start to work on their blockchain projects, they need to select the perfect blockchain platform for their solution. It might not seem like much, but it’s a huge challenge for the enterprise to make the solution a success.

In reality, the multitude of different frameworks makes this process rather complicated. A deep understanding of how the various platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Ripple, Quorum, etc. works can be a huge plus point for you.

Thus, you can select which platform would be best for your company’s solution and how can you use that platform for your benefit.

Also, you need to identify the critical differences between all these platforms as well. Another great thing would be to choose the platforms based on their types. Clearly, a private platform in a public-oriented solution would not be the best choice.

Also, as most of these enterprises often go for private or federated ones, it would be better to have blockchain skills in these two types of blockchain.

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  • Be Proficient With Enterprise Business Processes

If you want to work in an enterprise environment, you have to learn about their different business processes. It’s a massive factor as these skills will help you develop or strategize how the company can integrate blockchain and benefit from it.

Without proper knowledge of business processes, it would hard to come up with an alluring business case.

The demand for blockchain skills in this niche is quite high, and enterprises are willing to pay a hefty amount of salary for it.

So, it can be a significant opportunity to shine. That’s why you need to have a higher understanding of procurement, logistics, distribution, treasury operations, etc. In reality, these skills would help you “speak the same language” of business practitioners.

And so, work on these as the demand for blockchain skills would surely land you a good job.

  • Know-How to Simplify

Even though blockchain gets rid of the complexity of legacy networks, it still is quite complex itself. Well, it’s definitely not an ERP system or replacement tool, but you can use it to simplify your businesses.

However, you need to know how to simplify using this tech. In reality, the many features can easily over complicate your solution. But according to one of the rules of proof of concept, simplification is the key. Instead of just adding up new features in the solution, you should opt for a simplistic design methodology that can help you innovate as well.

Having previous experience in other enterprise blockchains or blockchain as a service provider can boost up your candidacy within the enterprise market.

Many companies now offer special training sessions to help you develop these blockchain skills in demand. So, you can enroll in one of those and enrich your resume.

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  • Be Able to Dissect Blockchain Architecture Patterns

Dissecting blockchain architectures before designing a solution is a massive skill to begin with. In reality, without proper case study, you can’t just make up your very own blockchain solution.

Furthermore, enterprises want talents that can not only develop or design the solution but can also dissect the underlying technology of any kind of architecture.

I would have to say, for this, you should study already existing blockchain architectures vigorously. There are many open-source technologies on the market right now, and you can definitely get their source code from GitHub easily.

Also, once you know how each company is offering their solution, you can also compare the one you designed to make it more cost-effective and efficient.

In reality, there aren’t many blockchain developers or engineers that come with this skill. Thus, the demand for blockchain skills keeps rising in the market.

  • Technical Knowledge about Blockchain Ecosystem and Standards

It’s a must when it comes to blockchain skills. In reality, you should have technical knowledge about different blockchain ecosystems and standards. To improve this skill, you can participate in many working groups that focus on concepts and develop standards.

You can partner up with blockchain consortia and even enroll in academic institutions that help you learn about the ecosystem more thoroughly.

Furthermore, blockchain isn’t just a database, you will need much more depth when developing your skills. Also, to be successful, you should understand how blockchain principles work in different environments and how you can apply them in your company’s environment as well.

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  • Know How To Communicate Value

This might seem like a bit farfetched. But many companies want these blockchain skills when they recruit employees. In reality, if you are enterprises in the field of blockchain development, you must know how to communicate value.

In this case, the communication refers to the skill of solving an issue and help your colleagues appreciate what you are proposing. When working in a collaborative environment, clients can present an issue. Therefore, you should have the skill to think out of the box and work your way around the problem when the issue arises.

What it does is that it gives you the ability to solve problems within a short amount of time.

However, I have to add it’s a relatively new addition to the enterprises’ demand for blockchain skills list. More so, lucrative jobs such as blockchain developer, engineer, designer, legal consultancy come with their fair share of skills, but they all lack a skill of helping the clients to appreciate the benefits you are proposing.

So, try to develop this skill as well.

  • Solid Knowledge about the Development Tools

There are many development tools on the market now for blockchain only. When working in an enterprise environment, you need to be an all-rounder in whatever field you are working in. Suppose you are a developer or an engineer. Well, in that case, you would most certainly be an active team member while working on a new solution.

In that case, you should know how to use these certain tools to create your project in a short amount of time and more efficiently for that matter.

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How Do Enterprises Develop Their Blockchain Talent Base?

According to a recent survey in 2019, on 1386 participants, enterprises use different methods to develop their in-house blockchain team. Let’s see which methods these enterprises use. However, I have to add that the real numbers may vary because not every participant responded.


Percentage Of Enterprises Using This Method

In-house courses




Online training sessions


External training Sessions











So, you see, enterprises also offer many programs in which you can develop your blockchain engineer skills at ease. So, if you have a workable talent, you can perfect it by getting a job in these enterprises that offer these programs.

What Are The Popular Jobs Right Now On The Market?

There are some popular jobs in the market that you can get with your blockchain job skills. Let’s see what these are –

  • Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer seems to be the most wanted jobs in the blockchain niche at present. You can easily get a career as a full-stack developer in the blockchain. If you have blockchain engineer skills such as server-side programing with analytical aspects, then the job can be yours.

However, for this career, you’ll need to have a better understanding of how the end to end systems work. More so, transaction processes, setting up nodes, or triggering smart contracts would be your job responsibilities.

Furthermore, you’d also need skills in JQuery, SQL servers, AJAX, MVC, .NET, SDL, C++, C, JavaScript, REST, XCOD, XML, FTP, SOAP and many more.

In reality, this can be a great opportunity as you can work in any kind of industry.

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  • Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineer skills are in the second most demanded blockchain jobs at present. With this, you can definitely secure yourself a good pay with lots of work. Anyhow, your job responsibilities would include implementing blockchain and developing solutions for enterprises using blockchain.

So, for that, you would have to study blockchain engineer skills your company is looking for and develop applications as they want. Furthermore, you would also have to work on accelerators or assets and set up the enterprise infrastructure based on distributed ledger models.

More so, skills in Python, Oracle, Java, Ripple, Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc. would definitely help you out.

  • Blockchain Advisor

Many enterprises that are moving into the blockchain niche now need experts that can assess their goals and portray blockchains applicability.

If you are looking for a career as a blockchain advisor, you should know how to analyze the company’s profile and come up with perfect strategies that can help them grow. Basically, you would need to define how the enterprise can use blockchain to add value and create a business case around it.

More so, good communication skills or cross-discipline broad skills would help you out in this type of job. Additionally, a thorough knowledge of how the blockchain really works or how it impacts different industries can help you shine in this job.

If you are a beginner, then you should start your career with this Blockchain for Beginners guide.

  • Marketing Specialist

Many enterprises that have blockchain applications are now looking for a marketing specialist to handle their marketing strategies. It may not seem like a big deal at first. Even though blockchain is a lucrative tech and sells itself, most of the consumers don’t really have a clue on what is blockchain.

The responsibility of marketing specialists would include research on the consumers, different products, marketing them efficiently, and teaching the consumers what blockchain is. Without proper exposure, no matter how lucrative a solution is, it won’t sell.

And so, marketing specialists with a blockchain knowledge base can land a great paying job in these enterprises.

  • Project Manager

You already know by the title what the project manager can actually do in an enterprise. A blockchain project manager has a lot to perform when it comes to managing a full-cycle blockchain solution. Most importantly, these individuals work as a link between a business person and blockchain developers and also outlines the best strategy using minimal resources.

A hacker’s mindset would come in handy in this type of job role. As a blockchain job skills, you should play a strong managerial role and be a bridge between technical and business perspectives.

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer

Basically, as the blockchain engineer skills, quality engineering falls under the subcategory of it. In reality, these engineers work as a blockchain engineer or supplement the work of them. In every case, before a project is launched, it needs to be thoroughly tested.

And this where blockchain job skills come into play. If you are looking for a career as a quality engineer, you would have to test out the various frameworks before using it in the organization. More so, after a full product is developed, you will make sure that the product is up to standards.

In reality, you can use many development tools to test out the blockchain frameworks. So, the knowledge of development tools as the blockchain job skills would help out here as well.

  • Blockchain Legal Consultant

Another one of the blockchain skills in demand would land you a job as a legal consultant. In reality, blockchain is on the verge of development is not perfect yet. Due to the decentralized structure, many companies face legal problems. More so, cryptocurrencies got their fair share of bad outcomes.

Thus, many don’t find blockchain solution as 100% legal. Mostly, in the case of ICOs. Thus, the blockchain legal consultant would have to make sure that their solutions aren’t directly clashing with any existing laws.

At present, these blockchain skills in demand are over the roof. But to qualify, you have to have a legal background as well as a deep understanding of blockchain technology itself.

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In The End

In the end, you should know that a career in the blockchain is a lucrative one, to begin with. You get to learn from the best of the best pros, and you get to work in a completely new kind of technology. In reality, the pay for these blockchain job skills is also the main attraction.

More so, many of the jobs even offer $140k+ as a monthly salary, which is something you should definitely look for. Anyhow, I’ve outlined the blockchain job skills you would need to secure your career in this marketplace.

So, you can follow the list and work on your blockchain skills in demand to follow your dreams and get a career of the lifetime.

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