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Blockchain Developer Salary On The Rise


Blockchain developer salary is rising gradually and becoming one of the highest paying salaries of all time! Typically, with the rise of blockchain technology, many job opportunities are soon taking over the marketplace. Now, all the enterprise company looking for skilled professionals out there is willing to pay a hefty amount of salary as well.

Thus, blockchain developer being one of the most desired job positions, also comes with an excellent blockchain developer salary.

However, there are some specific factors that control the amount of blockchain developer salary from company to company.

If you want to know about the benefits of going for this profession, then you are in luck. Today, I’ll talk about the factors and scenarios that decides the amount of blockchain developer salary.

Also, I’ll introduce some pointers to how you can go for the high paying developer jobs as well.

So, let’s start the guide, shall we?


What’s the Salary Range of a Blockchain Developer?

Before we move on to how you can develop your CV for high paying blockchain developer salary, let’s talk about what the range is typically.

In reality, the demand for blockchain-based talent keeps on rising. More so, it’s directly contributing to the high salary range as well. Typically, the average blockchain delivery stands between $150K to $175k every year!

On the other hand, the typical software engineer seems to get $137k each year. So, you see how the blockchain developer salary is much higher than the average software engineer or developers.

If you are experienced and have a higher demand in the market, then you can earn up to $200k every year!

According to the Hired survey, the range may vary significantly based on the location as well. You can check out how the blockchain developer salary changes based on the area from the table below.


Blockchain Developer Salary

SF Bay Area


San Diego


Los Angeles


New York


















Washington D.C.





As you can see, the average maximum blockchain developer salary seems to be in San Francisco. However, many companies can even pay higher than this as it’s only the average number.



On the other hand, a specific blockchain platform specialist may even get more salary. For example, Ethereum or Hyperledger blockchain developers may get higher blockchain developer salary than any other platform experts. Another survey on it point it out clearly.


Low End

High End

Average Salary








So, you can see that based on the location only and also the specialization, the developer salary range will change. Here, remote work could refer to outsourcing or companies that offer work from the home feature.


What Factors Influence Blockchain Developer Salary?

There are certain factors that can easily influence your blockchain developer salary. More so, these factors are extremely important because if you know about them, you can easily strategize for your future career path as well. These are –

Job Location

Job location is one of the most important factors for a high blockchain developer salary. In reality, if the location is not technology friendly or advanced, mostly the blockchain developer salaries are on the low side.

Thus, moving into a location where your qualifications would get more exposure should be your first call.

Usually, in Europe, the need for blockchain is still not eminent in a lot of places. As a result, the blockchain developer salaries aren’t that high compared to Asia or U.S.A locations.

Hopefully, in the near future, when every location will appreciate blockchain, the salary amount will rise as well.

Another survey on it point it out clearly.


Low End

High End

Average Salary










As you can see, the overall salary range of a blockchain developer can vary significantly based on the location.



Well, it’s not a shocker. In reality, experience obviously matters and matters a lot. More so, if you already have worked on multiple blockchain projects, then you can expect to get a handsome blockchain developer salary.

On the other hand, beginners who only learned how to develop blockchain recently will get low paying salaries at the very start.

Once you start to work on certain blockchain projects or in high-value companies, your demand will start to rise.



In many cases, seniority will influence how much you are getting paid. In reality, the more you gain experience, the more senior positions you can go for. Here, seniority isn’t based on age but rather the rank in your company.

More so, the higher the rank, the more experienced and knowledgeable the developer is. Thus, it’s quite normal for them to get paid more than his/her underlings.

So, you can surely expect more payment once you are promoted to a senior position.


Company Profile

Another great factor that influences blockchain developer salaries is the company profile. If you are only going for startups, they can’t offer you that much payment at the start of their business. But if your target is high profile enterprises, then you can expect to get a handsome amount.

In reality, high profile enterprises are always willing to invest money in blockchain technology. Thus, they are also willing to hire professionals and pay a good salary in return.


Employee Scarcity

Also, employee scarcity can influence the way companies to assign their blockchain developer salaries. As blockchain is a new technology, there aren’t many professionals to fully understand the concepts. As a result, there’s always a persistent need for employees.

Thus, the salary range also keeps on rising based on that. More so, if in any location there isn’t any employee scarcity, than the salary can also come down as well. So, even if you just learned how to develop blockchain, you may still get a good salary.


Blockchain Certifications

A certified blockchain developer will always get more salary compared to one who didn’t complete blockchain developer courses. Why? Well, when you are just a beginner in this field, a certification can really showcase your true expertise.

Thus, you will get more offers and get more lucrative positions in enterprises. Thus, I would highly suggest that you become a certified blockchain developer at the very start of your career path.

Any senior developers should also get certifications as well.


How Can You Boost Up Your Salary?

Boosting your blockchain developer salary may seem like a difficult task at the very beginning. But once you start to work on certain skills, you will get offers for high blockchain developer salaries. Thus, I’ve put together a list of pointers that will help you get your dream job easily.

Blockchain Developer Salary

Possess Caliber on Enterprise Business and Tech

You know, if you want to get a high blockchain developer salary, then you should definitely work on your enterprise business skills. In reality, there are only a handful of professionals who knows how to combine both the enterprise business and technology together.

If you can show that you are an expert in doing it, then you will surely increase your chances of getting a high blockchain developer salary.


Get A Degree

Getting a degree is probably a great way to enrich your resume. You should try to complete a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or get a Diploma at least. In reality, no matter how much of an expert you may be, big companies want to hire someone with a valid background.


Get Tremendous Experience

Experience, experience, and experience! There is nothing more attractive in your CV other the fact if you have a solid background in working on blockchain technology.

So, the first thing you should do is slowly build up your networking and work on high ranked blockchain projects to get a good blockchain developer salary.


Be a Specialist on Various Programming Languages

Programming languages are essential in developing blockchain. Thus, the more programming language you have a grasp on, the more your blockchain developer salary will be.

I would suggest using your free time to learn a new programming language such as C++, Solidity, Java, Python, and so on.


Know-How to Communicated Value

Okay, so you know how to develop blockchain, but can you really your ideas properly to your stakeholders? If you aren’t that vocal, then start working on that. Make sure you know how to comic ate value to your peers and clients.

In reality, this will focus the limelight on you, and you will soon get high blockchain salary job offers.


Complete Blockchain Courses

Blockchain developer salaries can also depend on whether you completed any blockchain courses or not. It’s a great way to enrich your CV and please your interviewers. Anyhow, I would recommend checking out our line of blockchain courses at the moment.


Dissect Different Blockchain Platforms

If you still don’t understand how different blockchain platforms work, that may be cause for your low blockchain salary. In reality, knowing about only one of two isn’t enough anymore. So, make sure to focus on all the current popular ones in the market.


Be Proficient with Enterprise Business Processes

Don’t know how enterprise work or drive revenues? Then start to learn about them right now! Without this knowledge, you can’t increase your value. I would suggest going for a course to learn about the process from experts.


Learn to Create Blockchain Roadmaps Strategically

The fast and more strategically you can solve a problem, the better for your company and your position. Also, you should learn to create blockchain roadmaps based on your company and make it unique.

It’s actually a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Anyhow, let’s check out the next skill in this how to become a blockchain developer guide.


Become an Expert of Blockchain Ecosystems and Standards

Well, as you can see, there are no other options but to become an expert on standards and ecosystems. In reality, blockchain has a lot of different ecosystems. More so, knowing how to recreate them will only enrich your resume.


Learn to Use Actionable Templates or Tools

Actionable templates or tools help to finish a project quite faster than usual. As a result, you can take on multiple projects and complete them within a short amount of time. So, your turnaround time will change, and you will get a high blockchain developer salary.


Get an Enterprise Blockchain Certification

You know becoming a certified blockchain developer can really boost your salary expectations. In reality, enterprises often look for proper certification to hire in the position.

So, make sure to get a certification on blockchain as well. As we offer certifications as well, check out our course right now!


Blockchain Courses For Your Developer Career Path

Using our premium blockchain developer courses, you can soon build your skills up. As a result, you will get a high blockchain developer salary position offers. Just make sure to follow our instructions and use your knowledge base to create innovative projects.

Anyhow, we currently have four different courses for you. These are –

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional


This is one of our blockchain developer courses that will help you become a certified blockchain developer. More so, once you finish the enterprise blockchain course, you will know how to become a blockchain developer.

Anyhow, at first, our course will start off with the basics. So, you know everything about the technology itself. Later, we will move on to specific platforms that many companies are currently using in their businesses.

After that, we will focus on digital transformation and use cases sorted by industries all around the globe. Once you finish, we will offer you a certification as well.

This course will surely help you train to be a perfectionist, and you can then move to a high blockchain developer salary.


What Will the Course Cover?

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

  • Basic elements of blockchain
  • How blockchain creates blocks
  • Different types of blockchain – private and public
  • Smart contract essentials
  • Proof of Work


Dissecting Currently Popular Enterprise Blockchain Platforms


How Blockchain Is Influencing Trade Finance

  • Current blockchain projects in the trade finance industry
  • Enterprise platform Ripple’s fundamental
  • What are cryptocurrencies and crypto Assets?


Blockchain Applications That the Enterprise Industry Is Using

  • Blockchain in supply chain management
  • Supply chain using blockchain in various fields
  • Blockchain digital transformation in supply chain industries


Blockchain Use Cases

  • List of blockchain uses cases for every single industry


This course also includes other exclusive bonus materials for you!


Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management


If you want to get a job with a high blockchain developer salary in the supply chain industries, then this course is perfectly suited for that. As a matter of fact, once you finish the course, you will know how the business processes work in this industry.

More so, you will know how to use your knowledge base in building yourself another innovative solution.

In reality, we can assure you that our course is more than capable of helping you get that high blockchain developer salary position in any company.

All you have to do is to follow the course to the point. In this course, we will focus on how supply chain management works, issues, how you can create value, and how using blockchain will help.

More so, we will even cover how to become a blockchain developer in this industry as well.

So, make sure to check out the course from here!


What Will the Course Cover?

Supply Chain Management Process

  • Supply chain proper definition
  • Responsibilities of a supply chain manager


How Value Creation Works in Supply Chain Management

  • Mapping your working capital against the corporate value
  • Using economic value added (EVA) model to evaluate your supply chain management models
  • How working capital and supply chain management work together


Real-World Benefits of Using Blockchain In Supply Chain

  • How blockchain is impacting this sector
  • How supply chain platforms are using blockchain on a regular basis


Implementing Your Blockchain Solutions in Supply Chain Industry

  • Helping you to learn how to develop blockchain for supply chain industries

This course also includes other exclusive bonus materials for you!


Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance


This course will cover all the most important lessons related to blockchain in trade finance. First of all, it will start by covering various elements of trade finance. Later it will move on to the issues that the trade finance industry faces every single day.

Later, we will focus on how you can use blockchain to truly focus on these problems and solve them accordingly.

Anyhow, to help you learn how the companies are using the tech, we will cover popular initiatives as well. In reality, these lessons are perfectly suited to skill you up. So, you can expect a good amount of blockchain developer salary in the trade finance industry.


What Will the Course Cover?

The fundamental of Trade Finance Industries

  • Basic elements of trade finance
  • Major issues trade finance industries face regularly


How Blockchain Impact Trade Finance Process

  • Blockchain’s benefits in trade finance process
  • Insight into blockchain trade finance initiatives
  • Dissection of blockchain platforms in trade


Real-World Examples of Blockchain For Trade Finance

  • Bill-of-Lading (BoL)
  • Cross border payments
  • Letter-of-Credit (LC)


Various Trade Finance Platforms Using Blockchain

  • Marco Polo
  • Trade
  • Contour
  • TradeLens


High Profile Blockchain Developments in Trade Finance

  • TradeTrust
  • Digital-Standards-Initiative


Enterprise Blockchains Templates

In your developing experience, you may have used tools to make the process even faster than typical. Thus, to help you develop blockchain faster, we are here with our set of actionable templates. These templates will help you get things done more quickly.

And if you just learned how to develop blockchain, then use our templates to exercise your strategic skills as well.


Template List

  • Do you need a blockchain? – This template is here to help you figure out if your company needs blockchain or not. Just because other companies are implementing it doesn’t mean your company should too. That’s why to use this template to learn about it.
  • Blockchain Project Readiness – This template is here to help you decide when your project will be ready. More so, you can use this tool to unlock blockchain strategies and help decide when to market your solution.
  • Presenting an Enterprise Blockchain Solution – You can use this template to present your blockchain innovative ideas to potential clients or stakeholders. In reality, many developers may have to manage projects, and this requires a proper presentation.
  • Mapping Supply Chain Business Vs. Enterprise Blockchain – This one will let you know which part of your supply chain model needs blockchain. SO, you can alter or integrate blockchain only into those parts.

This course also includes other exclusive bonus materials for you!


Boost Your Salary with Our Blockchain Developer Courses

In reality, we offer a range of blockchain courses to help guide you in your developer career path. We know how important blockchain developer courses can really be. That’s why we offer the highest quality of courses just to help you land a good-paying job.

In reality, these courses will surely tell you how to develop blockchain solutions for enterprise environments. Basically, just knowing to develop a blockchain solution won’t cut it.

You need a tremendous amount of knowledge on how each enterprise works and determine the proper solution for them.

That’s why we will highly recommend our courses as they are slightly different than all other certification programs.


Well, we tend to focus on both the technology along with the business perspective. In reality, this is something that the enterprise business tends to look for.

However, there aren’t many people who really know how to increase the business with their solutions.

Therefore, our courses are here to help you out completely. More so, we offer updated lessons with every course. Thus, you will always stay relevant to the changing marketplaces. Even if you complete our courses, you will get regular updates from us.

So, it can’t get more premium than this. You can learn more about our courses here!


In the End

Blockchain developer job is an awesome career choice with the financial securities it offers. At the moment, the demands are high, and there aren’t many people with professional skills.

So, this is the perfect chance for you to start changing your experiences and knowledge base. Obviously, as you will gain more experience, the more salary you can expect. In short, your skills will seal your financial security for you.

Lastly, all I can say is that you can change your salary range if you want to. In this guide of how to become a blockchain developer, I pointed out every single way to increase your skills. Thus, I can only hope that will pursue them and make your dream a reality.

Anyhow, don’t forget to check out our blockchain developer courses to give your career a massive boost now!

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