With the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, Blockchain Technology received huge attention. The past decade has witnessed the steady rise of this revolutionary technology. Just a few years ago, people were distrustful of the technology and wanted nothing to do with it. Now, blockchain jobs are gaining immense fame in the digital world. The demand is high and the crucial skills needed have caused a significant gap in the market. As such, the pay scale is much more satisfactory than other fields right now. 

In today’s era, expertise in the blockchain technology is becoming one of the emerging skills. With every sector eager not to be left behind, the need for skilled people in the blockchain technology is high. If you are looking for lucrative blockchain careers, then you must also be aware of the various types of employers. There are mainly four types that can be distinguished. They are – startups, governments, big establishments, and tech firms. Each of these employers invests a hefty amount of money in getting the best services possible.

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Most Popular Blockchain Jobs in 2020

If you are intrigued by the idea of developing a career in the field of blockchain, then you must gather more knowledge about the vast career prospects. There are numerous career opportunities and positions that are waiting for you in the field of this growing technology. Let’s take a look at the top blockchain jobs in 2020.

Blockchain Jobs

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1. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer is one of the popular blockchain jobs in the market. These are basically programmers who are hired to develop applications using the blockchain technology. The popularity and high-ranking position mean that they have to provide excellent services and have an intimate knowledge of the technology. There are two kinds of blockchain developers – blockchain software developers and core blockchain developers.

Top companies in the financial sectors, tech firms, and governments are vying to hire the best blockchain developers. There is a wide range of technical skills that are needed in order to become a developer. These include an understanding of the working and architecture of blockchain, cryptography, data structure, and web development. Also, experience in working with python, C++, .NET, XML, etc. are appreciated.

According to Glassdoor, the average blockchain developer salary is $ 91,713/year.

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2. Blockchain Architect

Being a blockchain architect means that you have to assign, design, and connect the various Blockchain solution parts. You have to do this with the cooperation of other departments like network administrators, IT Operations, developers, and UX designers.

The blockchain job requires interested candidates to be informed about the latest developments in blockchain technology. The skills that are taken into account for this job are – React, CSS, HTML, React, Python, Generic SQL, and Node. Also, experience ion DevOps, data science, and cryptography are essential. Moreover, hands-on experience in the development of blockchain is a bonus.

According to Indeed, the average salary of a blockchain solution architect is $ 114,763/year.

certified enterprise blockchain architect

3. Blockchain Administrator

Blockchain administrators are responsible for creating, developing, and maintaining coordinated operations of all components in a blockchain infrastructure. Primarily, blockchain administrators have to deal with leveraging the best capabilities of different blockchain teams to deliver business value. Blockchain administrators are also responsible for monitoring the health of different services and tools implemented in a blockchain infrastructure.

Blockchain administrator is one of the most sought after entry-level blockchain jobs with the requirement of promising skills. Candidates aspiring for the role of blockchain administrator should have comprehensive fluency in the working of Bitcoin protocol, knowledge of high-level programming languages, and proficiency in using Linux/UNIX in coordination. In addition, blockchain administrators need an in-depth understanding and expertise in networking infrastructure, virtualization, and networking services and protocols. 

As per a report from ITJobsWatch, the average salary of a blockchain administrator is £67,500/year.

4. Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain project managers are responsible for developing a connection between the company and Blockchain experts. They have to portray the needs of a firm and make sure that the experts understand the requirements. Again, when the blockchain professional delivers, they have to convert the technical aspects in a way that is understandable by the firm.

The much-needed skills for this type of blockchain jobs extend far beyond the understanding of blockchain technology. The candidate must also have the skills of a regular project manager. Another vital aspect that is essential is communication skills. Without effective communication skills, it will become near impossible to make the non-technical workers understand the job they need to do.

According to a report from indeed, the average blockchain job salary of a project manager is $ 106,891/year.

5. Blockchain UX Designer

It is the responsibility of the blockchain UX Designer to develop a unique but user-friendly interface. The UX designer must ensure that the interface is intriguing, simple, and keeps the users hooked. Most of the startups, as well as the popular companies, prefer the launching of the blockchain technology with a user experience that will propel the success of their venture.

The individuals seeking these blockchain jobs must display creativity, technical skills, and effective knowledge about the blockchain technology. Only if they are fully aware of the benefits can they work towards making it known for everyone? Moreover, efficient communication skills are also needed. It is because the candidate has to work closely with the operations, content, and marketing departments.

As per the report from cryptocurrency jobs, the average base salary of a blockchain UI/UX designer is $107,500 per year.

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6. Blockchain Quality Engineer

A blockchain quality engineer must ensure that all the various areas blockchain and development are of top-quality. These blockchain jobs include manual testing, automation frameworks, and tests, and dashboards. The application made also has to be tested for glitches or bugs. If any are found, then it is the duty of the individual to report to the concerned departments and ensure that the final product is bug-free.

The applicants must have extensive knowledge of the working of blockchain platforms. Moreover, problem-solving, communication and quick-thinking skills are necessary to excel in this job position. It is one of the highest paying blockchain jobs.

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary of a blockchain quality engineer is $ 107k – $ 117K per year.

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7. Blockchain Consultant

One of the highest paying blockchain jobs is the blockchain consultant. The core responsibilities include devising strategies, forming solutions, and offering technical knowledge. Assessing and managing risks is also part of the job description.

There are different kinds of blockchain jobs in the field of blockchain consultant. You can opt for the one which matches your skillset the most. Keep in mind that intrinsic knowledge about the blockchain technology is required for every job.

As per the Glassdoor salary report, the average base salary of a blockchain consultant is $31,794/year.

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8. Blockchain Legal Consultant

With the growth of blockchain technology, it has become vital for firms to be aware of the legal jargon associated with it. This includes forming legal partnerships, advising the firms on the structuring of cryptocurrency offerings, and overlooking the contracts. Also, they have to ensure that the establishment is in accordance with the financial regulations set by a specific country.

The requirements for these blockchain jobs include knowledge about the legal implications of blockchain technology, the fintech regulations of the nation, and communication skills. Moreover, knowledge about smart contracts is essential.

As per reports, the average base salary of a blockchain legal consultant is $100,000 to $190,000/year.

9. Blockchain Engineer

The chief responsibility of a blockchain engineer includes creating an application that reflects the technological aspects of a company. The most desired skill that is looked for in this blockchain jobs is the mindset to constantly learn and adapt to new things.

Apart from the technical programming skills, the individual must also be proficient in the economic aspect of blockchain engineering. It includes the understanding of concepts like supply and demand, incentivization, etc.

As per a salary report from indeed, the average salary of blockchain engineer is $ 70,483 per year.

10. Blockchain Analyst

Blockchain analysts are of two distinct types – business analysts and risk analysts. The duty of the business analyst is to develop effective business strategies for the blockchain app. They are also responsible for the identification of areas that need improvement. These blockchain careers have massive scope for growth.

The risk analyst must assess the risk factors that are associated with the blockchain application. They identify the potential risks and offer effective solutions to counteract them. The necessary skills required for the position of a blockchain analyst include comprehensive knowledge of blockchain and expertise in the related technical skills.

According to a salary survey, the blockchain job salary of a risk analyst is $ 93,450 per year.

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Blockchain Jobs: Make a Choice Now

These are the top blockchain jobs in 2020. However, there are many more positions in the blockchain industry that you can apply for. It depends on the educational qualification, skill, and experience you have in a particular field. It is always advantageous to look out for careers in markets that are constantly growing. But, you must also assess the various aspects of a particular job before opting for it.

With the world becoming more enchanted with the blockchain technology, you have the chance to build a great career with a blockchain job. Suffice to say; blockchain is not going to vanish or crumble anytime soon. As such, the demand for jobs will remain high, along with a favorable pay scale. Moreover, if you are passionate about blockchain technology, you should get your blockchain expert certification and find the endeavors even more exciting.

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