Blockchain development has become easier than before with the arrival of promising learning resources. We at 101 Blockchains are happy to introduce the new Intermediate-Level Hyperledger Fabric Development course, after the great success of the Hyperledger Fabric fundamental course. The new course on Hyperledger Fabric is a prolific tool for taking your knowledge of the modular blockchain development tool to the next level. 

The course features distinct resources that can help you learn more about Hyperledger Fabric while improving your blockchain development skills. As the new course is live, let us dive further into the details of the course to see what learners could get with the new Hyperledger Fabric tutorial on 101 Blockchains. 

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Importance of Hyperledger Fabric 

Before exploring the details of the new course on 101 Blockchains, it is important to understand the importance of Hyperledger Fabric. Hyperledger started off as an open-source project by the Linux Foundation to provide the ideal foundation for creating blockchain-based technologies.

Hyperledger aims at supporting the collaborative development of blockchain technologies with an open-source and community-based perspective on development. Hyperledger Fabric is one of the most popular blockchain projects in the Hyperledger initiative known as the permissioned enterprise-grade blockchain platform. The release of Hyperledger Fabric latest version every year builds upon the favorable traits evident with the tool. 

Why Is It Important to Learn Hyperledger Fabric Development?

The most important reason to learn Hyperledger Fabric basically refers to the observation of its significance for businesses. Hyperledger Fabric is not just another ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. On the contrary, it is an open-source developer-centric community aimed at supporting an ecosystem of Hyperledger-based users and solution providers. 

It can help in fabricating numerous public chains along with many private chains, with distinct consensus mechanisms alongside relevant traits and smart contract language. With a common library for open-source, enterprise-grade blockchain frameworks, libraries, and platforms, Hyperledger Fabric can help in building apps for resolving real business needs. 

The different value advantages and Hyperledger Fabric advanced concepts could help aspiring professionals strengthen their career prospects in enterprise blockchain. Hyperledger Fabric ensures the following benefits for technical blockchain infrastructure. 

  • Modularity 
  • Permissioned blockchain
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Smart contract development
  • Pluggable consensus protocols
  • Efficient modular and scalable foundations for blockchain applications

With all these benefits, Hyperledger Fabric is definitely the tool that every aspiring enterprise blockchain professional should learn. Hyperledger Fabric is a helpful instrument for creating blockchain applications with ease. So, a reliable Hyperledger Fabric course can help you travel a long way in blockchain careers. Irrespective of the preferred blockchain role such as engineer, architect, or developer, Hyperledger Fabric gives a credible boost for specializing in business blockchain applications. 

The new 101 Blockchains Hyperledger Fabric intermediate-level course is the ideal resource to move above Hyperledger Fabric fundamentals. Enterprises want talented experts to help them in designing new enterprise solutions with blockchain technology. So, this course is definitely a positive factor for the blockchain career aspirations of an individual. 

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Hyperledger Fabric Development – Intermediate-level Course

Now when you know the importance of learning Hyperledger Fabric, it is important to check all the different aspects covered in the Hyperledger Fabric tutorial. Intermediate-level learners should be adequately convinced about the different elements that make this course an ideal choice for them. A detailed impression of all information about the Hyperledger Fabric development course introduced newly on 101 Blockchains is necessary at this point, so let’s dive in.

Who can Enroll in the Hyperledger Fabric Course?

First of all, let us check out the target audience for the Hyperledger Fabric development course. The awareness of target audience could help in finding out whether you are truly ready for the course. The Hyperledger Fabric development course on 101 Blockchains is the right option for,

  • Candidates aspiring to develop a comprehensive understanding of basic and advanced concepts related to Hyperledger development.
  • Candidates who want to obtain thorough knowledge regarding the tools and best practices for Hyperledger development.
  • Candidates are interested in learning about the development and deployment of chaincode.
  • Candidates who want to learn about the platform to begin developing a Hyperledger-based blockchain application.

Benefits for Different Blockchain Job Roles

As a matter of fact, the coverage of concepts and practices related to Hyperledger Fabric latest version in this new course serves useful for many enterprise blockchain job roles. First of all, the software architects and engineers could use the course to strengthen their fluency in enterprise blockchain application development. 

Software developers and IT managers can find the course helpful for introducing prolific functionalities in their solutions. Enterprise and cloud architects can use the course to discover new opportunities for professional development with advanced knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric development. 

Most important of all IT Sales Executives and Pre-Sales Engineers could use the Hyperledger Fabric course to understand the features which appeal the most to customers. They can discover new approaches for addressing customer support requests alongside their marketing approaches. 

How to Get Started with Hyperledger Fabric Development – Intermediate Level Course?

It is quite clear that the Hyperledger Fabric development course gives the perfect platform to build your blockchain development career. The course is suitable for all candidates with fundamental knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric. 101 Blockchains also offers a course on ‘Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric,’ a fundamental level course. 

The fundamental level Hyperledger Fabric tutorial gives you the right support in covering all basic concepts related to Hyperledger Fabric. The Hyperledger Fabric development course is an intermediate-level course and spans just over 3 hours in terms of duration. The prolific advantage for learners with the course is the facility of flexible learning. Now, you know that the 101 Blockchains Hyperledger Fabric development course offers a simple and flexible learning approach. 

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Content of the Course

The next and most crucial highlight about the Hyperledger Fabric development course on 101 Blockchains is the course content. The course helps you learn Hyperledger Fabric development with the help of a modular approach. The different modules in the course help learners cover the course step by step easily. A deep dive into the content covered in modules of the new Hyperledger Fabric development course can help you understand the course better.

Module 1

The first module of the Hyperledger Fabric development course does not start right away with Hyperledger Fabric advanced concepts. Learners will be introduced to development tools and the best practices for Hyperledger Fabric development in this module. The module also features two demos featuring explanations on GitHub resources and the configuration of your development environment. 

Module 2

The second module of the new Hyperledger Fabric development course on 101 Blockchains deals comprehensively with Hyperledger development tools. Learners can start with the important considerations for Hyperledger Fabric application deployments. In addition, they can also learn about topics such as,

  • Membership services
  • Channels
  • Peers and nodes
  • Queries
  • Interfaces
  • Ledger and database options
  • Certificates
  • Kafka or Raft

Module 3

The third module in the new intermediate-level Hyperledger Fabric course on 101 Blockchains deals with chaincode scripting. The notable topics in this module deal with chaincode development and the chaincode lifecycle. In addition, it also covers important development considerations for writing chaincode alongside interactive exercises for practical experience. 

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Module 4

Practically the final module in the new Hyperledger Fabric development course, this module deals with writing a blockchain application. Learners would come to know about the practices for writing a blockchain app. The topics in this module include a development overview along with demos on IBM SaaS as well as a whiteboard explanation for transactions on Hyperledger Fabric. Learners can also find an interactive exercise in this module for practical experience. 

Module 5

The final module in the training course shows how it is more than a tool to learn Hyperledger Fabric. Learners can discover information about the salaries and roles of blockchain developers. In addition, learners can also explore additional resources in the module along with prolific career guidance. As a matter of fact, the final module also includes a final exam which proves the candidate’s knowledge of all topics covered in the course. The course closeout and additional resources for learners help them in making a smooth transition towards professional prospects.

What Do Learners Get?

The most important concern in the minds of learners right now must be pointing towards the value of the course. The new Hyperledger Fabric development course ensures the following critical benefits for all aspiring blockchain developers.

  • The course helps in improving skills in blockchain development.
  • Candidates can learn more about Hyperledger Fabric and the practices for assembly and development of Chaincode.
  • Candidates can learn about general development tools for improving their blockchain-based technical knowledge for career development. 
  • The Hyperledger Fabric course gives the perfect boost for career roles of blockchain developer or architect
  • Learners could also gain expertise in advanced concepts such as smart contract development and the creation of assets.

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Bottom Line

On the final note, the new intermediate level Hyperledger Fabric development course on 101 Blockchains comes with an assurance of perfection. The popularity of Hyperledger Fabric, along with its technical value benefits, make it a preferred tool you must learn for blockchain development. However, you should start with the Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric course that gives you the foundation for learning about blockchain development.

In this intermediate-level course, the access to resources and learning materials about Hyperledger Fabric advanced concepts helps candidates with exceptional skill development. Thousands of enterprise blockchain professionals have been able to carve lucrative career paths with 101 Blockchains. You can also build a strong career path in enterprise blockchain development with the new Hyperledger Fabric development course right now!