We at 101 Blockchains are elated to announce the launch of our new Hyperledger fabric course. Any individual in the domain of software tech understands the role of blockchain in the future of the world. Therefore, enterprises are also considering the use of blockchain in transforming their legacy technical infrastructures. 

Interestingly, enterprises need effective blockchain platforms to build their solutions, and Hyperledger fabric is one of them. So, candidates aspiring to learn more about blockchain could utilize our Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric training course to learn the fundamentals of Hyperledger fabric. Let us show you the details of the course in the following discussion. 

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Why is It Important to Learn Hyperledger Fabric?

The foremost factor in understanding the Hyperledger fabric refers to the adoption of blockchain. Candidates wishing to learn about Blockchain and Hyperledger fabric must ensure that they know the importance of these technologies for their careers. Blockchain is slowly becoming an important skill for those dealing with Integrators, large VARs, vendors, and others. Now, you may think about the need to learn Hyperledger fabric; let’s answer it.

Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source, distributed ledger technology developed specifically as per the needs of enterprise blockchain applications. As a result, the demand for expertise in Hyperledger has been growing substantially with the increasing applications of blockchain. The basic objective of the 101 Blockchains Hyperledger fabric course is the preparation of IT professionals for handling the Hyperledger Fabric v2.3 foundations alongside offering practical understanding through use cases with demos. 

Additionally, we have also emphasized the addition of demo and whiteboard videos to reinforce your learning. In addition, the Hyperledger fabric tutorial also features interactive exercises and practice questions that candidates could use to study for any Hyperledger certification exam.

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Who Should Learn Hyperledger Fabric?

The Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric course has been developed mainly for systems engineers, systems architects, software developers, pre-sales engineers, and post-sales engineers. However, if you are a blockchain enthusiast, aspiring to build a successful career in Blockchain, this course will help you learn the fundamentals of Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric. So, let us understand who is the right candidate to learn the Hyperledger fabric latest version v2.3. 

  1. Candidates who are new in the field of blockchain technology and aspiring to understand the fundamental concepts related to blockchain and Hyperledger fabric can choose this course.
  2. If you want to learn about blockchain and achieve Hyperledger certification, then this course is suitable for you.
  3. Candidates who want to learn blockchain use cases and resources required for starting in blockchain are also ideal candidates.
  4. Aspiring blockchain architects aiming for the validation of knowledge regarding Hyperledger Fabric with industry-recognized blockchain architecture certification are also suitable candidates. 

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Highlights of the Blockchains Hyperledger Fabric Course 

So, what does the Hyperledger fabric course on 101 Blockchains hold for you? We have provided the following chapters in the training course on Hyperledger fabric to help you learn about Hyperledger Fabric latest version, i.e., v2.3. Here’re some of the common questions for which you will get answers in this course.

  1. What can Hyperledger Fabric offer enterprises?
  2. What are the similarities/differences between Hyperledger Fabric and other blockchains?
  3. Fundamental and advanced concepts of Hyperledger Fabric
  4. Basics of Hyperledger Fabric blockchain architecture
  5. AWS Cloud services deployment demos. 

The course on Hyperledger would enable candidates to learn Hyperledger fabric under the instruction of industry experts. The Senior Instructor of the course, Joseph Holbrook, has experience in the field of IT since 1993. In addition, he also has profound technical fluency in blockchain architectures and enterprise cloud/ virtualization. As a contract trainer for Hitachi Data Systems, HPE, and Training Associates, Joseph Holbrook is a trustworthy industry expert to help you learn about the fundamentals of blockchain and Hyperledger fabric. 

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Chapters Covered in Course Modules

From Blockchain fundamentals to Hyperledger Fabric deployment, the Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric course covers everything in detail. The 3-hour course has been divided into 5 modules, where each module consists of several chapters. Let us find out the subsections in the different modules covered in the course. 

Module 1: Blockchain Fundamentals

The first module of the course includes the following chapters,

  1. Blockchain fundamentals
  2. Comparison of deployment models
  3. Definition of an enterprise blockchain
  4. Components of a blockchain
  5. Whiteboard demo of transactions
  6. Blockchain consensus
  7. Smart contracts
  8. Blockchain hashing demonstration

Module 2: Basics of Hyperledger Fabric 

This module of our Hyperledger Fabric course includes the following chapters,

  1. Definition of Hyperledger
  2. Definition of Hyperledger fabric
  3. Whiteboard demonstration of Hyperledger Fabric
  4. Design of Hyperledger Fabric
  5. Hyperledger Fabric Transactions whiteboard demonstration
  6. Hyperledger consensus
  7. Development with Hyperledger fabric

Module 3: Use Cases of Hyperledger Fabric

The important chapters in this module of the Hyperledger fabric tutorial include the following,     

  1. Use cases 
  2. Value creation
  3. Whiteboard discussion related to the use case of Hyperledger fabric in logistics
  4. Whiteboard discussion on the use case of Hyperledger fabric in financial applications

Module 4: Options for Hyperledger Fabric Deployment

The different chapters in this module of the Hyperledger fabric course include,

  1. Important design considerations
  2. Blockchain as a Service
  3. Demonstrations for AWS Hyperledger Fabric templates
  4. Demonstrations related to AWS managed blockchain
  5. Important deployment considerations

Module 5: Additional Resources

The final module presents the concluding note to the course with the following chapters,

  1. Summary review
  2. Blockchain roles
  3. Resources 
  4. Closeout
  5. Final Exam

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Why Choose 101 Blockchains for Hyperledger Fabric Course?

We at 101 Blockchains are dedicated to providing our learners the best-quality courses prepared by industry experts. Here are some important reasons for which you should immediately register for the “getting started with Hyperledger fabric” training course. 

  1. 101 Blockchains offers trusted and strategic study materials curated with years of experience as industry experts. Therefore, you can assure about receiving updated and relevant information with the 101 Blockchains training course on Hyperledger Fabric.
  2. 101 Blockchains is also capable of offering the assurance of promising academic support with our team of industry experts. Candidates can get access to exclusive online events with ease. 
  3. 101 Blockchains also presents the support of bonus material and additional lectures. The complementary lectures could deliver promising levels of practical knowledge of blockchain. 
  4. The demo videos, whiteboard videos, and interactive exercises help learners to get not only basic knowledge but also practical insights into the subject.
  5. The most interesting part of the Hyperledger fabric tutorial at 101 Blockchains is the final exam in the course. The final exam can help you prove that you have successfully learned the concepts covered in the training course.

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Take the Right Step for a Bright Career in Blockchain

So, we would invite you to make the most of our latest Hyperledger fabric basic course. This course is a trustworthy instrument to help you get through all the essentials of understanding Hyperledger fabric. This course is also a suitable tool for getting started with development by using Hyperledger Fabric. The opportunity to learn Hyperledger fabric with a seamless digital learning experience at 101 blockchains is waiting for you. Make the most of this opportunity to enhance your blockchain career right now!