The increasing demand for Certified Blockchain experts is simultaneously increasing the importance of Blockchain certifications. If you’re aspiring to get your Blockchain Expert Certification to prove your expertise in Blockchain, read on this article to get ahead!

Technology changes fast, and the ones who fail to keep up can risk the chances of being left behind. Even though Blockchain technology achieved mainstream application with the arrival of Bitcoin in 2008, it gained the identity of a real-world tech option in 2016 and 2017. The potential of Blockchain to transform information sharing across open and private business networks reflects on the long term promises with Blockchain Technology.

Therefore, many candidates aspiring to make a career in this emerging, futuristic technology search for Blockchain expert certification. If you want to pursue a certification in Blockchain technology, then you need to establish the right foundation. Many candidates often face difficulties in finding out the right certification to prove their capabilities as a Blockchain expert. So, let us dive deeper into the implications of a Blockchain certification with an understanding of the role of a Blockchain expert. 

In addition, a reflection on the benefits of Blockchain certifications in the following discussion can provide supportive insights. However, the most important highlight of this discussion would be the details of Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification by 101 Blockchains. You can find out the valid reasons for which CEBP certification can be the ideal Blockchain certification you have been looking for. 

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Why Blockchain Technology?

One of the first things that come to mind when you think of Blockchain expert certification is the outline of roles and responsibilities for the same. What it is exactly that a Blockchain expert has to do? Before defining the role of Blockchain experts, let us reflect on the technology and its significance in the current scenario. The first thing you should know about Blockchain is that it is a public distributed ledger system based on a peer-to-peer network system.

The public ledger can be shared openly among distinct users for creating an immutable record of transactions. All the transactions are verified by other users on the chain, and it is added with a timestamp and linked to previous transactions on the ledger. With the addition of a set of transactions, the data with new transactions turn into new blocks in the chain. The updates in the transactions on a Blockchain happen through consensus between the participants in the system.

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Most important of all, data once entered in the system can never be erased. Blockchain is a write-once, append-many technology, thereby creating verifiable records of all transactions on Blockchain. So, you can clearly notice the potential of Blockchain technology for transforming many conventional operations across multiple industries. This is one of the reasons for the rising focus on candidates with a Blockchain expert certification.

Early adopters of Blockchain technology are bound to encounter many setbacks in deploying the technology. Therefore, enterprises are likely to face the need for hiring Enterprise Blockchain experts with reliable indicators of their expertise. At this point in time, enterprises can face difficulties in ascertaining what exactly qualifies an individual as a Blockchain expert. The question is also tricky for candidates as they have to determine their end objective and find a certification that validates them as a ‘Blockchain expert’.

Who is a Blockchain Expert?

Common assumption states that an individual working with Blockchain technology for a longer period of time is a Blockchain expert. Some may also assume that an individual with a Blockchain expert certification is a Blockchain expert. However, it is important to have a general outline of a Blockchain expert to gain a clear idea of their roles and responsibilities.

A Blockchain expert is basically any individual skilled in the fundamental and professional concepts of Blockchain technology. Enterprise Blockchain experts possess in-depth knowledge regarding the working of Blockchain technology. Most important of all, experts in Blockchain technology can implement their skills and knowledge for building Blockchain-based applications tailored for business and enterprise requirements.

Professionals can achieve the ‘Blockchain expert’ credential through exhaustive training and certification exams to show proof of their knowledge. As enterprises gradually learn more about the importance of Blockchain technology, the role of a Blockchain expert also undergoes changes. Therefore, it is inevitable to find top Blockchain certifications focusing on a wide and diverse assortment of skill objectives.

So, the role of a Blockchain expert in present times also reflects on many other crucial responsibilities in the present scenario. For example, Blockchain experts have to create new approaches for using up-to-date actionable tools in the Blockchain ecosystem for guiding the business transformation of enterprises. With the formidable possibilities of mainstream adoption of Blockchain technology gaining momentum, enterprises would face a shortage of Blockchain experts.

Importance of Blockchain Certifications

In order to cater to the increasing demand of Blockchain experts, enterprises are likely to use Blockchain expert certification as a benchmark for determining the potential of Blockchain experts. Therefore, it is essential for every aspiring Blockchain professional/expert to find out what exactly a certification in Blockchain technology implies.

In general, certifications in the Blockchain ecosystem aim at the development and governance of specific standards for providing credentials to professional Blockchain experts. The certification shows that individuals with the credential have fulfilled or even exceeded the basic standards of a Blockchain expert. Basically, Blockchain certifications reinforce Enterprise Blockchain skills as unique and self-regulating professions.

It is evident that Blockchain certifications showcase the proof of the holder’s expertise and knowledge regarding Blockchain technology and the development of Blockchain-based enterprise applications and systems. A Blockchain expert certification also attests to the ability of an individual in the implementation of Enterprise Blockchain for business transformation. In addition to these aspects, top Blockchain certifications also serve the following functionalities comprehensively.

  • Proof of Blockchain Expertise

Blockchain expert certifications prove the capabilities of credentialed individuals in the development of efficient Blockchain enterprises.

  • Source of Advantage

Blockchain certifications offer an additional advantage to professionals over other non-certified candidates for prestigious Blockchain-focused jobs.

  • Global Recognition

The best Blockchain expert certifications assure global recognition, thereby enriching the value of your Blockchain work worldwide.

  • Opportunities for Better Pay

Blockchain expert certification also helps candidates to bridge the gap of Enterprise Blockchain skills and land up with high-paying jobs.

  • Career Security

Blockchain is evidently a futuristic technology with long-term prospects for adoption. Therefore, Blockchain expert certifications can help you build your career with the assurance of job security due to the expected rise in the number of Blockchain jobs in the future.

  • Additional Opportunities

Blockchain certifications also help individuals strengthen their knowledge about Enterprise Blockchain technology. Certified Blockchain experts can also pursue their goals of developing their own Blockchain-based business. For example, Blockchain experts can use their Blockchain knowledge and expertise to build and develop Enterprise Blockchains and take the enterprise’s success to the next level.

  • Support for Career Development

An Enterprise Blockchain expert certification could also help you gain better opportunities for job assistance. The recognition for Blockchain experts with certifications can help them build their reputation on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. As a result, candidates can present a real-time impression of their capabilities and experience to potential employers on LinkedIn.

For example, potential employers can look for the Blockchain expert certifications of a candidate and the roles they have served before and after the certification to judge their capabilities. Most important of all, Blockchain expert certified professionals can also engage in technical and non-technical discourses regarding Blockchain technology in professional communities. As a result, they could gradually establish their identity as an industry/subject matter expert on Blockchain technology.

Target Audience for Blockchain Certifications

Therefore, one can clearly notice that a Blockchain expert certification has more value than general assumptions. The next important factor that may trouble any aspiring candidate is the ideal audience for Blockchain expert certifications. Do you really need Blockchain certifications for a promising career according to your existing skills and professional roles? 

Basically, you don’t even have to think of a career to pursue Blockchain certifications! Even if you are just keen on learning about emerging technology, then you can opt for Enterprise Blockchain certifications. Engineering students, application architects, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, security professionals, system administrators, investors, and many more roles could gain promising benefits with Blockchain certifications. 

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In addition, industry leaders and senior management professionals could also choose Blockchain certifications as a proven instrument for refined expertise. With so many benefits of Blockchain certifications, it is inevitable for candidates to focus on searching reliable certification providers.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) Certification

Among the many vendors attempting to offer Blockchain expert certification, 101 Blockchains stands out as the top platform. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification by 101 Blockchains is presently one of the widely-recognized benchmarks of Blockchain expertise.

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101 Blockchains has gained the reputation of being the leading, independent research-based network for the Blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, it is reasonable for aspiring Blockchain professionals to search for details about the CEBP certification by 101 Blockchains. A detailed reflection on the CEBP exam details can help us in understanding how it is easily one of the top certifications for you right now.

Ideal Audience for CEBP Certification

The CEBP or Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification exam by 101 certifications is a Blockchain expert certification. Any individual who wants to work with Blockchain technology can choose CEBP certification. In addition, if you want to learn about the core concepts of Blockchain technology and the related ecosystem, then CEBP certification is ideal for you.

Furthermore, the CEBP certification is also suitable for you if you want to learn the approaches for Blockchain implementation. The CEBP certification could also fit perfectly with your requirements if you want to learn about business transformation with updated actionable tools in the Blockchain ecosystem.

CEBP Certification Exam Details

Basically, the CEBP certification program is designed particularly for proving an individual’s knowledge and experience in diverse aspects of Blockchain. The certification also tests the knowledge of candidates regarding the impact of Blockchain technology on various enterprise business goals. 

Most important of all, the CEBP certification fulfills the criteria of a comprehensive Blockchain expert certification by testing the abilities of candidates for practical engagement with enterprise executives. The certification tests the capabilities of candidates to address the goals of enterprise executives with highly efficient and feasible solutions.

The Blockchain certification cost with the CEBP exam is $397 USD, which also includes a CEBP training course. The CEBP training course provides four weeks of learning materials with three to four hours of study dedicated for each week. The modules of the CEBP course provide a detailed impression of the exam objectives in CEBP certification.

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Domains Covered in CEBP Certification Exam

Above everything else, the exam content of CEBP can showcase its comprehensiveness as an instrument for proving Enterprise Blockchain expertise. Here is an outline of the different exam objectives covered in each section of the CEBP Blockchain expert certification exam. 

1. Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

The first domain of the CEBP certification exam deals with the working of Blockchain technology and its notable features. Candidates have to learn topics related to concepts, features, and different variants of the Blockchain network for this domain’s objectives. In addition, this domain of the CEBP certification exam also focuses on working on smart contracts

Candidates must also learn about the approaches to improve their command over elements needed to evaluate the impact of smart contracts on traditional businesses. The outline of chapters in this domain of the CEBP Blockchain expert certification includes the following,

2. Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

The second domain of the CEBP certification exam deals with an understanding of the significance of Bitcoin beyond the limits of cryptocurrencies. Candidates need abilities for determining the approaches for business transformation with Enterprise Blockchain for questions in this domain. 

In addition, candidates must also strengthen their knowledge and fluency in methodological approaches to strike the right balance between technical perfection and business feasibility in Blockchain-based solutions. The notable chapters covered in this domain of the CEBP certification are as follows,

  • Ethereum fundamentals
  • Hyperledger Fabric basics
  • Corda basics

3. Blockchain in Trade Finance

The third domain in the CEBP certification exam largely reflects on the applications of Blockchain technology in the financial sector. Candidates would have to start with a brief overview of significant crypto-assets in Blockchain-based trade finance operations. One of the significant topics in this domain refers to the correlation between crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies.

Candidates have to master this aspect in the CEBP Blockchain expert certification for proving their capabilities to recognize fake news regarding cryptocurrencies. The module also includes topics on the use of crypto assets in certain Blockchain-based platforms for addressing the disruptive effects of Blockchain technology on trade finance.

In addition, candidates must also learn about the enterprises using Blockchain for managing trade finance operations in this domain. It is also crucial for all candidates to reflect on the existing use cases of Blockchain technology for this domain. Candidates would face questions on determining the ideal use cases suitable for certain business objectives. The notable chapters in this domain of the CEBP certification are as follows,

  • Crypto assets and cryptocurrencies
  • Ripple fundamentals
  • Trade finance on Blockchain

4. Blockchain Applications

This is one of the most crucial domains in the CEBP Blockchain expert certification exam. According to market research of 101 Blockchains, Blockchain technology has the most prominent influence on supply chain management operations. Candidates have to prepare for topics on different ways in which Enterprise Blockchain technology influences supply chain management processes directly.

Most important of all, candidates have to learn about the different tools and their implementation in practical supply chain management use cases across different enterprises. Candidates would have to develop skills in the following chapters of the CEBP course to understand the Blockchain applications.

  • Fundamentals of supply chain management on Blockchain
  • Use cases of supply chain management on Blockchain
  • Blockchain digital transformation

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5. Blockchain Use Cases

The final module of the CEBP certification exam clearly emphasizes on the practical applications of Blockchain. Candidates would have to specialize in practical insights on different use cases of Blockchain technology across different industries. It is also crucial for candidates to improve their knowledge of identifying the right tools for specific enterprise business scenarios. This domain basically validates the skills of a candidate in using Blockchain technology for real-life use cases they would encounter in different Blockchain-based roles.

Therefore, you can clearly notice that the CEBP certification is a comprehensive proof of a candidate’s Blockchain expertise. Apart from proving the conceptual knowledge of candidates in the Blockchain ecosystem, the Blockchain expert certification also tests practical knowledge.

One of the interesting highlights about the CEBP certification is the evaluation of candidates in specific hands-on assignments. So, candidates can get an all-round proof of their Enterprise Blockchain skills and knowledge with CEBP certification. As you all can notice, the CEBP certification does not stay limited to the general applications of Blockchain technology. So, the CEBP certification could be truly helpful in proving your identity as a Blockchain expert.

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Bottom Line

On a concluding note, the Blockchain certification cost with CEBP is the best investment you can make for your career. There is no doubt that Enterprise Blockchain is slowly gaining prominent acceptance in many industries owing to the benefits of security, anonymity, and transparency. Therefore, certifications such as CEBP can serve as viable career instruments alongside fostering your Blockchain knowledge and expertise.

The average certified Blockchain expert salary is around $137,000, thereby indicating the promises of a career in Blockchain technology. The best thing about Blockchain certifications like CEBP is the lack of any prerequisites. So, if you think that Blockchain can pave a prolific career for you, then you can get started right away with the Blockchain Free Course! All you need is a basic knowledge of computer science and motivation to explore the depths of Blockchain technology.       

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