With the constantly rising popularity of blockchain technology, it is inevitable to wonder about the possibilities with blockchain certification. Can a certified blockchain professional secure a better advantage for their career? On the other hand, you may be concerned about the certification being an exercise in futility.

Since blockchain is a comparatively new addition to the modern technological landscape, it is imperative to find various discussions around the positive and negative aspects of pursuing blockchain certifications. Generally, you would encounter opinions about blockchain certifications on the grounds of career benefits and related salaries.

However, if you are aspiring to leverage the functionalities of blockchain for your enterprise, then the above-mentioned factors don’t serve any distinct purpose. It is important to find out the value brought by blockchain certification to your business. Subsequently, it is also important to find reasons for investments in blockchain training and certification.

The following eBook would explore the important reasons for pursuing the top blockchain certifications according to your career objectives. In addition, you can also reflect on the most prolific reasons to opt for certification in your desired blockchain specialization.

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What exactly is a Blockchain Certification?

Before moving towards a discussion on available blockchain certification exam options, it is important to understand what exactly it is! Let us reflect on the definition of blockchain certification in the most basic sense by taking the generic explanation of certification into account. Blockchain certifications are tangible proof of the capabilities of individuals in leveraging blockchain technologies to address business goals.

In addition, blockchain certifications can also serve as promising evidence regarding the fluency of professionals in the in-demand skills for specific blockchain-based job roles. Certifications in blockchain technology could help in proving the abilities for business transformation with blockchain technology. So, a blockchain certification is basically proof of a certain level of skills and knowledge in the blockchain.

Most important of all, know that the certification does not offer the guarantee of placement in lucrative jobs. However, the skills and knowledge proved in certification can ensure promising value for businesses of varying sizes.

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Where Can I Find Blockchain Skills?

Enterprises can opt for training and development of blockchain skills of existing employees or bring in new employees with desired talent. In the case of blockchain, enterprises are doubtful about building or buying blockchain talent. However, the majority of companies prefer buying blockchain talent to ensure that they select the right candidate for their business objectives.

The most notable reasons for pursuing blockchain skills are not vested only in the rising applications of blockchain technology. In the period between 2017 and 2020, blockchain demand escalated profoundly by almost 2000%. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany are some of the top places where blockchain is one of the most in-demand skills.

According to the latest jobs survey report by LinkedIn for 2020, blockchain emerged as one of the top in-demand skills. 

Furthermore, the demand for blockchain skills is expanding beyond the scope of conventional roles such as developer, architect, and security. Now, the industry is focused on introducing products to market alongside profitability. As a result, the orientation in demand for blockchain skills has largely turned towards design, sales, and marketing roles.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are presently the most dominant employers in the blockchain landscape. Almost 42% of employees in the blockchain labor market work for cryptocurrency exchanges. On the other hand, the remaining 10% are presently working with hardware manufacturers and in mining. Most important of all, it is important to look towards blockchain certification as a possible avenue for entering into large corporate giants such as Microsoft, American Express, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, and Oracle.

Furthermore, top blockchain certifications can also spell promising opportunities for obtaining employment across different industries. Some of the notable industries which look for blockchain talent include gaming, farming, healthcare, entertainment, shipping, and food safety.

Therefore, the continuously evolving dynamics of the blockchain ecosystem definitely create a lot of challenges for enterprises in selecting talent. Blockchain is a not so old technology and the slightest mistake could lead to a cascading effect resulting in failure. Therefore, enterprises have to be precise about the selection of blockchain professionals for their business objectives.

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Reasons to Opt for Blockchain Certifications

No doubt, a blockchain certification gives you an extra edge to get ahead in your blockchain career. Let’s check out the common reasons to go for the blockchain certifications.

  • Blockchain Certifications Improve Your Appeal

Blockchain certification can help you validate your skills in emerging technology. Most important of all, blockchain is presently the favorite of enterprises of varying sizes. Many companies are using blockchain presently for ensuring business communications and transactions with better security and transparency. As a result, blockchain certification can help you capitalize on the various in-demand job roles.

The notable job roles that you can pursue with the top blockchain certifications include full-stack blockchain developer, systems engineer, cryptocurrency trader, and others. In addition, blockchain certifications also improve the professional portfolio of professionals in the roles of database administrators, solution architects, and system administrators.

Blockchain Technology is getting popular with its new and latest trends. Here are the top Blockchain Trends for 2021.

  • Blockchain Certifications Don’t Restrict Your Opportunities

Since you can access a wide range of blockchain-based job roles with top blockchain certifications, you would be assured of the positive career benefits with certifications in blockchain technology. On the other hand, blockchain training and certification also strengthen the fluency of candidates in Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT. Blockchain certifications prove that candidates have the ability to implement blockchain infrastructure across existing processes and systems in an organization.

  • Blockchain is prepared for the Future

The next important factor that draws candidates towards blockchain certification directly refers to the futuristic potential of blockchain. Blockchain is the technology of the future. A certain share of estimates implies that around 0.5% of the worldwide population uses blockchain. However, internet usage statistics indicate that almost 3.77 billion people all over the world are on the network.

As a result, certifications provide crucial instruments for surpassing the competition alongside learning about blockchain. Most important of all, blockchain certifications also offer flexible access to significant resources associated with blockchain development. In addition, you can learn Blockchain by learning about the efficient usage of the concerned resources and improve your expertise. So, certifications can definitely offer a favorable opportunity for all professionals to participate in a revolutionary technology shift.

  • Blockchain Combines Effectively with Other Technologies

The flexibility for the integration of blockchain with modern technologies such as IoT is also another promising reason to choose certifications. Blockchain certification can help professionals explore the prospects for using blockchain in commodities trading, real estate, and voting systems.

However, organizations engaged in measures for mass blockchain adoption alongside the Internet of Things have been making highlights. Candidates could explore desirable opportunities in the roles which focus on developing secure infrastructures with functionalities for autonomous collaboration.

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  • Certifications Help You Stay Updated

As discussed already, you can pursue blockchain certification for proving your skills and knowledge for specific job roles. However, the blockchain ecosystem is transforming radically. Therefore, new concepts and functionalities are emerging every day. So, it is crucial for all candidates to ensure that they are updated with the latest skills and knowledge required for addressing their professional responsibilities.

The capabilities of renowned blockchain certification providers in updating their exam objectives according to the latest industry trends can help blockchain professionals stay relevant in the labor market. At the same time, the recertification requirements for blockchain certifications also provide clear opportunities for enterprises to ensure effective talent transformation initiatives.

  • Invest in Developing Blockchain Talent

“Certifications Are Mere Indicators of Value. People Achieve It.”

It is always crucial to note that passing a blockchain certification exam does not entitle qualified candidates to high-paying jobs. As a matter of fact, certifications serve as a proxy for your blockchain skills. Therefore, a blockchain certification in itself is not capable of delivering any value to the enterprise. The people with the certification are the ones responsible for creating the value desired by an enterprise.

Certifications are just another method for measuring the value of the blockchain skills of an individual blockchain professional. As a result, blockchain certifications can serve as reliable tools for establishing goals, evaluating skills across teams, and tracking progress. However, consideration of best blockchain certifications as the sole benchmark for the blockchain expertise of employees does not present a reliable foundation.

Therefore, it is reasonable to look at blockchain certification as one of the outputs of blockchain training and education. Blockchain talent transformation programs should also consider additional metrics such as time to market or time to innovation for measuring blockchain skill development outcomes. These factors would provide a clear impression of the capabilities of blockchain professionals to deliver the desired value for enterprises.

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Cost of a Blockchain Certification

The next important factor for creating effective blockchain talent transformation initiatives refers to the blockchain certification cost. You must have a comprehensively transparent impression of the costs that would go into the certification of employees or candidates in your workplace. The total cost of blockchain training and certification can vary widely across diverse companies and industries.

However, there are many other important costs that come into the picture when you think of blockchain training and certification. First of all, you have to take the basic cost of your desired blockchain certification into account.

For example, you can find the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP certification)  at a price of $397 USD that includes the cost of training, exam registration, as well as certification. In addition, enterprises should also note the pricing of the courses they want to include in blockchain training and education initiatives.

  • Although you can find training and support materials with CEBP certification at a fixed price, you may have to look into other potential costs. If you want to opt for on-site blockchain training, then you must address the costs of catering and venue alongside travel expenses. However, you can avoid the logistics costs with the use of online training and certification platforms in the blockchain.               
  • The next cost is probably the most sensitive and significant aspect in budgeting for blockchain training and talent development. Training of employees for blockchain certification also results in downtime as employees cannot work when they are learning. Therefore, enterprises should be prepared for taking on the massive upfront cost with the hope of driving business objectives with blockchain expertise.
  • Another important aspect is the cost factor for blockchain certification refers to administrative costs. Enterprises would have to invest in the organization of blockchain talent development and education initiatives. Directed investments in researching for training solutions alongside the allocation of employees can help in maintaining a seamless talent development routine.

Top Blockchain Job Trends

Blockchain is slowly entering almost any business sector with improved prospects for flexibility and security. However, many enterprises can ignore the importance of blockchain training and certification on the ground of various reasons. On the other hand, the fading hype around cryptocurrencies is also one of the prominent reasons for doubts regarding the feasibility of blockchain training. In the real world, the demand for blockchain developers and the general status of the blockchain labor market indicate otherwise. Here are some of the notable job trends that are evident in the blockchain landscape currently.

  • Irrespective of the market decline in 2018, the demand for full-time blockchain developers improved by 13% year-over-year in June 2019
  • Around 80% of the developer loss emerged from the one-time-per-month and part-time developers, thereby indicating the importance of training and certification.
  • Blockchain certification and training are also perceived as a top alternative to capitalize on the benefits of concepts such as infrastructure, DeFi ecosystems, and smart contracts.
  • Irrespective of the consistency in code commit volume, the total share of active blockchain developers every month is reducing by 10% on a year-by-year basis. 
  • As the crypto ecosystems are slowly expanding towards the size of renowned open-source projects such as Apache, the opportunities for training and education and increased substantially.

Training the Workforce beyond Business Goals

Generally, enterprises are unable to capitalize on the benefits of blockchain certification and training on the grounds of various reasons. Many enterprises are generally plagued by the fear of change with training and development initiatives. However, the opportunities for training and development of employees in blockchain concepts and specializations could boost trust in employers.

Among the many reasons for which employees leave enterprises, career growth, training and development are the top mentions. Furthermore, employees perceive better prospects of staying with their current employer with access to career development initiatives. So, enterprises can gain the benefits of massive returns on their investments in the training and development of employees.

Avoiding investments in the training and development of blockchain expertise of employees can incite feelings of lack of commitment. Subsequently, the perceived lack of interest by employers can result in the gradual reduction of retention rates.

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How do You Know that You are Successful?

Blockchain certifications and the training associated with each of them are prominent value drivers for enterprises. The blockchain certification shows that an individual is capable of using blockchain to solve business issues. At the same time, they can also ensure that professionals are inclined towards achieving profitability and productivity.

Subsequently, comprehensive training that continues with the job responsibilities of professionals can also deliver promising advantages. Rather than thinking of the blockchain certification as the only indicator of blockchain expertise, there are many other metrics.

Just learning and doing nothing is something that will act as a roadblock and you will never gain success with that. If you want to be successful in your Blockchain career, you need to check your expertise with these performance metrics. Here are some of the ideas that you can find out helpful for measuring outcomes of blockchain talent development initiatives.

  • Enterprises should observe the requests for support within the organization, especially the ones related to blockchain. The development of blockchain expertise throughout an organization can help in ensuring lower requests for support.
  • Benchmarks can also serve as reliable indicators of success, with objective tests to determine the fluency of employees in blockchain concepts. What’s better? You can try to forecast the potential outcomes and then evaluate the extent to which you were successful.
  • Time is also a reliable indicator of the effectiveness of a blockchain certification and training program. If employees are able to resolve product or feature issues with blockchain expertise within a specified time, then they are capable of leveraging blockchain for business objectives.
  • The next important factor that can help in defining the success of blockchain certification and training programs is the mean-time for resolving issues. You should know that the most sophisticated blockchain infrastructures can face considerable setbacks. Therefore, it is important for trained and certified professionals to achieve a lower mean time for resolving issues. The lower mean-time is a clear indication of the fluency in blockchain skills. At the same time, it provides a detailed impression of the individual’s capability to drive business value.

All these metrics can help you considerably with measuring the outcomes of blockchain training and certification initiatives. The definition of success metrics could be easily considered as superior to the procurement of certifications.

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Final Words

On a concluding note, you can clearly observe the need for blockchain certification in the modern IT landscape. Many organizations, especially the notable tech giants, are jumping in on the blockchain training and certification programs. Therefore, you can also leverage the power of blockchain for your enterprise by the top blockchain certifications.

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!