Aspiring to become an enterprise blockchain specialist? To help you out, we are going to dissect the skills necessary to establish a good career as a blockchain specialist.

The demand for blockchain specialists is on the rise nowadays. If you are trying to build a blockchain career, you must have seen job posts wanting blockchain specialists. Basically, only the big companies such as IBM, Accenture, Amazon, or even Facebook are now on the hunt for a skilled blockchain specialist.

However, we have to add that only a handful of people in the blockchain niche is qualified to become a blockchain specialist. It takes a tremendous amount of expertise to reach the potential of becoming one.

So, if you want to become a blockchain specialist, you need to work hard and prepare yourself for the journey ahead. To help you out with it, we will cover what kind of skills the enterprises are looking for in a blockchain specialist.

It will surely help you map your future plans accordingly and secure a place in enterprise companies.

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Who Is a Blockchain Specialist?

Basically, a blockchain specialist is a person who is highly skilled in blockchain technology and can develop blockchain-based solutions for business purposes. In reality, that person can focus on specific blockchain fields as well.

For example, he/she can focus on blockchain-based product designing, technical aspects, business outcomes, or simply on making it more efficient. So, you don’t have to know every aspect of blockchain as well.

You can choose to be a specialist in any kind of element in the blockchain niche. However, to achieve that, you may have to focus on other enterprise-based skills as well.

Anyhow, blockchain specialist jobs will require you to use your extensive expertise on the subject manner and help the company grow. As you already know, there aren’t many skilled blockchain people out there. And that’s why the market demand is quite high.

This is why, with proper blockchain specialist training, you can easily land yourself in a great position.

Blockchain Specialist

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Why Go for Blockchain Specialist Jobs?

There’s a load of reasons for you to consider blockchain specialist jobs. In reality, the pay for this kind of position is extraordinary. Judging from all the job posts made by the big companies, you can expect to get $70k- $150k every year. So, this is actually one of the highest paying blockchain jobs in the market.

That’s a great number, isn’t it? Based on your experience level, the number may vary as well.

Secondly, the space of blockchain specialists isn’t saturated yet. It’s fairly new, and there aren’t many competitors around to compete for. So, if you can impress your interviewer with your skills, there’s a greater chance for you to get hired.

Another benefit of this type of blockchain career is that you get to research completely new technology. If you a blockchain enthusiast want to pursue a research career, nothing can be better than this one.

Also, enterprises always come with many lucrative features as well. As a matter of fact, you will get access to a lot of facilities and high-end technologies and tools to use as well.

And that’s why you should definitely try to land blockchain specialist jobs as soon as possible.

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What Skills Do the Enterprises Want in A Blockchain Specialist?

There are actually quite a handful of skills that you need to master in order to get hired in this position. Basically, enterprises want certain skills in a blockchain specialist that you have to meet to apply.

We’ve managed to collect a list of skills that they want. So, let’s see how to become a blockchain specialist guide, and you can start your career in blockchain as soon as possible.

Have Technical Conscience to Define the Right Blockchain Solution

This is one of the major skills that you need for the position. Basically, enterprises want to hire a person who comes with a technical conscience that helps them define the right blockchain solution parameters.

In reality, you can’t just put together everything you find without knowing anything about it. For example, maybe you are developing a solution that would serve as an internal networking system for a company.

So, if you use a public blockchain to make the platform, it won’t work, would it? If anyone can get an entry into an internal networking system of a company, it would be a massive security breach. Thus, you need to know exactly which features and parameters to use for making a specific solution right.

certified enterprise blockchain professional

Expert in Modern Programming Languages

You should definitely add this up in your blockchain specialist training because it’s one of the crucial ones. In any scenario, you have to master all the modern programming languages for the blockchain platforms.

Typically, there are many versions of blockchain, and not every single one of them uses the same programming languages to make them. So, to keep it more diverse and to make your resume even more attractive, try to cover all the popular ones.

For example, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Solidity are mostly major languages that many use to develop blockchain-based solutions.

Thus, it’s only fair for the enterprises to want this quality as well.

Anyhow, you don’t have to master all of them at a single time. Just take it slow and do it one by one. Surely, you’ll get there in no time. Also, the more experience you have in programming languages, the more salary you can expect.

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Be Able to Develop and Design Blockchain-Based Software Systems

It’s more geared for the blockchain security specialist. Basically, these specialists have to know everything about software development. It would be best if you can master blockchain-based software development as well.

For example, the Node.js framework or JVM for supplication programming interface and service integration is a must for you. Also, you should learn to design and configure databases in order to work on a blockchain-based product.

More so, you have to deliver and integrate the solution into legacy networks as well. Even though you may not have to do it, you should know how to do it.

Unit testing on a regular basis is also one of your responsibilities.

Be Able to Develop and Test Smart Contracts

As a blockchain security specialist, you should know how to develop or even test out smart contracts. Smart contracts are exceptionally necessary for developing blockchain products. Basically, these are business logic that help companies sign a contract digitally and automate the whole process in a secure environment.

So, you see, it’s highly beneficial for companies to have a smart contract facility among their solutions. Not only that but also their consumers will highly benefit from these too. But only developing a smart contract won’t cut it for you.

You also have to know how to test them and make sure they don’t have any security loopholes.

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A Master in Blockchain Infrastructure Configuration and Development

Another skill you need to master in your blockchain specialist training is the ability to develop and configure blockchain infrastructures. In reality, mastering blockchain infrastructure is one of the crucial steps of becoming a specialist.

It takes a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to understand how infrastructures work and then start to implement them. What it will do is it will help you consult a team on how they should configure it. In any case, you may have to do it yourself as well.

Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent Work Experience

Well, the best option is to go for a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. For example, try to get a degree in Computer Science Engineering. Typically, without a degree from a respective field, there’s very little value in your resume.

But if you can show that you have previous experience (6-12 years) in this niche and prove your worth, they will accept exceptions.

As you can see, in the end, it will all come down to the level of your expertise. So, the more you excel at your work, the chance of your getting a place in the enterprise companies will keep rising.

Hands-On Experience with Blockchain Platforms

Enterprises always look for skilled persons who have prior hands-on experience with blockchain platforms. So, only reading about it won’t help you get this skill. You have to learn to work with blockchain platforms and know exactly how they work.

For example, experience in Enterprise Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, DAML, and so on is extremely important. In reality, these platforms are best suited for enterprise use cases.

So, you need to know exactly what they are and how to use them. You can expect a high blockchain specialist salary if you have prior experience with them.

The best way to learn about these is to read their whitepapers first and then start exploring these yourself. You can also enter a blockchain certification course to understand these platforms better.

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A Master of Blockchain Nodes

Mastering blockchain nodes is a difficult task. Practically, nodes are at the center of the whole functionality of blockchain technology. Without knowing how they function or what kind of characteristics you want them to have, a blockchain platform would end up failing.

If you already know about other blockchain platforms, you’ll see that, in every case, the nodes play different roles based on the platform. Thus, you have to learn to configure the nodes and make them fail-safe as well.

Management of keys is another aspect of the nodes. Each node can generate key pairs, and you have to maintain that feature correctly as well. Just a slight error in configuration can end up taking down the whole company.

 Experienced with Blockchain Data Structures

Next comes the blockchain data structures. Blockchain has a rather unique and complex data structure compared to other technologies. That’s why it can become quite troublesome to develop at times. If you don’t understand how the data structures work, then you can’t become a blockchain specialist.

Things like Patricia Tree or Merkle Tree, or Merkle-Patricia Tree are some of the basics that you have to clear. Anyhow, try to experiment with these to get more experience. As you know, a specific data structure is responsible for specific characteristics in the blockchain.

So, you need to master it for building a blockchain. Also, you can expect a high blockchain specialist salary if you have prior experience with it.

Be Proficient in Cryptography

As a blockchain security specialist, cryptography should be in the palm of your hand. If you don’t know anything about cryptography, then start learning it right now. It’s one of the crucial elements of blockchain. Without it, you can never maintain the security characteristics of the technology.

In addition, cryptography helps to make the platform immutable and encrypts all the information within the blocks. More so, if you make even a small error in cryptography, hackers can easily get a hold of your platform.

So, be very careful while experimenting with cryptography.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert

Experienced with Software Development Lifecycle

The software development lifecycle is a massive phase that typically not many are experienced with. As a blockchain technology specialist, you have to have prior experience with the software development lifecycle.

Basically, there are 5-7 stages of software development. This is similar to blockchain-based software development as well. You have to figure out the issues, plan, design, build, test, deploy, and maintain.

It would be great for your career if you can join a consortium and get experience in the Lifecycle of a blockchain project deployment. You can use any kind of tool to make this complex process as easy as possible.

But you have to know how these processes work in the first place.

Ability to Formulate New Business Models Based on Blockchain

As a specialist, you should have the ability to develop new business models that include blockchain. Technically, blockchain is disrupting all of the existing business models. And it’s fair to say that these models will be obsolete in a short amount of time.

So, how will the economy grow then? Well, this is where your expertise will come in handy. It’s your job to formulate new business models with the help of blockchain to help secure your company’s future. If you can become a blockchain expert, then your career is set for life.

Expert in Integrating Blockchain Into Business Networks

It may seem quite easy at first, but integrating or making it a couple with existing networks is a complicated process. First of all, they don’t go with each other. So, force won’t help much. But how can you integrate it then?

Well, you have to make your solution in a way that can easily take legacy networks into account as well. If you can do it, expect a good blockchain specialist salary for that.

Have Technical Knowledge on Interoperability

Interoperability is a thing of the future. Even now, not many of the platforms can offer interoperability as almost every one of them uses different kinds of standards. So, they will mismatch and can’t support each other.

But as the experts assume, interoperability is a great feature and the most important one for the future. So, as a specialist, you should have technical knowledge of this aspect as well. It’s because there’s a high chance you have to implement it.

You can always enroll in a blockchain specialist course to learn more about it.

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Understand Decentralized and Distributed Ledgers

Specialists need to be an expert in every single aspect of blockchain technology. So, it’s quite evident that you have to know about distributed and decentralized ledgers as well. As you should already know that, there are other technologies that are similar to blockchain.

If you can learn about them, it would help you to develop your blockchain frameworks more creatively.

Have Cross-discipline Broad Skills

Cross-discipline broad skills are a must when it comes to a specialist’s job. In reality, these skills are absolutely necessary for you to work in an enterprise environment. More so, your interviewer will always appreciate if you have critical thinking abilities and can adapt to a new environment easily.

Also, being agile or analyzing certain blockchain aspects is a plus point as well. A specialist course can surely help you build your blockchain career fast.

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Be Proficient with Enterprise Business Processes

To be a certified blockchain specialist, you need to be proficient with enterprise business processes. In reality, enterprises don’t actually research blockchain just for the sake of developing new technology. They also do it for the sake of their business.

So, in that environment, you need to know how their business processes work and how blockchain can better the situation.

Be Able to Simplify Blockchain Solutions

Well, blockchain can be complex at certain times. Specifically if you don’t understand how the underlying architecture works in the first place. So, even if it gets rid of the legacy network complexity, it can become a bit difficult to handle if you add too many features.

Obviously, it won’t work similarly to an ERP system, but you can simplify the process with your intuition.

So, make sure to always know how to simplify the design to make it Eco-friendlier and more usable in the long run.

Technical Knowledge of Standards and Ecosystems

As a blockchain technology specialist, you have to have technical knowledge of standards and ecosystems. We would recommend joining a blockchain community that practices developing standards. Communities can be a great way to increase your technical knowledge.

Basically, community people help each other out in developing any new technology. More so, you can also join a consortium as you get to learn from the best of the best developers.

Have an Enterprise Blockchain Certification

The truth is, without a proper enterprise blockchain certification, it would be difficult to show off your skills to the respective interviewer. A blockchain specialist course is a great way to prove that you are actually skilled and can offer a high level of expertise when working with the company.

Also, the blockchain specialist course allows you to learn about the connections between blockchain and enterprise businesses. More so, it will give you a good perspective on how you can couple the two aspects and make it produce revenues in the end.

In this case, we would highly recommend our enterprise blockchain courses. We try to offer the best possible knowledge on the blockchain, and we also cover additional niches as well.

As for now, we have a thorough training process on blockchain and SCM. More so, you’ll also get access to blockchain templates and tools that would guide you to design your innovative solutions.

To become a certified blockchain specialist, taking a course will benefit you highly.

What? Being a bit skeptical about it? Well, don’t worry; you can check out the free blockchain course to better understand if these courses are for you or not.

Able to Communicate Value

Well, it’s not uncommon or unrealistic to demand someone who can easily communicate proper value to others. In many cases, specialists have to work as a consultant in a project. So, if you can’t relay your knowledge properly to others, how else would you help them learn about it.

They need to understand and get knowledgeable content from you. But if you can’t simply convey your information, it would become difficult for all other members to function properly.

Also, trying to solve an issue in a short amount of time falls under the communication category as well.

Solid Knowledge about the Blockchain DevOps Tools

If you are going for a blockchain technology specialist job, you must have a solid knowledge of the different blockchain development tools. DevOps tools actually help out a lot in the long run—this helps to save time and resources. More so, you can also find out any errors during the testing phase quite easily with them.

However, in many cases, a specialist may not have to use it on a regular basis. But still, you have to know how to use them when you need them.

Able to Dissect Blockchain Architectures

A certified blockchain specialist must know how to dissect different blockchain architectures. Well, if you don’t know how blockchain architecture works, you can’t possibly design a new one. Enterprises want people who can expertly disassemble any kind of network without any additional help.

We would recommend you study all of the existing architectures in a detailed manner. Also, you can get the source file from GitHub and check out how they have structured it.

As a specialist, it’s crucial that you know about them.

Anyhow, we’ve reached the ending segment in this how to become a blockchain specialist guide.

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Ending Note

In the end, we can only say that a blockchain security specialist or blockchain technology specialist, whatever your target may be, you need to be a certified blockchain specialist. Without the proper certification, it would be difficult to prove your worth to the enterprises.

More so, blockchain specialist is one of the awesome career choices as of now. However, as you can see, the skills necessary for this job are quite difficult to achieve. So, work hard and try our Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) Course to gain more insight into blockchain enterprises’ realm.

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