Blockchain career is on the rise just like the popularity of the blockchain technology. It’s slowly starting to move into various fields, and it’s time for you to embrace this niche.

Every industry from finance to healthcare and even education is starting to benefit from this wonderful technology. Nurturing a blockchain career is not an easy thing yet. Why? Because the adoption and integration of the technology are still in the primary stages.

However, there are only a handful of institutions that provide the necessary amount of training for this type of jobs. But that didn’t stop organizations, institutions, and companies from posting blockchain jobs with a certain blockchain technology skill set.

Demand for people with blockchain skills is more than the total supply. And this way, Blockchain job openings continue to grow by the day. Many mainstream companies, as well as startups, are exploring the technology. So, you should expect it to persist for many years to come.

That being said, what opportunities can you get in this field? Let’s explore some of the blockchain skill demands right now!

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Blockchain Career Opportunities

Demand for people with expertise in security protocols and data structures is on the rise. Most blockchain careers so far were centered on people who can come up with finance applications. But the landscape is slowly changing.

Accepting this tech is making all these new changes around the globe. For starters, there is a demand for people who can leverage blockchain technology and come up with applications for safe storage of sensitive data in the healthcare sector.

Companies are also looking for people who can utilize blockchain technologies for supply chain and logistics management.

Several “specific” blockchain careers are already up and running at a high speed.

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Blockchain Career Opportunities Infographic

Blockchain Career Wheel of Opportunities

Blockchain Generalist

It’s more of a “do it yourself” kind of niche. If you spend a right amount of time online and learn about the relevant material, you can get a better understanding of the technology. This apparently includes basic concepts and applications. Doing so, you should be able to understand various use cases and applications in several ecosystems.


Smart Contract Developer

Smart contracts are one of the useful features of the blockchain. Many companies are crazy about it and are looking for smart contract developers.  There are many ways you can learn about all the basic skills needed to develop smart contracts powered blockchain.

Smart contracts are an essential aspect of the emerging technology. Being a smart contract developer here would surely make you a superstar in no time.


Blockchain Developer

It’s arguably one of the top blockchain careers given the number of skills needed in the first place. But we will get to this niche later in the article.


Blockchain Expert

To develop a blockchain career, you need to know the coding language of technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s a start. But it can help you nourish the essential coding skills. Being able to develop protocols are also one of the attractions.


How To Kickstart a Blockchain Career

There are three key opportunity areas when it comes to blockchain careers.


Software Development

Blockchain technology calls for basic software programming skills. So, a software developer is a requirement for making a career in this technology. For starters, you need to have a basic understanding of how blockchains work. Also, you’ll need to various programming languages.

Having a good understanding of how decentralized systems and peer-to-peer networks work is another requirement. If you are a highly skilled software developer, then it can help you to operate independently. This way you can come up with various applications powered by blockchain technology.


Product Management

Blockchain career around product management is hard to get because most businesses in this field are startups with a single product. However, that’s why you should start your own blockchain business to be a product manager.

If you have a background as a product manager, you should find someone else who shares the same skills. Combining efforts with a software developer should go a long way here. You will be able to come up with a viable blockchain product.



Just like any other emerging technology, Blockchain presents a new market opportunity. Comparatively, it is quite easy to come up with blockchain-based businesses as opposed to applying for blockchain jobs.

If you decide to nurture a blockchain career as an entrepreneur, you need to be a little creative. Focusing more on the problems and needs of the blockchain community will help here.

For starters, you could decide to enhance the usability of decentralized apps as an entrepreneur.

Now let’s look into some of the lucrative blockchain careers that are slowly taking up space.


13 Blockchain Career You Should Look Into

Below are some of the hottest positions and ideal blockchain careers for you.


Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are probably the most required professionals in the new employment niche. So, most blockchain jobs require people who can come up with applications for enhancing service delivery in various sectors.

A blockchain developer arguably will have a solid career opportunity. Why? Because he can work in various industries ranging from finance to manufacturing and in the health sector too.

Similarly, industry leaders are getting intrigued with all the blockchain technology opportunities. And this means, more jobs for blockchain developers going forward.

Blockchain development should continue to offer robust careers to make it more lucrative. However, you will be in a highly technical position. So, it would require tremendous attention and skill if you want to shine here.

You’ll need some technical skills to grow a strong demand. Skills such as understanding of the Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio as well as JavaScript, neural networks, agile networks among others and many more.


Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers are the second reputed position on the market now. Many organizations are looking for people who will help them get a head start in the technology. Using skills as a blockchain engineer is a sure way of making a career out of this technology.

Blockchain engineers are here to create and implement various digital solutions for companies depending on needs. You should study the technology needs of the company you are working for and develop relevant applications.

To ace a blockchain career on this field, you need high skill levels in Java, Solidity, C#, APL, Python, etc. Knowledge in other blockchain techs can be a plus point here. You will be able to innovate new blockchain applications to suit an organization needs.


Blockchain Information Security Analyst

For the development to be successful, security is one of the basic requirements. That being said, people with information security skills and experience have a role to play in the blockchain sector.

Information security analysts can make a huge chunk of money here. Proving a protective blockchain network as well as application, the demand for this job is enormous.


Blockchain Project Managers

Many companies look for blockchain project managers for converting company’s need into technical language. In the blockchain niche, you would require to understand the concept and then simplify it for the consumers.

The professionals plan and supervise the whole process of blockchain projects after all the initial developments are done.

Blockchain careers on this area require people who have traditional expertise in working in other industries. Experience is key as this is the only way you can move a product from developers to clients and have the desired impact.


Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain Quality Engineers work or supplement the works of blockchain engineers. So, this is an ideal blockchain career for quality engineers. Developments would need certification to ensure it is working correctly.

Quality engineers are needed to test various frameworks of blockchain before they are put to use in an organization. They also guide the testing process for blockchain development as well as maintain premium quality standards.

A quality engineer job will require you to research and advice on new blockchain tools and test automation. You may also have to develop, apply and maintain QA automated test standards. Other added tasks include offering technical leadership and mentorship for junior testing engineers.


Blockchain Attorney or Legal Consultant

Blockchain being a new technology brings a lot of legal issues with it. That’s why many organizations want a legal consultant among their team. You have to go consider many legal procedures before launching a new tech. That’s why companies are increasingly looking for people with legal expertise when it comes to the digital ledger technology.

You would need to master all the basics and legal policies for the technology. This is the only way you would be able to advise a blockchain company before launching a new application. However, it’s best to address what they can do and what they can’tfrom beforehand.

Attorneys are getting calls from various companies and upcoming startups, seeking advice on the blockchain. Mainly on how to structure and govern Initial Coin Offerings, to meet certain regulations. It can be a growing career opportunity for you if you can get familiarized with all the blockchain requirements.


Blockchain Designer

New blockchain startups, as well as businesses looking to use cryptocurrencies, wants to invest in websites. It’s a great strategy to let the customers know what they are up to. This ensures a good demand for designers who can make blockchain focused websites and products.

It’s a great way of reaching out to the mass with a glamorous webpage.

However, simplicity is the key here. Most of the companies want an elegant yet eye-catching web presence. The pages should inform customers and clients what the company is offering in the blockchain niche.

In this case, it will require a User Interface Designer. They will create a User Interface (UX/UI) design with Sketch, PS and Figma that works in mobile too. These job posts also call for developers with excellent communication skills. It also requires the ability to interface effectively with marketing teams on content operations.


Blockchain Marketing Specialists

Startups and firms that already have blockchain applications are starting to integrate marketing outreach processes into their operations. Such blockchain jobs require people who can create marketing plans for reaching out to the desired audience.

Blockchain career as a marketing specialist would require you to research potential markets for upcoming blockchain projects or products.  You would also need the skill to develop and maintain a social presence in the market. Without a social and proper marketing strategy, no company can expect to be successful.


Blockchain Intern

Blockchain jobs for interns are slowly cropping up and paying well, as well. The duties of interns vary a great deal. These upcoming professionals are looked upon to complement the works of blockchain engineers and developers.

Blockchain interns, depending on the organization, can design and develop blockchain ledgers on open source platforms such as Linux. Coming up with potential ideas and proof of concept is another story here. Mainly you would learn from professionals and then possibly join the team.

To kick-start a blockchain career as an intern, you must have a basic understanding of the digital ledger technology. Technical skills in various programming languages such as C++, Java, and Nodes would be plus point.


Blockchain Technical Recruiter

Demand for recruiters who can discover top talent with much-needed blockchain skills is a demanding position. Furthermore, the market is huge now because many companies require a lot of expansion these days. Currently, there is a relative shortage of qualified workers even with the emergence of more blockchain jobs.

However, the situation will change as people take note of the fact that blockchain technology is here to stay. Pursuing a blockchain career is a top priority for most people looking to make a living with this type of skill.

That being said, many organizations are looking for technical recruiters that can discover the best blockchain recruitments. They could include blockchain developers, engineers as well as designers with a higher level of skill set.

You would need to entice job seekers with relevant skills. It’s critical to ace a blockchain career as a technical recruiter in this case. So, the technical recruiter has to be one of the easiest one in blockchain career. But you would need to learn about the tech to play HR roles.


Business Development Representative

Blockchain being a burgeoning field has seen an emergence of new business opportunities across various industries. Even more there is a growing need for people who can push blockchain projects or products to the market. And also turn them into a larger enterprise.

A blockchain career as a business representative would also require you to push for product partnerships. On the other hand, closing deals will help in developing the underlying project further. You would need to have a clear understanding of the company’s goal to complete the job well. Utilizing the applications to butter up the company is another role for this job.

You should also have some sales experience. And excellent communication skills to be able to reach out to the target audience. A bachelor’s degree in the finance business and communications may have to come in hand, depending on an organizations requirement.


Blockchain Data Scientist

Blockchain being a ledger technology is synonymous with vast troves of data. It is thus the work of blockchain data scientists to collect, interpret, analyze and manage data by applying statistics. Data Scientists are now becoming an integral part of the evolution of the technology.

Data scientists, in this case, have to analyze vast troves of transaction data. They are also required to help engineers, developers to come up with the final blockchain product. And even, carrying out upgrades and updates.

Having a master’s degree in data and computer science would have the upper hand when applying for these jobs.


Research Analyst

Research analysts can also leverage their skills in this field by replacing the works of developers and blockchain engineers. Similarly, professional research analyst can carry out in-depth analysis on potential application areas. This way they can help in developing new technologies.

Their works and operations simplify the work of developers and engineers. It also ensures creativity.

For a research analyst, you must have in-depth data analysis skills. If you think strategically you would be able to use the ledger system without any hassles.

Research analysts eyeing blockchain careers should also have a deep understanding of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industry.


A Comparison of All The Blockchain Careers


Blockchain Career  Job  Description Desired Skills
Blockchain Developer
  • Research Design Develop Blockchain Technologies
  • Develops Decentralized  applications and Smart Contracts


  • A Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Proficiency in various Programming  languages, I.e., Java, Node JS and Python
Blockchain Engineer


Responsible for designing  Blockchain Solutions


Background in Computer Science or Software Engineering
Quality Engineer
  • Monitors  and Manages Blockchain Networks
  • Certifies Network Before Launch
  • Carries Network Upgrades and Updates
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or any related field.
  • Ability to apply, document, and certify policies, standards, and procedures.
Blockchain Information Security Analyst
  • Researching and Planning network security Measures
  • Installing a firewall  to protect computer networks
  • Bachelor’s Degree  in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Information Technology.
Blockchain Project Managers
  • Responsible for  organizing and managing multiple projects and  deliverables
  • Tasked with creating a work plan for completing projects
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration or related fields.
  • Experience in the blockchain technology.
Blockchain Attorney/ Legal Consultant


  • Drafting and Reviewing legal aspects of ICO Documentation
  • Meeting certain legal regulations before a launch.


  • A Law Degree.
  • Admittance to the state bar.
  • Experience in the blockchain.


Blockchain Designer
  • Design, implement and support blockchain focused websites.
  • Designing Blockchain User Interface around specific Business Models
  • Strong software development background.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
  • Coding skills and experience.
  • Expertise in many Programming Languages.
  • Familiar with P2P networks
Blockchain Marketing Specialists


  • Overseeing and developing marketing  campaigns
  • Researching to Identify target audience
  • Devising ideas and Strategies
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sales and Marketing
  • Superior Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Blockchain Product Knowledge
Blockchain Technical Recruiter
  • Identify and Screen potential blockchain project candidates
  • Review  Applicants to ensure they meet minimum Blockchain project requirements
  • Research new technologies


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource
  • Ability to learn technical information
  • Ability to build strong relationships
  • A great deal of HR practice and understanding of labor legislation.
Blockchain Intern


  • Completing relevant assigned tasks such as coding, marketing, etc.
  • Brainstorming for new ideas.
  • Basic Skills.
  • Understanding of digital ledger technology.
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields
Business Development Representative


  • Push a certain product partnership.
  • Closing new deals.
  • Negotiating and presenting the company.
  • BSc degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or relevant field.
  • A higher level of expertise in negotiation and communication.
  • Capability to deliver attractive presentations.
Blockchain Data Scientist


Research and analyze troves Of Blockchain data Bachelors in Statistics or Mathematics
Research Analysts
Apply data mining techniques in statistical analysis


  • Excellent understanding of Blockchain technology
  • Coding Knowledge



Who is Hiring?

A blockchain career won’t be complete without you having a clear idea of where to look for jobs in the vast sector. The major players when it comes to blockchain jobs include startups, tech companies as well as the government.



Startups are slowly looking to take advantage of the blockchain and cryptocurrency field. Run by nerds as well as businessmen, these firms are looking for people who can create platforms. Developing new sites, digital wallets, Vlogs, and educational tools are one of the basic needs now.

Back in the old days, startups weren’t able to pay that much. But now the scenes are changed. Now startups pay quite a sum for good skills.


Established Companies

Blockchain technology is making a name in the financial sector where banks firms are trying to adapt to this new tech for enhancing their features. It’s not surprising that these companies are looking for blockchain based skilled people. Blockchain developers or engineers are one of their top priorities.

Most legacies are hiring blockchain teams made up of developers, engineers, attorneys, data analysts, and security analysts. It’s a great method to keep up with the demands of the technology.


Tech Companies

Tech firms are now investing in this new tech. They seek to strengthen their product portfolios as well as service delivery. The likes of Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM have already set up blockchain divisions. They are increasingly looking for people with vast blockchain skills to explore these waters. Knowing how to integrate the technology into their operations would be a big plus here.

Blockchain development has since become a high priority for such companies. This ensures the fact that blockchain careers are here to stay for the long haul.



China is one of the countries that appear to have taken a keen interest in the emerging technology. The government is investing millions in innovations that will help enhance efficiency in various sectors.

The cost-cutting potential of the technology is one of the attributes that is getting utilized by China. The investments have essentially led to an increase in blockchain jobs that people with the right skills can apply.


Bottom Line

Blockchain technology is a science that continues to change with time. Many different kinds of people stand to get hired in various sectors of the economy. And thus, build blockchain careers as the technology evolves.

The fact that the technology is threatening to revolutionize how various industries operate means there will always be blockchain job openings for people with the right skills. Blockchain careers are here to stay. So, you can peruse this niche as a career without any worries.