The G2 reports for Summer 2023 are out, and 101 Blockchains has registered a unique achievement by qualifying for 29 badges. We have earned some new badges in the G2 Summer 2023 Reports alongside the most coveted ‘Users Love Us’ badge. 101 Blockchains has earned different credentials in two categories of online course providers and technical skill development. Most importantly, we have achieved our best result in the G2 reports to date, this time with new badges to prove our expertise in professional education. 

101 Blockchains offers a broad assortment of training courses on blockchain, web3, fintech, and AI concepts alongside professional certification courses. We believe that every learner can develop their skills in blockchain, web3, and other emerging tech trends, and upgrade their career. We provide training courses for beginners as well as expert professionals to help them in pursuing new career opportunities. 

The G2 Report results have been helping us measure our performance over the years since our inception. One of the important highlights of the G2 reports is visible in the evaluation of technology and software solution providers according to authentic user reviews. Our achievements in the G2 reports indicate how we have performed in providing seamless learning experiences with our blockchain training courses and certifications.

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Important Highlights in the G2 Summer 2023 Reports 

101 Blockchains has shattered all the previous records in G2 reports, with a total of 29 badges in the recently announced Summer 2023 reports. We have successfully retained the ‘Users Love Us’ badge, which showcases our endless commitment to helping learners with trusted blockchain training resources. The results of the G2 Summer 2023 reports also prove that we have served a wide client base while catering to the needs of new markets. We have been successful in offering training courses and certification programs that deliver promising value advantages for the career of our learners. 

One of the biggest highlights in the Summer 2023 reports is that we have earned badges for best relationships, high performers, and best support. In addition, we have also scored a “Momentum Leader” badge in the online course providers and technical skills development categories. The G2 reports have proved that 101 Blockchains is one of the prominent players in the field of blockchain training and certification. 

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Our Achievements in G2 Summer 2023 Reports 

101 Blockchains has become the market leader in training courses and research materials on blockchain technology and other related concepts. The journey of 101 Blockchains started with the vision of creating an independent research platform that can help blockchain professionals worldwide. Today, we introduce new training courses, masterclasses, and certification programs on other topics such as Fintech, to offer new avenues for career development to aspiring professionals. 

The training courses and certifications on 101 Blockchains include the insights of industry leaders and subject matter experts. We have introduced new training courses and certification programs on AI, with more planned for the future. The badges in the G2 Report have fuelled our motivation to serve you with better training resources. 

G2 has consistently offered us valuable input about our performance as a training course provider. The platform takes the actual reviews from users of technology solution providers to evaluate their performance. The credentials in the G2 Summer 2023 Reports for 101 Blockchains are the indicators of the appreciation of our learners. We are grateful to all our valuable learners for their support in our efforts to improve blockchain training and certifications and achieve excellence. 

Here is a brief overview of the credentials we have achieved in the G2 Summer Report –

G2 Summer 2023 Reports

Online Course Providers

The G2 Summer 2023 report includes the ‘Online Course Providers’ category for platforms that offer self-paced training courses. We have achieved nine badges in this category. Here are the badges we have achieved in this category.

  • Momentum Leader

The Momentum Leader credential in G2 Report indicates our growth and consistency. It relies on the evaluation of different factors, such as the growth of employees, social reach, web growth, and reviews.

  • High Performer

The High Performer badge showcases our ability to deliver high customer satisfaction with a limited market presence.

  • High-Performer – Small Business

The High Performer- Small Business credential proves our capabilities to offer customer satisfaction to small businesses without extensive market presence.

  • High-Performer – Enterprise

We have also achieved the High Performer Enterprise credential in G2 Summer 2023 reports for serving businesses with high satisfaction levels.

  • High-Performer – Europe

101 Blockchains has also become a dominant force to reckon with in Europe with the High Performer badge for the European market. 

  • High-Performer – Asia

We have achieved the High Performer Asia credential for showcasing our capabilities to serve new markets. 

  • High-Performer – Asia Pacific

The High Performer Asia Pacific badge also offers credible proof of our capabilities to serve clients in the Asia Pacific market.

  • High-Performer – Mid Market

The G2 Report also validates our capabilities for serving mid-market clients with high customer satisfaction. 

  • Best Relationship    

One of the unique highlights of our achievements in G2 Reports for Summer 2023 is the Best Relationship badge. It proves our capabilities to maintain value-based relationships with our clients. 

Technical Skills Development 

The Technical Skills Development category in the G2 Summer 2023 Reports focuses on technology training course providers. We have made a new record in our achievements with 19 badges in the technical skills development category. Apart from the Momentum Leader and High Performer badge for different markets and types of clients, we have achieved other new credentials. The G2 Report has awarded new badges such as “Easiest to Do Business With,” “Easiest Admin,” “Easiest Setup,” and “Best Usability.” We have also earned badges for “Best Support” and “Best Relationship” in this category.

Users Love Us

The biggest achievement for us in the G2 Summer 2023 Reports points at the Users Love Us badge. It reflects the love of our users for the services and solutions we offer them. 

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The outline of our achievements in the G2 Summer 2023 Report serves as another catalyst for our aspirations to offer the best learning experiences to our customers. Blockchain training and certification courses are only the beginning. We aim to introduce a comprehensive collection of learning resources on different new technology concepts such as AI, web3, and Fintech.

Explore our training courses and find a new path to develop your technical career right now.