Aspiring to become a Blockchain Security expert? Here’s the comprehensive guide on how to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE)

Blockchain– whether it is a technology of the future or just another fad, has surpassed the initial barriers of doubt. It has transformed the conventional notions and approaches of information sharing across enterprises in the internal and external contexts. Enterprises realize the importance of blockchain for sustaining and improving business value in the long run. One of the formidable aspects of blockchain technology that drives its large-scale adoption is security.

Blockchain has emerged as a promising intervention to improve the quality of safeguards on internal and external transactions and communications of an enterprise. Therefore, enterprises face the need for adept blockchain security professionals to strengthen their blockchain solutions and infrastructure. If you want to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert, then the CBSE certification by 101 Blockchains might be just the ideal option you have been looking for. The following discussion helps you understand the demand for blockchain skills in the existing job market.

Furthermore, you can explore the details about the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification offered by 101 Blockchains, such as the objectives and target audience of the exam. Additionally, candidates can get a detailed overview of the various modules and topics required for qualifying the 101 Blockchains CBSE certification. However, the most striking highlight in this discussion would be the recommended pointers to get CBSE certification with ease.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert

Demand for Blockchain Security Jobs

Before discussing how to become a Certified Blockchain Security Expert, it is important to know the demand for blockchain. The obvious demand for security professionals, especially in cybersecurity, presents a credible potential for pursuing different security-based job roles. Also, the security engineer role is one of the most in-demand job roles with a lucrative salary package at par with that of blockchain developers.

So, why should you pursue a career in blockchain security? Blockchain is not a disruptive technology but it is difficult to observe the explicit implementations of blockchain across various sectors presently. Therefore, enterprise blockchain solutions have to follow the mandatory imperatives of starting from scratch before developing into full-fledged infrastructures.

According to a report by Hired, the average annual salaries for software developers with blockchain expertise range up to $157,000. The report also indicates the average annual salary of security engineers at almost $156,000 in the US. Therefore, blockchain developers with security expertise can serve as promising assets for various enterprises.

The fluency in blockchain security paves a favorable path for candidates to become certified blockchain expert with all-round skills in development and security. With the recognition of blockchain as one of the leading in-demand skills in 2020 and rising demand for blockchain engineers as one of the emerging job roles for 2021, it is inevitable to validate the demand for blockchain security job roles.

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Reasons to Choose 101 Blockchains

It is reasonable for a candidate aspiring to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert to wonder about the ideal certification that can help them. 101 Blockchains is the first name that pops up in this case, especially with its role-based Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification. Therefore, aspiring blockchain security professionals don’t have to worry about finding the instrument to prove their blockchain security expertise.

The next doubt in your mind might probably incline towards the credibility of 101 Blockchains. You can find the answer to your doubts about 101 Blockchains through an overview of the various materials they provide to foster education and research on blockchain technology. Also, 101 Blockchains follows three dominant themes in all their certifications and associated training courses.

101 Blockchains ensure trustworthy education and training for blockchain certifications and training courses. The team of industry experts and technology leaders behind the training courses and blockchain certifications of 101 Blockchains provides the ‘trust’ element for all candidates. The next crucial aspect that fosters the credibility of 101 Blockchains is the strategic approach to the study materials for blockchain certifications.

The blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains focus on covering basic to advanced concepts required for each blockchain-based job role. As a result, aspiring blockchain professionals could gain specialization in the right set of skills to foster their career growth in blockchain. The final and the most dominant aspect in the certification and training materials on 101 Blockchains is practicality.

Candidates could rely on 101 Blockchains for developing their expertise for professional enterprise blockchain security roles. The use of practical demonstrations and interactive, hands-on exercises provided by 101 Blockchains can establish a strong foundation for the career of candidates. Therefore, you can note how 101 Blockchains is your best option to become certified blockchain expert in the security domain. So, let us take a look at the 101 Blockchains certification that can help you become a certified blockchain security expert. 

Become Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE)

enterprise blockchain security expert certification

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert or CBSE certification by 101 Blockchains is one of the three notable blockchain role-based certifications on the platform. The certification is not designed solely to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert and provides formidable improvement of skills in the theoretical and practical aspects of blockchain security.

The certification emphasizes comprehensive coverage of the threats for each layer in the blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore, it also focuses adequately on practical examples and studies of different use cases to provide a better understanding of all threats for blockchain security. Candidates qualifying the CBSE certification can also showcase fluency in using the necessary tools to assess blockchain system security.

The rising adoption of blockchain security in enterprise use has turned attention towards vulnerabilities of valuable data and functionalities on blockchain systems. The CBSE certification provides a formidable basis for aspiring blockchain professionals to integrate blockchain security in various processes.

Candidates with CBSE certification can ensure effective integration of security in different stages such as business planning, software development, and architectural design. The CBSE certification also provides effective insights on improving the security, operational efficiency, and reliability of blockchain technology solutions. The CBSE certification not only helps you become Certified Blockchain Security Expert but also builds a strong understanding of blockchain security threats and considerations for blockchain security design.

As a result, candidates could also improve their capabilities for making ideal decisions on selection, design, and implementation of blockchain solutions. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains provides a flexible certification training course for CBSE certification spanning over 4 weeks. The flexible training course would include around three to four hours of learning every week for an easier learning experience for candidates.

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Target Audience for the CBSE Certification

The next critical concern for any candidate who wishes to get CBSE certification is the ideal audience for the certification exam. The impression of the target audience for the CBSE certification exam helps identify the diverse career roles they can pursue. Here is an outline of the different roles that a Certified Blockchain Security Expert can build their career on.

  1. Blockchain solution architects
  2. Blockchain technology engineers
  3. Blockchain cloud architects
  4. Chief Information Officers
  5. IT managers
  6. Blockchain solution developers
  7. Blockchain solution analysts and innovation managers
  8. Senior decision-makers in blockchain technology

CBSE Certification Exam Objectives

Candidates aspiring to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert should also understand the exam objectives carefully. The knowledge of CBSE certification exam objectives could help you articulate an impression of the efficiency of the certification. Here is an outline of the exam objectives with the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification,

  1. In-depth understanding of the threats to blockchain security
  2. Development of skills for conducting threat modeling & vulnerability evaluations
  3. Design and development of blockchain systems & distributed applications with reliable levels of security

Modules and Topics in CBSE Certification Exam

The most crucial pointer for all candidates aspiring to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert to strengthen their preparation is the detailed impression of all exam modules and topics. The knowledge of CBSE certification exam modules and topics can provide confidence for candidates as they know which topics to study for the certification exam. Most importantly, the knowledge of exam topics can help you know how the CBSE certification can foster your career growth as a blockchain security professional. Here is an outline of the modules in CBSE certification by 101 Blockchains and the chapters in each module.

  • Blockchain Introduction

The importance of a basic understanding of blockchain technology is imperative for specializing in blockchain security. Candidates have to cover the following chapters in this module for qualifying the CBSE certification.

  1. Fundamentals of blockchain
  2. Blockchain structure
  3. Blocks in blockchain
  4. Concept of chains as viewed in blockchain

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  • Blockchain Threat Modeling

The significance of threat modeling is important for classification and understanding threats in cybersecurity. Candidates could leverage this module for understanding the development of a threat model, suitable for blockchain security threats. Candidates have to prove their skills, knowledge, and capabilities in the following chapters in this module to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert.

  1. Advantages of threat modeling in cybersecurity
  2. Multi-layered ecosystem of blockchain
  3. Fundamentals of the STRIDE framework for threat modeling
  4. Development of a blockchain threat model
  • Blockchain Cryptography Basics

Candidates aspiring to get CBSE certification should also improve their understanding of the working of cryptographic algorithms. This module focuses on working of cryptographic algorithms alongside establishing reliable security assumptions for understanding security precedents in blockchain ecosystems. Candidates have to prove their skills, knowledge, and capabilities in the following chapters of this module for successfully qualifying CBSE certification,

  1. Blockchain cryptography fundamentals
  2. Introduction for public-key cryptography
  3. Public key cryptography as related to blockchain technology
  4. Public key cryptography security considerations
  5. Introduction for hash functions
  6. Blockchain hash functions
  7. Security considerations in hash functions
  • Consensus Algorithm Security

This module of the CBSE certification also has a significant role in helping you become Certified Blockchain Security Expert. Consensus algorithms are crucial for maintenance of shared, decentralized, and distributed ledgers on digital platforms. The expertise in consensus algorithms and their vulnerabilities can boost your professional capabilities considerably. Candidates have to cover the skills and knowledge in the following chapters of this module for the CBSE certification,

  1. Blockchain consensus algorithms basics
  2. Basics of Proof of Work
  3. Attacks on Proof of Work
  4. Basics of Proof of Stake
  5. Attacks on Proof of Stake
  • Security of Blockchain Node and Network

The fifth module of CBSE certification provides focused emphasis on demarcations between real-world and theoretical security precedents for blockchain systems. The implementation of blockchain environments on networks and computers introduces new security issues and attack vectors. Therefore, candidates have to prove their skills, knowledge, and capabilities in the following chapters for this module,

  1. Blockchain implementations
  2. Attacks on blockchain nodes
  3. Attacks on blockchain networks

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  • Security of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are one of the crucial requirements for developing blockchain-based programs. Candidates would have to specialize in their understanding of general vulnerabilities evident in the case of smart contracts. You have to cover the following chapters in this module to prove your skills and knowledge to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert.

  1. Smart contract security introduction
  2. Common programming vulnerabilities
  3. Blockchain-oriented vulnerabilities
  4. Platform-based vulnerabilities

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  • Blockchain Systems Testing

This module of the CBSE certification focuses on the significant considerations for efficient evaluation of blockchain systems. Candidates would find real-world case studies to identify the impact of various factors on hacking of a blockchain platform. Candidates have to prove their skills, knowledge, and capabilities in the following areas for this module,

  1. Blockchain testing basics
  2. Architectural considerations
  3. Design considerations
  4. Errors in blockchain implementation
  • Enterprise Blockchain Security

The final module of the CBSE certification to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert focuses on introducing different enterprise blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger and Corda. This module is significant in its role of fostering enterprise-level blockchain security capabilities for candidates.

You will have to deal with requirements of an in-depth understanding of enterprise blockchain platforms and their design. Also, candidates have to reflect on the important features in these enterprise blockchain platforms that can have a potential influence on blockchain security. Candidates should be able to prove their expertise in the following chapters in this module for the CBSE certification,

  1. Enterprise blockchain platforms introduction
  2. Corda basics
  3. Security considerations related to Corda
  4. Hyperledger basics
  5. Security considerations related to Hyperledger

Apart from the comprehensive coverage of basic to advanced concepts about blockchain security, the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification by 101 Blockchains provides many other advantages. First of all, you get a training course readily available to help you prepare efficiently for the CBSE certification.

Subsequently, the CBSE certification course also brings additional learning resources and training materials to support your preparations. Candidates can also avail weekly spreadsheet reports for their training progress and personalized guidance through email. Furthermore, 101 Blockchains also provides adequate support in terms of career guidance to enable candidates in identifying the best career roles they can pursue with the CBSE certification.

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Ideal Practices to Prepare for CBSE Certification

Almost every candidate wishing to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert might be hopeful of qualifying the CBSE certification easily. However, it is reasonable to ask whether it is easy to qualify for the CBSE certification. So, candidates should rely on the following best practices to prepare effectively for CBSE certification with higher chances of success.

  • Begin with Exam Basics

All candidates aspiring for the CBSE certification should start their preparation with an in-depth assessment of exam topics. The exam topics not only help you know what to learn for the exam but also develop the confidence to face the challenges in the preparation journey. The knowledge of exam topics and objectives and the formal details can foster the capabilities of candidates further. Most importantly, candidates aware of exam topics can choose the ideal learning resources and study guides for their preparations.

  • Choose 101Blockchains for Training

The next critical pointer for candidates who want to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert is selecting 101 Blockchains training resources. Candidates should make the most of 101 Blockchains CBSE certification training course effectively to improve their preparations. The 101 Blockchains training materials focus specifically on the exam objectives in CBSE certification, thereby delivering assurance for better preparations. Also, the advantage of personalized guidance with the training resources on 101 Blockchains serves competitive value for the preparation of candidates.

  • Development of Preparation Plan

One of the most crucial preparation methods that candidates often ignore is developing a precise preparation schedule. Candidates should have a detailed study plan to cover all exam topics and modules in a specific period. The use of milestones in the study plan can help candidates cover all exam objectives before the certification exam. The study plan also supports flexible preparation for all candidates as they are in control of the preparation schedule.

  • Accountability Matters a Lot

The final recommendation for candidates to prepare effectively to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert is accountability. No matter what happens, all candidates should follow the preparation plan for CBSE certification precisely without fail. A family member, a friend, or even better, a study partner can be the ideal choice to make sure that you don’t deviate from your preparations at any stage.

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Bottom Line

On a final note, candidates must find the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification by 101Blockchains easier than other blockchain security certifications. Furthermore, the strategic organization of topics in the CBSE certification exam modules and the practical insights on real-world blockchain security present promising advantages for career development of blockchain security professionals.

If you want to become Certified Blockchain Security Expert, then 101 Blockchains can be a promising ground to start with. In the long run, blockchain security would be one of the mandatory requirements for almost all types of blockchain-based roles. Take the first step to become a certified blockchain expert with security skills right now!

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!