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Many of you are interested in blockchain technology but don’t really have any idea or very little idea about the topic. It’s practical to be curious when everyone around you is talking about it. Furthermore, enterprises are also joining the blockchain team at a rapid rate. In this case, if you don’t educate yourself or get proper blockchain training, you might fall behind.

So, check out our full blockchain training course for beginners now!

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The Ultimate Free Blockchain Training Course

I’ve divided the whole blockchain training free course for beginners into seven easy steps. You’d need to check out all the steps one by one in order to get a full understanding of Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Training Free Course

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Start with Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

Before you jump into the enterprise blockchains, you always need to know about the basic structure of the blockchain technology itself. But if you don’t have any idea how the network works, it would be difficult for you to go on any further. So, don’t skip the steps and start from the blockchain fundamentals.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger system that offers a high level of transparency, immutability, security, and many more. Furthermore, it gets rid of the typical centralized structure and offers a new structure where everything is fair. You should also check out some of our best blockchain courses to master all the skills and get a blockchain certification.

Check out the Blockchain Definition guide to learn more about our blockchain technology free training developer course!

But how did blockchain came to be?

To complete blockchain free online course, check out the history of blockchain technology. (Hint: Bitcoin wasn’t the first blockchain technology!)

Features of Blockchain

Usually, every blockchain platform offers at least six features. These are –

  • Cannot be Corrupted
  • Decentralized Technology
  • Enhanced Security
  • Distributed Ledgers
  • Consensus
  • Faster Settlement

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Next, to learn blockchain for free, you’d have to know about the different types of blockchain networks. Yes, there are multiple types out there, and each has its own set of features. However, if you don’t know the differences between the platforms, you won’t fully understand which platform to go for.

Usually, there are three general types of blockchain that you can use in digital transformation such as Public, Private and Federated networks. Further, two permission types – Permissioned and Permissionless. You should also check out some of our best blockchain courses to master all the skills and get a blockchain certification.

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Let’s move onto the next step in our blockchain training free course.

Know About the Smart Contracts and Consensus Algorithms

Blockchain technology comes with a lot of twists, and you must have heard about smart contracts and consensus algorithms. Moreover, both of these are equally vital components of a blockchain ecosystem.

Smart contracts are a form of digital contracts where parties can create a contract with pre-determined rules, and after the execution of those rules, every party gets their fair share of the payment. Think of it as an automated process. If you meet the specified rules of your smart contract, the payment process will initiate automatically.

Many organizations can use this feature to facilitate their agreements with other companies. Ethereum was the first to develop a smart contract mechanism in the blockchain infrastructure.

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Consensus Algorithm

Next, in our blockchain training free guide, we’ll talk about the consensus algorithms. Consensus algorithms are the root of blockchain technology. Without it, the transparency or error-free system would never happen. Mainly these algorithms help the users on the platform to reach an agreement to validate transactions.

There are many popular consensus algorithms. To complete the blockchain free online developer course, you should definitely know about these various algorithms. These are –

  • Proof-of-Work
  • Proof-of-Stake
  • Leased Proof-Of-Stake
  • Delegated Proof-of-Stake
  • Directed Acyclic Graphs
  • Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance
  • Simplified Byzantine Fault Tolerance
  • Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance
  • Proof of Elapsed Time
  • Proof-of-Weight
  • Proof-of-Burn
  • Proof-of-Capacity
  • Proof-of-Importance
  • Proof-of-Activity

Want to know about consensus algorithms? Read the complete guide on consensus algorithms to complete your blockchain technology free training!

Let’s move onto the next step of our blockchain training free guide.

Check Out the Enterprise Blockchains: BAAS Vendors and Platforms

Now in our blockchain training free course, we’ll talk about the enterprise blockchain. So, what are enterprise blockchains?

These are a form of special blockchain networks are that optimized for enterprise-grade solutions only. Enterprise blockchain technologies are specially designed to take the massive burden of a big organization where they need to meet heavy demands every day.

Enterprise blockchain platforms are crucial for blockchain adoption. Learn More About Enterprise Blockchain Platforms Now!

Next, for competing for your blockchain training free course, you need to know about the popular enterprise blockchain platforms. Furthermore, these platforms offer blockchain solutions and develop projects from scratch. Mainly there are five main players –


Hyperledger is one of the renowned enterprise blockchain platforms on the market. They have a lot of blockchain projects under their wings. Furthermore, many companies are suing Hyperledger’s solution to implement their enterprise-grade blockchain technology.

It’s essential for you to know every about Hyperledger to complete blockchain technology free training

Hyperledger is one of the prominent blockchain players in the market. Check out more about it from our Hyperledger guide now!

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

EEA or Ethereum Enterprise Alliance is another popular blockchain network system. Moreover, they offer a greater deal of functionality and usability. At present, they have more than 250+ members working together.


R3’s Corda blockchain is a must for any blockchain free online course. Furthermore, blockchain technology is just the perfect match for financial sectors.


Ripple is another wonderful enterprise blockchain platform with two strong features – security protocols and safety issues. Furthermore, their RippleNet network can offer almost free transactions.


Quorum is a bit similar to Ethereum; the only difference is that Ethereum is public, and Quorum is private. Furthermore, it’s more suited for enterprise integrations.

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Enterprise BAAS Providers

There are a few popular BAAS providers on the market now. Moreover, these companies offer blockchain as a service, and they mainly cover popular enterprise platforms.

Want to learn all the fundamentals of Blockchain as a Service? Enroll Now – Getting Started with AWS Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Furthermore, getting your blockchain solution from then could be a great deal as these tend to offer cost-effective solutions. Also, they offer toolsets and can deploy solutions within minutes! Check out the BAAS providers in our blockchain free course –

  1. Oracle
  2. IBM
  3. Amazon
  4. Microsoft
  5. Alibaba
  6. Baidu
  7. Huawei
  8. Accenture

Learn About Different Enterprise Projects in Non-financial Companies

Now we’ll talk about the various industries that are implementing blockchain technology in our blockchain training free course. Furthermore, these are mainly non-financial institutes. Check out these 20 examples of enterprises –

  1. Walmart: They are tracking products collaborating with IBM.
  2. Metlife: They want to automate the insurance solution in terms of healthcare using enterprise blockchain solutions.
  3. UPS: The company is using blockchain to power logistics systems.
  4. Toyota: Offers their autonomous driving software using the blockchain.
  5. AIA Group: They are providing Bancassurance facilities using blockchain solutions.
  6. BHP Billiton: Uses blockchain for their supply chain management.
  7. Alibaba: Using blockchain adoption to track down luxury goods.
  8. Tencent: They are utilizing blockchain for legal billing and taxation.
  9. Baidu: The company is using blockchain for intellectual rights management.
  10. Ford: Uses blockchain to support mobility technologies.
  11. British Airways: Blockchain technology in the monitoring system.
  12. Facebook: They are utilizing blockchain for data management and protection.
  13. Walt Disney: The company is using blockchain to track inventories.
  14. Maersk: Uses blockchain for shipping platform.
  15. Prudential: Blockchain technology for trade platform.
  16. Apple: They are utilizing blockchain to timestamp data.
  17. Nestle: The company is using blockchain to manage their supply chains.
  18. UnitedHealthcare/ Quest Diagnostics /Optum/ Humana: Blockchain technology for improving doctors directories among hospitals.
  19. Samsung: Uses blockchain for supply chain management.
  20. FedEx: They are utilizing blockchain for dispute settling.

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Use Cases Vs. the Implementation Challenges

Our blockchain training free guide won’t be complete if we skip the use cases now, would it? However, estimating the value the blockchain will bring us is fairly difficult. Furthermore, you might think that blockchain won’t be that much use as it will be a burden, but is that really the truth?

Over the years, many enterprises already implemented enterprise blockchain projects. Furthermore, you’ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of use cases for blockchain technology just for enterprises.

So, imagine what it can do in terms of global implantations! There are lots of popular use cases; let’s see what they are –

Global Transactions


  • Improved transparency and trust for trade finance
  • More control for manufacturers
  • Reduced paperwork and cost

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 Food Safety

  • Accountability for food safety
  • Reduce food wastage
  • Gets rid of food fraudulence

 Supply Chain

  • Secured ledger system with visibility for the supply chain
  • Tracks all products
  • Quickly detects the corrupted personal with acute information


  • Helps to fight counterfeit products
  • Keeps track of all luxury goods
  • Deals with theft issues

Curious about blockchain’s impact on the retail industry? Check out our guide on blockchain in retail right now!

Governmental Services

  • Secure way to preserve all citizen rights
  • Offers exponential growth of the economy
  • Digitizing citizen identification

Curious about blockchain’s impact on governments? Check out our guide on blockchain for the government right now!

Intellectual Property

  • Ensures trademarking and patenting intellectual properties
  • Offers payment for patented work
  • Reduced intellectual property abuse


  • Gets rid of drug counterfeits
  • Tracks patient information
  • Streamlines multiple test results at the same time

Curious about blockchain’s impact on healthcare? Check out our guide on blockchain in healthcare right now!

Oil and Gas

  • Secured freight payment and auditing.
  • Improves efficiency by calculating shipment routes
  • Saves 5% revenue with accuracy

 Real Estate

  • Reduces costing of the property
  • Promotes fractional ownership
  • Increases scalability

Curious about blockchain’s impact on real estate? Check out our guide on blockchain for real estate right now!


  • Ensures that the donation goes to the right place
  • Offers transparency for the donating citizens
  • Promote fairness and trust


  • Reduces the number of paper trails
  • Faster insurance claims
  • No more exploiting consumers

 Media and Entertainment

  • Better artist value
  • Connects artist with a better paycheck
  • Efficient marketing on social media


  • Streamline passenger processing
  • Promotes cross border identification
  • Schedules all flights with greater accuracy

Check out the top 50 companies using blockchain technology to learn more about it.

Implementation Challenges

Let’s look at the implementation challenges in our blockchain training free course. Furthermore, this will help you to understand whether the challenges are far too heavy on the use cases. Top blockchain certifications can help you understand and grasp the concept even more.

  • Interoperability: The current enterprise blockchain technologies lack the ever needed interoperability between all networks.
  • Legacy Networks: In reality, transforming all legacy networks with blockchain may require a lot of time and money.
  • Skillset: There isn’t an adequate workforce with the skillset to develop new enterprise-grade technology.
  • Methodology: Lack of proper methodology makes newer innovations full of flaws.
  • Mass Adoption: In reality, mass adoption isn’t yet possible as the network deals with slower output.
  • Cost Challenges: Maintaining the framework and developing it would require plenty of money.

Let’s move onto our next step in the blockchain training free guide.

Not sure how to build your career in enterprise blockchains? Enroll Now – How to Build Your Career in Enterprise Blockchains

Learn About the Decentralized Internet and Web 3.0

The blockchain is not only changing the ways of your businesses, but it is also affecting the structure of the internet. Furthermore, today’s internal structure came a long way before getting access to all the facilities of modern technology. All the social media or Google search options weren’t available in the old days.

Moreover, the structure of the web is now centralized, but with the new addition of decentralization, the changes are evident.

But before you dive into the realm of Web 3.0, check out more about the centralized and decentralized internet from here.

Web 3.0: Adds More Value for You

Web 3.0 is the new generation of the internet. It’s a decentralized structure. Here not only you’ll be able to read and write, but now you can do even more. Furthermore, using the semantic searching capability will give you more accurate search results. Moreover, these are just a few of the potential features that Web 3.0 would bring for you.

Know About Top Blockchain Adoption Challenges

Now you know about almost every aspect of blockchain technology. But before you jump in and start working on your enterprise blockchain solution, you need to know to have a clear idea about what challenges you are dealing deal. Top blockchain certifications can help you understand and grasp the concept even more.

Furthermore, previously we gave you a few of the challenges you can face in terms of enterprise blockchains. But now, you need to know about the top blockchain adoption challenges for general blockchain technology. Let’s see what these challenges are –

Human Factors:

  • Technological Design
  • Skill Set
  • Public Perception
  • Criminal Connection
  • Regulations

Technological Factors:

  • Performance
  • Energy Consumption
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Scalability

You can read more about these points in our top blockchain adoption challenges guide!

Read Our Transformation Playbook

Want to transform your legacy network to a blockchain network? Or do you want to develop your own blockchain-based solution? Well, we did give you the compact knowledge of everything you need to so far about the technology. However, it’s time for you to strategize your implementation.

Moreover, our transformation playbook is the perfect solution for you if you don’t know where to begin. Furthermore, in the transformation playbook, we mainly talk about five steps –

  • Start With Small Projects At A Time
  • Build a Task Force That Can Back Your Projects
  • Train & Educate Your Task Force To Make Them Pro
  • Develop Strategy To Deploy Your Solution
  • Communicate With The Right Authority To Boost Your Sale

We’ve explained everything in the Transformation playbook guide to help you understand how to implement blockchain.

Final Words

Blockchain technology will create a marketplace of $10 million within the year 2022, according to Gartner Trend Insights. Furthermore, by the year 2030, it would be $3.1 trillion worth of marketplace. In reality, if you want to claim your spot in that market, now is the time to dive into the technology.

Hopefully, our free blockchain training course would help you out in this case. If you are just a novice and want to learn more about this technology, then we recommend using our free blockchain course.

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