Few technologies have registered an impact as blockchain has in recent times. Starting from cryptocurrencies to large-scale improvements in pharma supply chain transparency, blockchain is almost everywhere. As a matter of fact, blockchain has the potential to become an integral technology for developing applications and networks of the future. Therefore, blockchain skill paths have turned into significant necessities for aspiring tech professionals in existing labor markets. 

Blockchain is gradually exerting a huge influence on the common ways in which we work, communicate, and live. On top of it, blockchain is the foundation for developing many other innovative advancements such as NFTs, the metaverse, and new web3 technologies. The global blockchain market may reach a total value of almost $67.4 billion by 2026. 

If the future doesn’t interest you, remember that global expenses on blockchain solutions in 2021 reached almost $6.6 billion. The global spending on blockchain solutions might reach $11.7 billion by 2022, with almost 3% of the world’s population using blockchain. 

What are the skills you need to become an expert in blockchain technologies? The following discussion helps you find an overview of the blockchain skills you need to become a blockchain expert. The blockchain industry would open the doors to many lucrative career opportunities, and you must have the necessary skills to capitalize on them.

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Why Should I Become Blockchain Expert?

Before you explore the details of blockchain skill paths, you must develop an idea of the reasons for which you must pursue them. Why should you learn the basics of blockchain concepts and advanced skills? The obvious answer to such questions would refer to the appealing salary estimates for blockchain-based roles. On the other hand, it is also important to seek a long-term reason for developing your career in blockchain. The answer points the discussion toward the value advantages of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, immutability, cryptography, and transparency. 

Blockchain is a revolutionary intervention in every sector with its unique traits and delivers conclusive advantages for resolving conventional inefficiencies. You can streamline traditional enterprise processes and functions to ensure improved results in productivity. For example, blockchain-based systems can help in improving accountability for actions in a network, thereby drawing attention to malicious actors. 

On the other hand, the decentralized decision-making process also introduces many promising benefits other than freedom from centralized intervention. The demand to learn blockchain has constantly been growing in recent times with the radical growth in the hype around NFTs, the metaverse, and web3. What can you do to develop all-around skills in blockchain?

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Best Blockchain Skill Learning Paths

The simple question of “What skills are needed for blockchain?” would focus on answers that are commonly accepted. For example, you would come across suggestions like learn about Bitcoin, learn about Ethereum, and whatnot. However, you need to take note of the specific subject areas you need to work on to improve your blockchain skills. 

On the other hand, mastering every subject area to become blockchain expert might be difficult without the right guidance. In such cases, a clearly defined skills learning path could offer solid support to your blockchain learning journey. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains features detailed blockchain skill paths you can use for building your expertise in blockchain technologies. The skill learning paths focus on six different topics in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. 

Each skill path on 101 Blockchains offers you a collection of courses combined to help you build your expertise in the concerned subject area. The skill paths by 101 Blockchains focus on the following skills.

The different skill paths not only help you learn different blockchain skills but also the different methods for implementing them in practice. You can rely on the skill learning paths by 101 Blockchains for building your blockchain expertise one skill at a time. Let us go through the details of the contents in the blockchain skill paths by 101 Blockchains.

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DeFi Skill Path

The first skill you would come across in the journey of learning blockchain would obviously draw the limelight towards DeFi. Decentralized Finance is the hottest topic in the world of blockchain and crypto right now. You can use the blockchain skill learning path for DeFi on 101 Blockchains to develop your fluency in one of the formidable highlights among blockchain use cases. Here is an overview of the different courses covered in the DeFi skill learning path on 101 Blockchains. 

DeFi Skill Path

  • Blockchain Basics

You must note that the blockchain basics are one of the mandatory requirements to learn blockchain concepts and skills which can help you become professional. The fundamentals of blockchain technology will help you grasp the basic outline on which you would build applications or develop new platforms. Interestingly, the free course is available with all the blockchain skill paths as the first step. 

  • Introduction to DeFi

The basic thing you need for developing your expertise in DeFi would point to the fundamentals of decentralized finance. DeFi is an emerging application of blockchain which might drive global blockchain adoption on a large scale. With the help of the introduction to DeFi, you can learn about the scope and use cases of DeFi

  • Central Bank Digital Currency 

The answers for “what skills are needed for blockchain?” for the applications of DeFi would focus on CBDCs. Central Bank Digital Currencies or CBDCs can transform the conventional perception regarding blockchain-based financial assets. The skill learning path for DeFi lets you learn about CBDC fundamentals and advanced concepts. 

  • Tokenization Fundamentals

A major share of the work on DeFi would focus on tokenization. You would have to learn blockchain with emphasis on tokenization fundamentals for developing your expertise in DeFi. The course in the DeFi learning path would not only help in improving your skills and knowledge of tokenization but also ensure comprehensive coverage of every topic related to blockchain. 

  • NFT Fundamentals

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are also one of the significant highlights in the blockchain skills path for DeFi. NFTs are gradually becoming the gold standard for tokens in decentralized ecosystems and emerging web3 solutions. Therefore, you must work on developing your understanding of NFTs and the ways in which they can transform the world.

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Ethereum Skill Path

The second biggest blockchain network, Ethereum, also deserves a top spot in mandatory blockchain skills you must learn to become an expert. Ethereum is the favorite choice for any developer interested in creating decentralized applications. Here are some of the important topics in the Ethereum skills learning path which can augment your expertise effortlessly. 

Ethereum Skill Path

  • Ethereum Development Basics

If you want to learn about Ethereum, there is no way you can miss out on the fundamentals of Ethereum development. You can learn about the basics of Ethereum and the best practices for using features on Ethereum for developing decentralized applications. 

  • Complete Ethereum Technology Course

The complete Ethereum technology course is also one of the promising resources to help you become blockchain expert with ease. You can learn about the working of Ethereum in detail alongside an overview of the process for deploying smart contracts. In addition, you can develop a comprehensive understanding of the various steps planned for the future roadmap of Ethereum. 

The course in the blockchain skill paths on 101 Blockchains lets you learn about Ethereum test networks and tools. You can also develop a clear idea of using smart contracts and Solidity programming language alongside the implications of Proof-of-Work consensus algorithms.

  • Blockchain and Data Privacy

The next important requirement in blockchain skills for Ethereum would point at the implications of data privacy with blockchain. You must have a clear impression of the methods for safeguarding important and sensitive data in blockchain-based applications

  • Zero Knowledge Proofs

The Ethereum skill learning path offers a plausible edge with an important highlight for privacy on blockchain networks. You must develop a comprehensive impression of Zero-Knowledge Proofs of ZKPs and ways for using them with blockchain-based applications.

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NFTs Skill Path

The blockchain skill paths on 101 Blockchains also draw attention to NFTs with some exclusive resources. Non-fungible tokens are one of the most hyped digital assets in present times, with many emerging use cases. Here are the important topics in the NFT skill learning path you can find on 101 Blockchains. 

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Skill Path

  • DeFi Basics

The mandatory requirement for familiarizing with NFTs obviously turns the attention toward decentralized finance or DeFi. Non-fungible tokens are an important aspect of the tokenization required on DeFi platforms. Therefore, you must understand how DeFi and NFTs are related to each other.

  • NFT Basics

You cannot ignore NFT fundamentals in answers to “what skills are needed for blockchain?” in context of NFT skills learning path. The basics of NFTs can help in defining the foundation on which you can build your journey of becoming an NFT expert.

  • Complete Ethereum Technology Course

Major share of work on NFTs is limited to the Ethereum ecosystem as of now. The smart contracts of Ethereum provide the support needed for creating and trading NFTs. Therefore, you must complete the detailed Ethereum technology course to develop the blockchain skills required to work with NFTs.

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Tokenization Skill Path

Conversion of physical or digital assets into tokens on blockchain networks is a happening trend right now. In addition, the creation of unique tokens for each decentralized application and platform is an important highlight of tokenization. The blockchain skill paths on 101 Blockchains also focus on tokenization with five unique courses, including the free blockchain fundamentals course. Here are the important topics you can come across in the tokenization skill learning path.

Tokenization Skill Path

  • Tokenization Basics

You must learn about the fundamentals of tokenization and how the process works in real-life examples. As a matter of fact, you can become blockchain expert in tokenization by developing familiarity with modern regulatory concerns and tokenization projects. 

  • Stablecoin Basics

The collection of resources for learning about tokenization would be incomplete without drawing stablecoin fundamentals into the equation. You can use the stablecoin fundamentals Masterclass in the blockchain skill paths for learning stablecoin features and use cases with 101 Blockchains.

  • CBDC Masterclass

You can learn blockchain tokenization use cases in real life with CBDCs or central bank digital currencies

  • Blockchain for Real Estate

The overview of blockchain applications for real estate would obviously draw tokenization into the mix. How? Blockchain can help you represent real property as tokens on a blockchain network. You can master one of the practical applications of tokenization in the real world with such topics.

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Hyperledger Skill Path

Anyone wondering about the variety in blockchain skill paths on 101 Blockchains would find a good surprise with Hyperledger courses. The Hyperledger skill learning path includes the following important topics.

Hyperledger Skill Path

  • Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals

You can use the skill learning path for Hyperledger to build expertise in using Hyperledger Fabric, the most popular product in the Hyperledger Suite. The course will help you develop fluency in the applications of Hyperledger Fabric for developing enterprise-level blockchain applications. 

  • Hyperledger Fabric Development

You must also learn blockchain development with Hyperledger Fabric by focusing on the different tools and functionalities in the open-source tool. The course offers detailed insights into the advanced concepts of Hyperledger Fabric for honing your expertise.

  • AWS Blockchain as a Service

The blockchain skill paths by 101 Blockchains offer productive results in your overall learning experience, especially in terms of Hyperledger skills. You can use the learning path to explore the details about AWS Blockchain as a Service and how it can help in developing and deploying blockchain applications.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Skill Path

The final addition in blockchain skills you can learn on 101 Blockchains refers to the Internet of Things (IoT). You can discover common courses from previous skill learning paths, such as tokenization fundamentals and the blockchain fundamentals course. In addition, the IoT skill learning path offers the following courses. 

IoT (Internet Of Things) Skill Path

  • IoT Fundamentals

IoT has offered a new solution for networking and smart device management. However, you can make the most of it only with a conceptual understanding of the power and value of IoT. 

  • Blockchain and IoT

The applications of blockchain and IoT together can lead to some innovative improvements. You can use the blockchain and IoT course to combine both technologies to create value-centric applications. 

  • Business Model Innovation

The IoT skills learning path in the blockchain skill paths by 101 Blockchains also focuses on business model innovation. The combination of blockchain and IoT may demand large-scale changes in the organization’s business model. 

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Final Words

The final overview regarding the skill learning paths for blockchain technologies on 101 Blockchains paints it in a positive light. The content of the skill paths suggests that you have the necessary tools to boost your expertise in different areas of blockchain technology. You must start exploring the skill learning paths individually to find similarities of courses between them. However, all the blockchain skill paths are recommended choices for any individual who wants to learn about new and existing advancements in the blockchain. You can browse through the collection of skill learning paths on 101 Blockchains and start your learning right now.

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!