The web3 landscape has not been performing as per the expectations of enthusiasts in recent times. For example, market prices of popular cryptocurrencies have been falling down by significant margins. On top of it, the trading volume for NFTs has also declined alongside instances of pioneers in the web3 space going out of business. Therefore, it is difficult to assume that the benefits of web3 certification could help in pursuing a lucrative long-term career opportunity. On the other hand, business leaders, as well as enthusiasts, need to account for potential applications of digital assets and web3 technologies in different sectors. 

Market downturns are an inevitable highlight of almost every trending technology alongside the possibilities of malicious agents at play. The transformative impact of web3 on various industries suggests that it would offer many opportunities for career development in the future. 

The following post will help you identify the web3 certification benefits before you finalize any assumptions about careers in web3. Web3 technologies have the potential to create a decentralized web, empowering users and offering immersive experiences for different applications. You can learn how certification would help you in developing your web3 career

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How is Web3 Relevant Today?

Web3 has been hailed as the third version of the internet after web1 and web2. The earliest version of the internet in web 1.0 focused solely on static pages used for delivering information and facilitating financial transactions. In the next wave of innovation, web 2.0 introduced the concept of user-generated content while broadening the capabilities of websites. 

Before diving into web3 certification course benefits, you should identify the significance of web3. Web 3.0 is an open-source and decentralized perspective on the internet with powers of ownership and control vested solely in users. One of the notable setbacks with web2 platforms reflects the control of big tech companies and corporations on user data. 

Web3 uses the power of blockchain for facilitating token economies and DAOs along with decentralized digital assets. As a result, users can capitalize on web services without the intervention of tech companies in their digital experiences. The benefits of web3 offer a valid impression of the necessity to pursue certifications for web3.

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Important Traits of Web3 

What makes web3 beneficial? The key traits of web3 could also showcase the reasons to pursue a web3 certification for capitalizing on its disruptive potential. A broader look at the web3 ecosystems would show that it includes many offerings ranging from NFTs, metaverse, and decentralized social media networks to DAOs. Web3 applications could help democratize the user experience of different digital services with the help of the following traits.

  • Openness

The first highlight of web3 is the open-source nature of its foundations. Developers used open-source software for developing web3, which ensured accessibility for the public. At the same time, it also ensures transparency of web3 applications, thereby avoiding bureaucratic bottlenecks. 

  • Trustless

The importance of trustless data in defining the ability for users to connect with web3 technologies also offers a glimpse of the potential of web3. The answer to “Is it worth to learn Web3?” would emphasize the lack of intermediaries in web3, which ensures faster transactions and lower costs. 

  • Permissionless

The next prominent aspect of web3 refers to its permissionless nature, which implies open permission for users and suppliers to participate in web3. You should notice that web3 does not require any authorization from entities that could exercise control over applications and services. 

  • Ubiquity 

Another noticeable highlight of web3, which emphasizes the need for the best web3 certification, would focus on its ubiquity. Web3 would ensure that the internet is accessible to all users, regardless of their location or time. In the case of web2, devices capable of connecting to the internet, such as mobile phones and computers, could only allow access to internet services. However, web3 can change the conventional precedents for creating innovative and intelligent devices with the Internet of Things. IoT-connected devices in web3 could help in accessing internet services from any location. 

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How Can You Identify the Significance of Web3?

Web3 has turned out as something more than the third variant of the internet. As a matter of fact, it is an autonomous and intelligent variant of the internet open to everyone. The necessity of a web3 certification course could become clearly evident in the introduction of new technologies. Some of the new technologies which are important for the web3 landscape include AI and ML.

Many other decentralized technologies have emerged in recent years, such as blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, distributed ledgers, the metaverse, AR, and VR. Most important of all, the internet is moving towards data decentralization alongside inducing more security and transparency in the internet. In a way, web3 would offer a semantic web, one which helps in creating and sharing content alongside enabling interactions with the web on the basis of search and analysis. 

The new version of the web would rely on comprehension of context underlying different types of content rather than keywords. Furthermore, 3D graphics and immersive technologies such as AR and VR also play a vital role in pursuing web3 certifications

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Notable Statistics For Web3 Certifications

Here are some of the notable statistics which can help you achieve a quantifiable impression of the need for certifications. 

  • One of the first factors for answering “Why should one learn web3?” would point to the expectations for growth in web3. The revenue of the global web3 market could reach a total value of almost $23.3 billion in 2028. 
  • Web3 companies have been successful in raising more than $4.5 billion in funding.      
  • The global metaverse market may be worth $678 billion by 2030 as compared to $39 billion in 2021. 
  • Around 2 billion people worldwide would spend a minimum of one hour every day in the metaverse for different activities. At the same time, the total value of virtual assets in the metaverse market could reach up to $200 billion. 
  • Almost 50% of millennials and Gen Z users expect to be working in the metaverse in the next two years. 
  • The Asia-Pacific region has been one of the foremost players in the web3 landscape, particularly due to a growth rate of 700% in DeFi and cryptocurrency activities. 
  • Another important statistic that proves the benefits of web3 certification refers to the demand for web3 developers. As of December 2021, over 18000 developers have been actively working on different open-source web3 and crypto projects
  • The use cases of web3 have also pointed out the necessity of web3 certifications for career development. Almost 46% of financial service applications rely on web3 technology. Blockchain-based games registered a growth rate of almost 2000% between 2021 and 2022.  

The statistics regarding web3 reflect profoundly on web3 certification benefits that could help you land web3 jobs. Now, it is important to find out how blockchain certifications could support your career development initiatives. 

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Why Should You Pursue Web3 Certifications?

The basic traits of web3 and its importance, alongside the statistics showcasing the popularity of web3, offer a formidable impression of reasons to pursue web3 certifications. However, you must have many other doubts about a web3 certification course and how it can help you. Here are some of the notable reasons you should consider pursuing web3 certifications. 

  • Adapting to Modern Technology and Innovation

The foremost reason for adopting web3 certifications would refer to the need for adapting and developing according to new technology trends. As the web1 and web2 technologies become outdated, professionals with web3 certifications could be the first candidates for managing transformation. 

The benefits of web3 certifications reflect largely on the necessity for learning about new technology. Organizations that fail to keep up with new technological advancements have generally ended up in bankruptcy. The same condition can be applied in the case of tech professionals who cannot adapt to new technologies. 

  • Disruptive Impact of Web3

The next important aspect of web3 certification course benefits would point to the disruption in business models with web3. Businesses could streamline different processes with the help of web3 technologies and achieve new approaches for efficiency. Therefore, a professionally certified web3 professional could help businesses in using web3 technology to its full potential. Certifications can help you prove your capabilities for helping businesses deal with the disruptive impact of web3. 

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  • New Opportunities for Collaboration

Another noticeable highlight of a web3 certification would refer to the facility of access to new opportunities for collaboration. Certifications offer an effective tool for explaining your skills in web3 to potential employers. Certified candidates could seek professional networking and collaboration opportunities with employers, customers and suppliers. The certification offers a credible opportunity for establishing your identity as a professional in the web3 community. Web3 is still in the nascent stages, and a certified professional can serve as a vital asset for the growth of the community. 

  • Preparing for Innovation

The reasons to pursue web3 certifications also emphasize how web3 defines the future of finance and technology. Web3 development would become one of the prominent game-changers in technology. It can help in creating democratic and privacy-preserving online applications and products. 

At the same time, web3 applications could speed up progress toward an equitable internet environment without any censorship, corporate interests, or corruption. Therefore, the answers to “Is it worth to learn web3?” would emphasize the growth of prospects for innovation in different sectors. Certified web3 professionals can work on different solutions focused on resolving common problems experienced by businesses and society. 

  • Fluency in Technologies for Future

The highlights in discussions about the best web3 certification for professionals would also emphasize the technologies for the future. NFTs, DeFi, and the metaverse are a few examples of how web3 can transform the world of technology. The metaverse aims to offer a three-dimensional and immersive experience of digital environments. 

On the other hand, DeFi aims to offer decentralized access to financial services, while NFTs redefine the implications of asset ownership. Considering the impact of these technologies and their basic working principles, web3 can bring a convergence of metaverse, DeFi, and NFTs in the future. For example, certified web3 professionals can turn a new page in the web3 landscape by enabling the use of NFTs as proof of asset ownership in decentralized platforms such as the metaverse. 

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  • Professional Guidance and Training

The biggest highlight of web3, apart from its numerous benefits and disruptive influence, would refer to its novelty. Web3 is comparatively new in nature, and you must have some reasonable doubts about web3 certification benefits for your career. Interestingly, a certification course could help you overcome different doubts about web3 and its applications. 

Web3 certifications challenge learners to develop their skills and knowledge in a new type of technological principle underlying the internet. At the same time, training and support of experienced, professional instructors could also offer better answers to your different doubts. On top of it, the practical insights of expert instructors could also help you hone your understanding of web3. Most important of all, the insights of instructors could also help in preparing effectively for a career in web3

  • Learning by Practice

The biggest reason to choose a web3 certification course is directly evident in the facility of learning by practice. You can use a certification training course to identify how web3 works in the real world. Certification training could help in understanding the rationale behind developing new web3-based applications and the existing solutions. The practical perspective on web3 is essential for every person to make a worthy contribution to web3. 

Without knowing how web3 works in real use cases, you are most likely to pursue the hype and statistics about web3. Certification training courses can offer fundamental guidance regarding web3 development and the technical foundations for web3. In addition, certification exams test the proficiency of candidates in employing web3 concepts for different practical use cases. As a certified web3 professional, you can easily translate the requirements for a web3 solution into technical specifications. 

  • Chance to Make an Impact 

The most striking advantage of a web3 certification could outweigh the other reasons to pursue one right now. One of the most clearly evident reasons to pursue web3 certifications refers to the benefit of empowering candidates with web3 expertise. Professionally certified web3 professionals could explore opportunities for building new solutions in data storage, finance, and advertising or web browsers. Certifications not only help you find better jobs but also make you eligible for registering a dominant impact on the domain of technology in general. For example, a new financial services app that allows users to stay in control of their assets or an NFT marketplace

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Bottom Line

The necessity of web3 certifications is evident in the multiple advantages for your career. Starting from professional networking to recognition in the community and skill development, the benefits of web3 certification can redefine professional training and certifications. However, you should practice caution while seeking a reliable certification in web3 as it is a new technology. You need to search for certifications that offer a fundamental yet comprehensive overview of everything involved in web3

At the same time, the certification must also help professionals with diverse sets of skills in learning web3 effortlessly. One of the reliable choices among web3 certifications you should try out would include the Certified Web3 Professional credential by 101 Blockchains. Start learning more about the details of the web3 certification and verify whether it is suitable for your career goals.

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