How To Build A Career In Blockchain


Building a career in blockchain is one of the best decisions you can make at present. Blockchain technology is shaping the industries to make it more efficient and trustworthy. As the technology is new, there aren’t much-skilled personnel around to develop the solutions.

As a result, big industries and enterprises are leaving no stone unturned for finding blockchain experts. Needless to say, the salary is incredible! So, when there’s a dire need of such a talent, and you are still wondering which career path to take, shouldn’t blockchain be on top of your list?

If you are a blockchain enthusiast like I am, then working with the technology might be your dream job. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t skilled in coding or programming, there are lots of jobs out there that require specialties in other blockchain matters as well.

So, if you are determined to build a career in blockchain, then this guide is definitely for you. Today, I’ll let you know how to build a career in blockchain.

So, let’s start!


how to build a Career in blockchain

Why Should You Go For A Career In Blockchain?

You must be wondering why you really need to devote to a career in blockchain. I mean, I get the confusion, you are looking for blockchain career path benefits. In reality, there are lots of benefits that come with the blockchain career path. Let’s see what they are –

Better Pay

First of all, a career in blockchain technology means a hefty amount of money. All of the salaries of the job surrounding this technology has a range of $50k-$130k. That’s a lot of money, even if you are not a developer or engineer.

More so, even the interns within this industry get a handsome amount of payment. That’s a high starting point, and it should motivate you for a career in blockchain technology. Another great aspect is that, if you can prove that you are super skilled in blockchain, companies are willing to pay a great deal just to make you happy.


Greater Hire Rate

Basically, in every other industry, the hire rate varies from time to time, based on the situation and market conditions. For a fact, when there’s a new element in the marketplace, there’s always a rise in the hire rate.

In reality, blockchain being relatively new on the market is grabbing all the companies’ attention. Now, most of the enterprises are willing to hire blockchain specialists that can make their blockchain solutions as much as lucrative as possible.

So, there are always new career opportunities in blockchain. As there weren’t any previously defined traditional positions specifically for blockchain, companies are creating their very own form of employee positions.


Less Competition

There are fewer people skilled in this technology. Why? Well, basically, the technology is new, and people are still figuring out how it works. More so, the technology seems rather sophisticated. This discourages people from taking a risk and study in this sector.

If you can power through all the hard work and can fully develop or even understand how the technology works, it would be fruitful for you. Also, as fewer people understand how technology works, let alone know about it, you have less competition.

So, if you have a better chance to secure a career in blockchain technology.


Global Revolution

Who wouldn’t want to work with something new? Throughout the generations, people are drawn to new possibilities. Blockchain is undeniably exciting. In reality, blockchain still needs a lot of changes to be a perfect tech. This means that nobody is making it perfect anytime soon.

On the other hand, you working on this technology will help you to come up with solutions that can be globally recognized. Wouldn’t that be a great success for your career? Participating in a global revolution is an excellent achievement in life, and with the blockchain career path, you can have it too.


Exclusive Job Positions

The best part about a career in blockchain is that all of the job positions are incredibly exclusive. It means that you can start your career from a very top spot in a company. And obviously, a top position in a company would mean you’ll get extra benefits as well.

More so, all job positions will increase your social status significantly as well. Vacation days, unique treatments, authority, bonus payments are just a few of the benefits that you can hope for. And that’s why you should definitely get a blockchain career.


Enterprise Environment

This is the best part of getting a blockchain career. You get to work in an enterprise environment with high-end professionals. You’ll even get to meet high profile businessmen and speed up your networking. Basically, there are major names that are recruiting blockchain experts such as IBM, J.P. Morgan, etc.

You’ll get a team and work in a strategic environment where you’ll have lots of scope for growth. More so, these enterprises are packed with access to high-end technologies, which will help you build your solution even faster.

So, in your blockchain career path, you get a chance to work with these big names as well.


Future Proof

Blockchain is not going anywhere anytime soon. After analyzing the market, I can genuinely say that it’s here to stay. More so, it will get even more prominent in the future. As it’s going for a global impact, it’s just a matter of time when everyone vigorously switches to the blockchain, leaving centralized models behind.

So, if you can secure a career in blockchain right now, you’ll have ultimate job security in the future.


How to Build a Career in Blockchain

Building a career in blockchain won’t be an easy task. But with a proper guideline, you can learn how to seal your future for good. Just follow the steps below and start your blockchain career path.

  • Learn About the Fundamentals and Basics

First of all, you need to learn about the basics of blockchain technology. If you are a newbie, then this is a very crucial step. You can’t go dive into the technical aspect of blockchain without knowing about the fundamentals. The key is to learn how the technology works, its history, about different pinpoints like consensus and smart contracts, possible use cases, etc.

In reality, you can check out blockchain glossary to take a quick look at the proper definition for every single one of them. Again, you can join a free blockchain course from us to get to learn about these topics from an expert.


  • Start Developing Your Cross-discipline Broad Skills

Cross-discipline skills are a must for possible career opportunities for blockchain. Even if you are on a blockchain developer career path, you would still require to sharpen your abilities. Nowadays, enterprises aren’t only looking for someone who knows how to program, they are also looking for talents that can solve critical issues in a short amount of time.

So, skills like design thinking, analyzing, being agile, DevOps, adaptability, management, market predictions are essential. If you can couple these with your technical abilities, you’ll surely get a stable blockchain career.


  • Understand How Different Blockchain Platform Works

This step is for both technical and non-technical job positions. From a technical point of view, you need to understand precisely how multiple platforms work. As not all blockchains work the same way, figuring out the necessary paten is crucial.

If you can’t, then making a solution would become reasonably tricky. In marketing or law enforcement, you’ll have to fully grasp the concept to present the solution to potential clients. More so, you definitely don’t want to contradict with regulations of a country. Platforms such as Corda, Quorum, Hyperledger, and Ethereum are something you should focus on.


  • Be a Technology and Business Acumen

Driving a business from a completely new kind of solution is a tricky job. When you want to get career opportunities in blockchain within an enterprise environment, you need to have a higher business perspective. Even though it’s a new solution, a whole company won’t solely depend on that solution.

You need to take other aspects of that company into consideration as well. So, business outcomes from every solution you design or team designs need to be positive to stay relevant.

That’s why learning how business functions should be your priorities as well.


  • Gain Knowledge of Decentralized and Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain is one kind of Distributed ledger. In reality, there are other distributed ledgers that aren’t necessarily blockchain. The thing is, blockchain isn’t perfect, and you can use your knowledge on other distribution platforms to learn about them and use it to better the technology itself.

You need to an expert when it comes to dissecting popular decentralized platforms. Anyhow, it’s basically suited for the blockchain developer career path. So, this step is fairly technical. For that, you can join a programming course or get a degree from well-known institutions to sharpen your skills.


  • Learn About Enterprise Business Processes

Learning about enterprise business processes is another step to getting a career in blockchain. These skills are absolutely necessary as they will help you strategize when creating a roadmap with blockchain in the mix.

In reality, a higher understating of logistics, procurement, distribution, treasury operations, and many more are a must. It will ensure that you can peruse the potential clients of your company better by speaking like a business spokesman. Also, these are high in demand right now, so it can be a plus point in your blockchain career path.


  • Learn to Simplify

This step is for both technical and non-technical positions. If you are on a blockchain developer career path, then you have to craft a solution without complexities. Too many features would only confuse the people at present.

Always try to keep the solutions at a minimum but offer the most efficient output. If you can do that, your fate is sealed in a blockchain career path.

As for the non-technical positions, you need to learn to think outside the box and come up with solutions to future hurdles for your company.


  • Join a Blockchain Community

Joining a blockchain community is an optional step for you. But it does come with lots of benefits. With the blockchain hype, many communities started to form in order to help people learn about technology. More so, these communities even have high-end programming skilled persons from whom you can learn about it.

So, they can help you with your leadership skills, event organizations, application development, and so on. Furthermore, it can also be a great opportunity for networking with people in the niche. You don’t need extra money to join a community; rather, everything is open-source for you to use.


  • Comprehend Blockchain Architecture Patterns, Ecosystems and Standards

If you are on a blockchain developer career path, then comprehending different blockchain architecture patterns, standards, and ecosystem is a must. More so, dissecting the architectures before beginning a solution is a huge skill. For that, you can study different cases from all around the industry.

I would suggest to vigorously study existing whitepapers, play around with standards and ecosystems to get a deeper insight. This is where most of the people lack, and you can use this to secure your career in blockchain technology.


  • Learn To Communicate Value

Maybe you know all the technical elements, you can even code or implement blockchain solutions faster than your competitors, but if you can’t relay what you are saying, there’s no way anyone will hire you. In reality, enterprises now look for people that can talk smartly and gracefully.

It will help you relay your solutions to your clients or colleagues better, and people would appreciate your solve. Also, for non-technical positions, communicative skills are a must. The more you can work around a problem, the better your chances of securing your career in blockchain technology.


  • Gain Knowledge of Different Development Tools

To get good career opportunities in blockchain, you need to gain knowledge about different development tools. Basically, every developer or engineer uses development tools in order to simplify the process. More so, these development tools also ensure that you save time in building a solution from scratch.

If you don’t know how to utilize these tools to get a more sustainable output, then securing your blockchain developer career path might be problematic.


  • Join an Enterprise Blockchain Certification Course to Learn About the Technology

Well, if you are just a newbie in the blockchain world but passionate about it or if you are looking for career opportunities in blockchain technology, going for an enterprise blockchain certification course would be the best step.

In reality, a course would highly benefit you if you want to learn about the basics of blockchain and the impact it will have on the business world.

These courses help you to learn about blockchain platforms, which can be your starting point in understanding the architecture. On that note, you should definitely check out our enterprise blockchain certification course as it simplifies key vocabulary, working principles that you’ll commonly use.

Additionally, you’ll also learn about different tools and use cases, which will help you come up with a feature-rich solution. Furthermore, the course covers popular platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda, along with giving you a difference between private, public, and federated blockchains.

Our professional courses will offer you valuable blockchain lessons and tips to make sure you get a clear view of its implementations. No matter what type of career in blockchain you get, it’s evident that you need to have theoretical knowledge about it, at least.

You must be thinking, why take a course when you have so much free information on the web. Well, not all the information you get on the web is true. And many free contents doesn’t offer the premium guideline you need.

So, even if you go for these free content, you’ll end with a half-baked knowledgebase. But don’t worry, our courses and programs can help you build a solid and deep foundation for your blockchain career path. Among all other things, the course offers a full dissection of possible blockchain use cases as well.


Career In Blockchain: What Kind Of Job Opportunities Do You Have?

Blockchain Developer

It’s one of the highest paying jobs in the blockchain niche at present. In reality, there’s a high demand for skilled blockchain developers but not enough resources to maintain a balance. Basically, here you’ll be working as a full-stack developer.

You would need to be skilled in AJAX, C, JavaScript, C++, SDL, .NET, MVC, SQL servers, JQuery, SOAP, FTP, XCOD, REST, FTP, and many more. In these career opportunities in blockchain, you’ll set up nodes, transactions, even cerate smart contract-based solutions.


Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers are the second highest paying jobs in the market. In reality, it can easily secure a lucrative life with good pay. More so, there’s also a rising demand for recruiting engineers in the blockchain sector.

Basically, you’ll set up infrastructures, design the architecture of the solutions. Also, skills in Hyperledger, Ethereum, Ripple, Java, Oracle, and Python is a must.


Blockchain Advisor

Enterprises are now recruiting advisors that can fully assess their goals and can come up with possible road map for their future. Here, you’ll have to analyze how a company works and how they will to continue in the future.

More so, you’ll also have to strategize and build a blockchain case. Anyhow, joining an enterprise blockchain certification program for that would be your best bet.


Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists require knowledge of basic blockchain technology. Why? Well, as the users in the market still don’t understand how the technology works, it’ll be up to the marketing specialist to teach them.

In reality, career opportunities in blockchain for enterprise marketing specialist jobs would require you to study consumer behaviors and make the launch of the new product a huge success.


Blockchain Project Manager

Well, as a project manager, you’ll need to have advanced communicative skills, analytical skills, problem-solving skills. Basically, you’ll run the blockchain project of an enterprise if recruited. So, it’s a lot of responsibility.

You’ll also be the link between the technical team and the non-technical team of your project. So, make sure to get a robust mindset for this kind of career.


Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain quality engineers will work as a supplement to blockchain engineers or even work under them on a project. Basically, their primary goal is to test out a new solution vigorously to find out if it has any loopholes or bugs.

That’s why this career opportunity in blockchain requires expertise in different blockchain frameworks and architectures.


Blockchain Legal Consultant

Blockchain legal consultant jobs require serious devotion to technology. But why? Well, as the technology is new and somewhat doesn’t follow traditional rules and regulations, it faces a lot of legal hurdles. As a matter of fact, many good blockchain applications got their fair share of bad outcomes.

That’s why it’s necessary for a legal consultant to understand the technology inside and out to know whether a new solution might face legal issues or not.


Blockchain Designer

Startups, even enterprises, are starting to launch blockchain-oriented departments to gain potential revenues. However, as the users are mainly now internet-oriented, what better way to attract them then with a fabulous website? Needless to say, it’s actually a great strategy to hook consumers with vibrant web design.

This is why many are recruiting blockchain designer that can design the User Interface of these websites. They can even design the UI for a blockchain app.


Blockchain Technical Recruiter

As you can see by the name, the role here would be to require potential employees for different blockchain solutions. If you think an ordinary HR can manage this career opportunity in blockchain, then you are wrong. Even if it’s an HR position, you’ll have to have a thorough knowledge of the technology itself.

Without that, you can’t possibly identify the right candidates. That’s why companies are also looking for a knowledgeable recruiter.


Blockchain Data Scientist

As blockchain is a ledger system, it can contain an enormous amount of data. Basically, this role in the blockchain career path will require the person to analyze, collect, manage, and interpret the vast amount of transactional data.

Obviously, these data would come from the public platform, not private or federated platforms. More so, these data will help set up statistics based on their transactional habits. For this, you’ll need a master’s degree in computer and data science.


Ending Note

Blockchain is a wonderful technology that comes with a lot of compact features. It can truly revolutionize our businesses globally. I mean, when you can get more advantages in a decentralized interface, why would you stay with a centralized backdated architecture.

Yes, the previous centralized servers have truly become legacy networks, and that’s why blockchain will definitely replace them in the near future. That’s why it’s evident that no matter what, many people will be able to build a career in blockchain. More so, there’s an increasing amount of career opportunities in blockchain.

So, what are you waiting for? With our guide, you’ll be able to shape up your blockchain career path in an enterprise environment.

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