The scope for blockchain jobs has been increasing constantly at a steady pace over the past few years. Many new corporations are investing their efforts in leveraging the value of blockchain with interesting and innovative projects. The global blockchain technology market is an open ground for blockchain consultant to use their knowledge for guiding enterprises. 

Blockchain is a new technology and particularly unknown to a major part of the global population. The few exclusive people invested in blockchain technologies are more inclined towards the technical aspects of blockchain. As a result, it is difficult for them to communicate blockchain to an uninitiated team member. Consultants can serve as the bridge in this case. The following discussion will help you figure out the suitable blockchain consultant career path for building your career in blockchain consulting services.

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What is a Blockchain Consultant?

The first thing you need to know before choosing a blockchain consultant career path is the work of blockchain consultants. Before you try to pursue a specific career route in blockchain, it is important to find out whether it is the right choice. You can find out whether you are prepared for blockchain consultant jobs only by finding out the definition of the job. In simple words, blockchain consultants are basically the guiding lights in the mysteriously intriguing and ever-changing blockchain landscape. Consulatants research on existing and new blockchain technologies with analytical tools alongside developing and testing new blockchain technologies. 

Role of Blockchain Consultants

The simple definition of the role of a blockchain consultant does not shed enough light on their significance in the blockchain. You must note that the primary objective of blockchain consultancy focuses on translating business goals into various technology roadmaps. Clients can use the roadmaps for achieving the target outcomes with specific blockchain-based projects. The biggest strength of a candidate for blockchain technology consulting roles obviously lies in the ability for combining business and technical skills seamlessly. In addition, the work of blockchain consultants also involves a considerable amount of focus on regulatory compliance. 

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Responsibilities of Blockchain Consultants

The everyday responsibilities of blockchain consultants also emerge as a significant highlight in the search for career opportunities for blockchain consultants. How? Any candidate must know about the duties they have to carry out in their role as a blockchain consultant for ensuring success. Different advancements in the field of blockchain have been making the job of blockchain consultants more difficult with every passing day. Here is an outline of the job responsibilities you have to take up as a blockchain consultant. 

  • Research, analysis, and development of new growth strategies for blockchain firms
  • Providing recommendations regarding the development and implementation of key strategic decisions to influence business efficiency. 
  • Assessment of the impact of blockchain-based solutions on a company’s bottom line. 
  • Navigating the plan requirements for the identification of problems in a blockchain solution in collaboration with business managers and team members. 
  • Serve new and relevant insights on the basis of recent innovative advancements for empowering the company’s blockchain transformation. 
  • Offering strategic advice for organizations to use their finances with respect to blockchain technology.

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Scope for Blockchain Consultant Jobs

The role of blockchain consultants in the crypto and blockchain landscape alongside their responsibilities shows how it is an appealing professional choice for blockchain careers. However, it is also important to note whether a blockchain consultant career path will offer the returns you expect from your career in blockchain. First of all, you must look for the flexibility of employment in the industry of your choice. Will you find jobs for blockchain consultants in the sector you want to work in? 

Interestingly, the business-oriented role of blockchain consultants ensures that you don’t have to worry about the flexibility of career choices. You have multiple sectors such as finance, healthcare, insurance, agriculture, media, retail, and legal using blockchain in new ways. For example, blockchain has helped in streamlining the operations in supply chain management. As a result, you would never fall short of options to work when it comes to blockchain consulting. 

The next important aspect associated with the scope for blockchain consulting jobs would refer to blockchain consultant salary estimates. Interestingly, you can find promising salary estimates for blockchain consultants at an average of $107,000 per year. The salary estimate for blockchain consultants also depends on many other factors such as education level, size of the company, job location, and years of experience.

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Skills Required for Blockchain Consultants

The skills required for blockchain consultant jobs are also one of the important highlights for any aspiring candidate. Blockchain consultants have to take over a range of new responsibilities in addressing their role in an organization. However, a candidate would need the relevant set of skills for ensuring that they perform according to the employer’s goals. Basic awareness of blockchain technology and related concepts is one of the first skills required for blockchain consultants. In addition, it is also important to note that blockchain consultants must focus on drawing the best of blockchain benefits. Here is an outline of the skills required for a blockchain consultant job in 2022. 

  • Blockchain Expertise

Fluency in blockchain technology is obviously the first thing you would need for becoming a blockchain consultant. Blockchain technology expertise is a mandatory trait of blockchain consultants as they can draw viable insights from clients with their knowledge. For example, a blockchain technology expert can identify the suitable tools and components required for a specific blockchain application

  • Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are also a must-have skill in blockchain technology consulting jobs. A major share of the work of blockchain consultants would focus on the evaluation of available opportunities and the market trends. The more effective the analysis, the better the ability of consultants to identify opportunities. 

  • Programming and Software Development Skills

Blockchain consultants must also have skills in programming languages and software development for understanding the mechanisms of blockchain solutions. While you don’t have to be an expert programmer, you must remember that consultants might have to work on developing and deploying blockchain-based applications. 

  • Legal and Financial Knowledge

The next important skill that is required for a blockchain consultant career path would point at the legal and financial implications pertaining to the blockchain.  Consultants can use this skill for guiding companies about the legal and financial consequences of their actions in blockchain projects.

  • Adaptive and Innovative Mindset 

Most important of all, a blockchain consultant must always have an open mindset with a love of innovation. Make sure that you have the ability for adapting quickly to the new technological advancements and trends in the blockchain.

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Best Career Path for Blockchain Consultants

The journey of becoming a blockchain consultant with a hefty blockchain consultant salary might be difficult without guidance. However, you can rely on an organized career path to round up with the ideal route to becoming a blockchain consultant. Is there any magic trick? No! You have the advantage of going through all the important courses which can help you become a professional blockchain consultant. 101 Blockchains offers a dedicated blockchain consultant career path with its exclusive Membership Plan. The career path features around 8 different courses spanning a duration of over 28 hours with more than 150 lessons. Here is an overview of the different topics you can learn with the 101 Blockchains career path on your road to becoming blockchain consultants.

Blockchain Consultant Career Path

  • Basics of Enterprise Blockchains

The first thing you need in your preparations for blockchain consultant jobs of your choice is the knowledge of blockchain basics. Even if you have been dabbling with blockchain and crypto for quite some time, there’s no harm in completing a fundamental course on blockchain concepts.

  • Developing Your Enterprise Blockchain Career

The next important highlight in a career path suitable for blockchain consultants would focus on learning about developing a successful career in enterprise blockchain roles. You must develop a solid understanding of the skills which can help you develop a successful career in blockchain-based roles. 

  • Ethereum Technology

The major share of work in blockchain technology consulting roles today would bring you across Ethereum inevitably. Ethereum is the most popular platform for designing, developing and deploying blockchain applications. As a result, consultants with Ethereum technology expertise can serve as vital assets for an enterprise. 

  • Communicating Blockchain to Executives

Professionals aspiring to become blockchain consultants must also work on developing the necessary skills for communicating blockchain to executives. Consultants must know how to make business executives and team members understand the complex concepts pertaining to blockchain and web3 technologies.

  • Business Model Innovation

Another important highlight in the job description of a blockchain consultant would focus on business model innovation. Blockchain consultants help companies adopt blockchain solutions with best practices for integrating blockchain in new or revised business models. 

  • IoT and Blockchain

Blockchain consultants must have a solid command of the ways in which IoT and blockchain are gradually becoming intertwined with each other. The applications of IoT and blockchain together can revolutionize digital transformation and change the IoT landscape altogether.

  • Blockchain Use Cases in Finance

The basic concepts of blockchain and their applications in finance are also one of the important highlights of blockchain consultant jobs. Why? Since a major share of blockchain applications focus on finance use cases, consultants can have a competitive advantage over other applicants with expertise in the use of blockchain for finance

  • Actionable Templates and Tools

Finally, blockchain consultants must also include necessary resources for implementing their skills in different blockchain-based projects. You must learn about using actionable templates for implementing enterprise blockchain solutions. 

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Bottom Line

The final overview regarding the best career path for blockchain consultants on 101 Blockchains suggests favorable prospects for career development. You can build your expertise as a blockchain consultant while also finding your way toward lucrative blockchain consultant salary estimates. However, the simple organization of the career path into different courses and lessons helps you prepare for the role of the blockchain consultant. In addition, you can also note the breadth of skills that an individual can develop in their pursuit of blockchain consulting jobs. Start your journey today and find out how to become blockchain consultants with expert guidance.

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